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Friday T&A: Teacup Tempest Edition

by | Jul 29, 2022 | fat girl jihad | 2 comments

It is hard to believe that, against a background of near-complete failure of their plans in Ukraine, the neoclowns are actually agitating for an open confrontation in the South China Sea between the USA and China. Yet, that is precisely where we find ourselves this evening. Even as America’s proxy army in Ukraine is being ground to bloody hamburger in the Donbass and elsewhere, the neoclowns are now trying to open up a second front against China, for reasons that presumably only they understand.

The rest of us, who might perhaps understand a thing or two about not attacking a new enemy when the old one is smashing your face in with a baseball bat, find this sort of thing to be quite crazy. But that is because we actually see the effects of said baseball bat. The neoclowns, by contrast, appear to have a remarkable ability to ignore obvious reality.

One wonders whether their skills at denying reality extend to the realm of the laws of physics. If so, one might actually end up seeing Superman made real – because, remember, Superman was a Jewish creation.

That brings me to an important point about the neoclowns.

Look, I personally rather like the people of the Small Hat Crowd, genuinely. I have visited their country, trained alongside their people, broken bread with them, and come to appreciate them and their culture very much.

But I find the insistence of a small number of their people on meddling in the destinies of entire nations and empires to be tiresome, stupid, foolish, and extraordinarily dangerous. They really don’t seem to learn very well from history – heck, even a cursory reading of the Bible could tell you that – and as a result, they don’t seem to understand that manipulating entire empires to go to war with each other does not end well for their own kind.

Lest we need a reminder, it was precisely that kind of meddling that saw their people expelled from one European nation after another, and saw them driven out of their own homeland, repeatedly, over the past 2,500 years.

Must we really go through another round of the same thing?

So I ask my friends in the Tribe: what the hell is wrong with your secular brothers and sisters who continue to insist on embroiling everyone else in their literally insane plans?!? And, can’t the rest of you do something about getting rid of these assclowns?

I very much doubt it, of course. Neoclowns have a degree of power and influence in the collective West that has to be seen ad experienced to be believed. The reason why they have that power is no surprise at all – they do not serve Him above, but him below. Their master is the Prince of this world, who revels in war and death and misery, and they are his servants.

But enough of philosophy for one day. It is Friday, after all, and no matter how dark the times get, for as long as we can carry on the long and honourable tradition, you know what that means.

This week’s lovely lady to close out the show is Alina Sanko (Алина Станиславовна Санько), age 23, from the city of Azov in the Rostov region of (you guessed it) Russia. She is quite a bit above your typical Instathot, given that she was Miss Universe Russia 2020, Miss Russia in 2019 (and held the title until 2021 due to the Coof messing up literally everything), a Top 12 finalist for Miss World 2019, and a student at Moscow State University.

Quite what all of that means is rather beyond my limited capacity on a Friday night, but I think it amounts to something along the lines of, “all this and brains too” – she has a Master’s degree from MSU in broadcasting, whatever that means. All I can say is that, given the Russian education system, which I touched upon in my last podcast, she probably isn’t your typical vacuous plastic bimbo that you so often find on Western TV stations.

I should note that, despite her rather glamourous photos and rather obvious posing, I suspect that she had a tough life growing up. From what little I understand of beauty pageant contestants, it is a relentless grind to prepare for those shows, and that sort of life does not leave much room for, y’know, FUN. Which is especially a problem for a very attractive young woman in her late teens and early twenties.

Happy Friday to my merry band of reprobates. The storm clouds appear to be gathering once again, this time in the South China Seas, and I am not at all convinced that we will find a way out of this one without an actual military confrontation between East and West. Stay calm in these dark and tempestuous times, for only when you are calm and strong will you be able to make rational decisions in a world plainly gone insane.

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  1. Ramkumar

    It is amazing that even a slender beauty like Ms. Alina Sanko will resort to the over use of instagram filters and photoshopping to appear even more hourglass.

  2. furor kek tonicus

    yeah, i was going to say that that waist looks surreal.


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