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Friday T&A: Culminating Point Edition

by | Jul 15, 2022 | fat girl jihad | 2 comments

Events are moving so quickly that it is nearly impossible to keep up, at this point. Commentators on the 404 War keep using the term, “culminating point”, in the sense that Clausewitz did in his classic treatise, Vom Kriege, but I am not even remotely convinced that any of them are using the term correctly. And I haven’t even read the book, yet I can still figure that much out.

Ukrainian-sympathising Western commentators keep arguing that the Russians are reaching a “culminating point” wherein they will throw more and more resources into the battle zones, but achieve less and less, until their strength gives out and they are unable to make any further progress.

This is basically another way of phrasing the Law of Diminishing Marginal Returns, which is best summarised with an analogy using steaks (or hamburgers, or ice cream, or whiskey shots, or whatever – pick your favourite indulgence). Simply put, the first of such indulgences is delicious and extremely satisfying. The second, less so. The third, substantially less so. By the time you get to the tenth, you’ve had far too much of a good thing and no longer want it, ever again.

The problem is that when one actually looks at the facts on the ground, whether in the 404 War or the economic war of attrition being waged by the Collective West against Russia (and boomeranging badly on itself), it is the Empire of Lies, NOT the nations fighting against it, that appears to be rapidly approaching a culminating point.

In the 404 War, we see that the Ukrainians have totally failed to learn any real lessons from the past 4 months, and continue to reinforce failure, essentially, by pushing ever more troops into ever less defensible areas. The Russians are already storming through Seversk and Soledar, and will soon be in a position to overwhelm the strategically critical city of Artyomovsk (Bakhmut), the major logistics and supply line hub for Ukrop forces in the Donbass.

The Ukrainians keep claiming that they will soon mount a glorious and magnificent counteroffensive to take back “their” lost territories in Kherson and Zaporozhye regions. If that is the case, then there appears to be precious little evidence of it actually happening. The evidence on the ground shows that the Russians are fully aware of Ukrainian troop movements and are well prepared for them. Whenever they see the hohols getting ready to move, they simply Kalibrate their columns in a, mostly wasted, attempt to teach the Ukrainians the virtues of running away to live to fight another day.

The economic war of attrition is going even worse for the Empire of Lies. The Russians have recently revised sharply upward their projected economic growth for the year. They reckon that their economy will contract only about 4% in 2022 – back in March, their worst-case scenario was a 15% contraction. Now, 4% is still pretty bad – but for a rapidly developing, highly industrialised, resource-rich economy like Russia’s, it is a blow that can easily be absorbed and handled. Indeed, there are clear signs that Russia is already recovering well, consumer demand is picking back up, and critical industrial production has resumed and even expanded. The Russians have unquestionably been hurt, badly, by international sanctions – theirs is now the most sanctioned country in the world – but they are learning quickly, they have their supply lines secured, they have key partnerships with other countries who can replace the lost imports, and they are moving forward with their plans at their own leisure.

The Empire of Lies appears to have learned absolutely nothing from any of this. Instead of backing off, reflecting, and figuring out a new strategy – preferably, one which does not involve sanctioning the world’s largest country in terms of both land area and actual physical resources – the Empire continues to septuple down. The Euzis are hell-bent on preparing a seventh sanctions package, which will by all appearances completely fail to do anything useful, and the USSA has now been reduced to grovelling at the feet of the Saudis to beg the camel-humpers to turn on the oil spigots and produce more oil.

That is all before we get to the sheer madness that seems to have gripped the entire Lithuanian government. They have blockaded the Russian exclave of Kaliningrad, and have forced a roughly 30% reduction in rail and road traffic between the Russian mainland and the formerly German territory of Konigsberg, which the Russians have held as their own territory since the end of WWII.

There is no way to get around the absolute craziness of this act. Doing so directly contravenes the treaty, signed between Lithuanian and Russia, that guarantees Russian recognition of and respect for Lithuania’s own borders. Furthermore, Lithuania, and indeed the other Baltic states, depend heavily on overland supply lines that pass straight through Russian and Belorussian territory – so they have effectively signed their own writs of execution. The Russians, not NATO, control the Baltic Sea and all relevant air corridors to the Baltic nations.

All of this points to a kind of collective madness that has gripped the West, and that is entirely within the predictions of Scripture.

Never forget Romans 1, wherein the Apostle Paul pointed out exactly how God deals with those who have turned their backs on Him. He gives them over to deranged passions and therefore deranged minds. It is absolutely not a coincidence that the nations that have gone full potato, are precisely the nations that have been the most hard-hearted in their rejections of God and Christ.

This situation cannot continue for very much longer. The Collective West’s insistence on mirroring the Banderite practice of reinforcing failure will, indeed, reach a culminating point soon enough – it may already have been reached. In which case, we can look forward to a sudden and dramatic, indeed catastrophic, collapse of power, political will, and economic strength within weeks.

It’s all enough to make a man take up drinking again.

Fortunately, since it is Friday, I have a slightly better suggestion to offer. This week’s final shot is Elena Teletskaya (Елена Телецкая), age 21 from Kaliningrad, Russia. She is an athletic clothing model for a Russian athletics line called GYMWARS – interesting name choice there – and lives somewhere in the currently blockaded Russian exclave. As such, she is rather an appropriate choice for this latest instalment in the much-beloved series.

Happy Friday, gents. Stay off the sauce and get plenty of sleep, for things may well get really damned interesting before much longer. If you have the money, buy hard assets, conduct any necessary repairs to your home and tools now, and stock up on frozen food and potable water wherever you can. The madness gripping places like Sri Lanka is not far away from hitting supposedly “civilised” Europe, and we will soon observe just how thin the veneer of civilisation really is.

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