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Friday T&A: Double First Edition

by | Jun 17, 2022 | fat girl jihad | 6 comments

Changes in the world order are coming at us so fast that they make one’s head spin. Today, we saw the Neo-Tsar give what was touted as a long and very important speech at the St. Petersburg International Economic Forum (SPIEF), and the de facto god-king of Russia assuredly did not disappoint. The contents of that speech are absolutely momentous and earth-shaking. I hope to be able to analyse them a bit further in a separate post, but I want to point out a couple of very important key notes from it.

First, as the Neo-Tsar stated, bluntly and without any equivocation whatsoever, THERE IS NO GOING BACK to the status quo ante bellum. None whatsoever. The West has completely burned its bridges with Russia, and the Russians are quite happy with that state of affairs. The Neo-Tsar, his government, and most importantly, his people, have turned decisively away from the Western world. They will now turn to their partners in Asia, Latin America, Africa, and elsewhere, for trade, commerce, economic and diplomatic opportunities, and security.

This is a staggering change to the state of affairs. You have to understand that the entire thrust of Russian foreign policy, for THREE HUNDRED YEARS, has been to push toward the Western world. This has been the case ever since the time of Peter the Great – who, let us never forget, founded the city of St. Petersburg (known back then as “Petrograd”).

Indeed, the Neo-Tsar’s SPIEF speech was loaded with meaning and symbolism. Never forget that Vladimir Vladimirovich Putin was born and raised in what was known in his time as Leningrad, and what today is known as St. Petersburg. Putin is himself an “Atlanticist”, only in the sense that he is a child of the most European-leaning and cosmopolitan of all Russian cities, and was born and brought up in an environment where, even during Soviet times, Leningrad still served as an interface between Russia and Europe itself.

Putin lived in Germany for many years. He speaks fluent German himself, in fact, and can very easily converse with Germans and Austrians in their own language without any need for an interpreter. (It is less well known that he can converse with native English speakers without much trouble as well, but he prefers not to, because he has a strong Russian accent and does not wish to be misunderstood in that language.) He is deeply sympathetic to European culture and ways of life.

His political career really took off in St. Petersburg after the collapse of the Soviet Union, under the tutelage of his mentor, Anatoly Sobchak, the mayor of that city. He cut his teeth in politics there before moving on to bigger and better things under the corrupt and drunken Boris Yeltsin, before eventually becoming the supreme leader of Russia.

So, when a man like THAT, with HIS background, says that the break between the West and Russia is irreversible, then you may begin to understand just how stunning the implications of his statement really are.

The second point that we need to understand is that the Neo-Tsar has made it very clear that Russia will never again allow its sovereignty to be usurped or disrespected while he is in charge. We ignore this statement at our extreme peril. Putin has already proven, repeatedly, that he DOES NOT bluff. For some reason, Western leaders are simply too stupid, stubborn, and ignorant to figure this out – it’s not like they haven’t been warned or shown this, but they constantly refuse to take him at his word, and they constantly think that he doesn’t mean what he actually said.

Inevitably, when they find out a few days, weeks, or months later that Putin LITERALLY meant to do what he said he would do, Western elites react with shock and horror and outrage. They really have only themselves to blame, because they do not take the few days or so of serious study that it would take to understand Russia, the Russian economy, the Russian mindset, and the Neo-Tsar’s approach to governance.

I mean, if some jumped-up Johnny like me can figure it out, after having lived in Russia for over a year in total, then it shouldn’t be that hard for people in charge of the world’s (nominally) most powerful economies to figure it out too. Yet, they can’t. They literally lack the sense that God gave a honey badger.

We will see more of the consequences of the Neo-Tsar’s speech over the coming weeks, months, and years. It is clear, however, that the break between the West and Russia can no longer be healed. It is irreversible, and the West, not Russia, is going to suffer terribly for its lack of vision and sense.

That’s about enough of geopolitics for a while, I think. Since it’s Friday, we all know why you’re here.

This week’s closing lady is Anna Louise, age 26, from somewhere in the USSA, and despite her innocuous name, which essentially consists of two first names, more or less, she is a rather good-looking lady. As usual, she does stuff, and as usual, I cannot be arsed to find out what that is.

Happy Friday to you all. Get some good rest and relax with your loved ones – if the Neo-Tsar’s keynote speech is anything to go by, we are in for a wild ride over the coming years.

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  1. Dire Badger

    Happy Juneteenth in America!
    A Holiday designed by a white woman, named specifically to appeal to the American Black’s poor grasp of their own language and propensity to create terrible conjugations as a mocking method of creating false familiarity.

