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Friday T&A: Bright Spots Edition

by | Jun 24, 2022 | fat girl jihad | 1 comment

Brothers, I think it is fair to say that the last couple of years have been an almost unending stream of bad news. Whether we are talking about the Global Scamdemic, the Fake Election of 2020 and the resulting Fake Presidential Maladministration, or the current war between the globalists and nationalists that are using 404 as their battleground, good news has been hard to find and even harder to understand.

Yet, even in the midst of all of this growing darkness, there is still hope, and still light.

We were reminded of this twice in the last few days, thanks to recent rulings by the Supreme Court of the United States. First, the SCOTUS struck down an egregiously stupid gun control measure that is decades old, in that stupidest of states with respect to 2A rights, New York. And it did so by pointing out that the text of the Second Amendment means quite literally exactly what it says – that, because a well-trained and well-armed population is essential to the security of a free republic, governments cannot arbitrarily and stupidly restrict that right.

In other words, the right doesn’t come from the government. It already exists before any government, of any kind, makes any sort of decisions. It is inalienable to the people and cannot be restricted.

Furthermore, for those who argue that the Second Amendment prohibits the ownership of “assault” weapons, and other such high-minded nonsense, please keep in mind that, as far as the writers of the Constitution were concerned, the Second Amendment was designed to remove the monopoly on violence that the state presumed to have. As a result, private ownership of cannons and artillery pieces of the time was considered quite permissible under the framework of the 2A.

In modern terms, the equivalent would be private citizens owning – if they have the means and the space – a fully loaded M1/A3 Abrams tank with a full ammo load of anything short of depleted uranium rounds.

Does that scare you? Guess what – the thought of a government having the ability to break down your door and arrest you at will for any infraction, real or imagined, is a damned sight more scary to me than the thought of you owning a 70-tonne main battle tank next door to my house.

Beyond that ruling, though, the most significant decision in an entire generation reached us all today. wherein the SCOTUS struck down the horrendous and extraordinarily evil Roe ruling from 1973.

It bears repeating that this decision does EXACTLY what the Constitution intended. It simply restores abortion decisions to the states, where it belongs. Already, the Left is screaming bloody murder – which is quite appropriate, given that abortion IS, quite literally, very bloody murder – about this, arguing that this means half the states in the country will immediately outlaw abortion. A number of American states are already moving to do precisely that.

To which I, like most Christians who take our faith seriously, would respond:

So what?

Since when is murdering your child a Good Thing, by any legal, moral, or ethical standard? Since when is it anything other than an abomination and an extreme offence to God? Why should we support the killing of children – especially given that the original abortionists were quite often serious eugenicists and incorrigible racists who hated Blacks and wanted to see them exterminated? (Don’t believe me? Go lookup what Margaret Sanger had to say about Blacks sometime. You might have trouble keeping your lunch down.)

If individual states want to invite the wrath of God down upon themselves by legalising abortion, let that be on their heads, and upon their people. That’s fine with me. Personally, I would be perfectly happy to see southern Clownipornia and Gomorrah-on-the-Hudson burn and sink beneath the waves.

In all of this, amidst the gathering darkness and gloom, we must always remember to celebrate the victories that we have, when we have them. Yes, times are difficult and dreadful. Yes, they are getting worse by the day. But there is hope – there is always hope. We must not let our hearts grow heavy and unduly burdened.

Always remember that there is a plan – no matter how random or bizarre or horrible. It does exist. God uses all of us for His own ends, to create a Universe more splendid and beautiful than any of us can imagine. God uses Satan to do His will – yes, really, if you don’t believe me, go read the Book of Job.

With that bit of good cheer, let us get on to the good stuff for today.

This week’s lovely lady is Margarita Amp (Маргарита Амп), age 29 (or thereabouts), originally from Dniepropetrovsk, in what is today Banderastan, now living in Samara, Russia. (So to be clear, she’s actually Russian, by both ethnicity and citizenship.) She does… actually, I have no idea what, but she does have nice eyes and a very nice smile. And I think that’s probably what we need on a day like today.

Happy Friday, gents. I’m off to enjoy some good Scotch – the first that I have enjoyed in a while, actually – and will rather look forward to a weekend involving slaying gazillions of NPCs in HALO 4. And remember – there is a plan, no matter how weird it seems, no matter how painful it is for you. All you need to do is figure out your part in it.

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