    It celebrates a white man’s delivery of the news that American negro slaves, through no effort of their own, were instantly declared free and responsible for their own welfare, regardless of their own choice in the matter, and their own inability to maintain that responsibility.

    It is also known as “White Savior Day.”

    • Bardelys the Magnificent

      I lived In Texas for 15 years, and Juneteenth was never more than a picnic at a public park. That said, my black ass (/sarc) can’t even get the day off. Fake and gay.

      • TechieDude

        Yet the bigrainbowcorp I work for gives me the day off.

        We also get a “day of reflection” to think big thoughts about minorities and alphabet people.

        Worldwide, too. So our colleages in Hong Kong, Dubai, India, Phillipines get the day off. They care about this crap as much as I do but will gladly take the day.

    • Didact

      I was wondering what this noise about “Juneteenth” was all about. I never could for the life of me figure it out.

      • TechieDude

        Way back when, I used to work as a project manager with crews of dudes installing wired networks. Being in TX, most were of Mexican descent. I say that because they’ve been in the region forever, long before my fat irish ass posted.

        Every Junteenth, they’d break the black guys balls. “Wait…wut..we was free this whole time an you didn’t tell us!”

        Along those lines. The black guys laughed too. They couldn’t have cared less about the whole thing.

        In any group of guys, there will be balls busted every day over something.

        The guy on the radio this morning was explaining how long it took to get word around, that’s why it took so long. Not buying it. There were telegraphs, rail lines, ships. They found out the war was over fairly quickly.

        The whole thing focuses on the Union army posting in Galveston to force the freedom of the slaves there. Galveston was a port. Would’ve been one of the first places that would’ve found out.

        So there’s something to celebrate, I suppose. Not for me to though. What do I care? Half of my kin wasn’t even in the country. They showed up in 1916. The other half came over during the potato famine, and were mostly treated as bad or worse than the slaves.

  2. furor kek tonicus ( i demand that Joe Biden disavow his treasonous endorsement of "Let's go Brandon" )

    first, the important stuff:
    damn son, you nailed this one. that is a smoke show.
    Didact said
    “I mean, if some jumped-up Johnny like me can figure it out, after having lived in Russia for over a year in total, then it shouldnโ€™t be that hard for people in charge of the worldโ€™s (nominally) most powerful economies to figure it out too.”
    this is where i differ from Vox. in my opinion, Pedo Joe ( mostly his handlers, but you know what i mean ) is simply continuing the work of Obama, the Clintons and Carter and LBJ before them:
    dismantling and destroying the United States and humiliating it.
    look at what they have actually done.
    LBJ ran a false flag operation to get us into and tie us down in Vietnam and instituted the “Great Society” programs on the domestic front.
    Carter’s entire domestic program was a disaster, his foreign policy made us a laughingstock and he gave away the Panama Canal for … nothing.
    Clinton made China a space power ( fitting for a president who was a paid agent of China ) and hugely accelerated the off shoring of American industry.
    Obama hated everything about America ( gun clinging God botherers ), gave Iran billions in US cash, allowed Jimmay Cahter to give the Norks nuke plants … the list is practically endless.
    why does anyone think that anything Pedo Joe would do would be for the benefit of the US or it’s people?
    as just one example, the Sturgis Michigan plant that was responsible for supplying more than 50% of all government formula was “voluntarily” shut down by Abbott ( so you can’t blame the FDA ) … but not a single person at the plant, the owning company or in government ever considered that an artificial shortage might be induced by the loss of such a major supplier.
    is that even slightly reasonable? or is that intentional and engineered?
    in less than two years, Biden has taken the US from a petroleum exporter with cheap fuel to gas shortages and spiking prices … and tells us that high fuel prices are “good” for us as it will induce Americans to adopt new “Green” technologies.
    is that even slightly reasonable? or is that intentional and engineered?
    Hillary told us that Donald Trump was “too dangerous” to elect. why? because his blustering would “get us into a war with Russia”. Pedo Joe took less than two years to start a war with Russia … AND that war has been used as a pretext to initiate what appears to be the inexorable destruction of the petrodollar.
    is that even slightly reasonable? or is that intentional and engineered?
    you can, of course, make a good case that Gaff-O-Matic has been this stupid his entire life and that all of these actions are mere continuations of his life long pattern of dumb lying.
    but how actions resulting from blundering stupidity differ from willful malice? in my opinion, a truly stupid person would occasionally do something for the benefit of the US simply on accident.
    but i’m hard pressed to think of a single thing that could be characterized that way.


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