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An enema for “emanations”

by | Jun 24, 2022 | Politics | 3 comments

As pretty much all of my American readers know all too well, the whole issue of “abortion rights” in the USSA has been one of the most divisive and poisonous in the culture wars for 50 years. Justice Harry Blackmun‘s nonsensical and utterly tortured logic involving “emanations and penumbras” from the Constitution’s privacy clause created, out of very nearly thin air, a “right” to abortion for women. In so doing, Blackmun sowed the wind, and the entire country reaped the whirlwind for decades afterwards. (His reasoning was so awful, in fact, that Blackmun contradicted HIMSELF in a ruling just a few weeks later.)

Today, however, the Supreme Court of the United States struck down that abomination and returned the issue of the legality of abortion to where it actually belongs – the STATES:

Note that, as usual, Chief Justice John Roberts sided with the liberal wing, which basically says that the law is whatever they think it is, instead of what the law actually says. (This is an exaggeration, but not much of one.) The fact that Cuck Roberts sided with the liberals is not surprising. He is a conservative – but not in the way that you think he is.

[EDIT: I initially saw that the decision was a 5-4 ruling in favour of overturning Roe v Wade. That is not accurate. In fact, Roberts sided with the majority and it was a 6-3 decision. Roberts instead argued that he would have stopped short of overturning Roe entirely. This is in line with my comments below. I have struck out the portion above that claims that he sided with the liberal minority. I was wrong about that, and I apologise for my error.]

Roberts does not believe in preserving the status of the law – he believes instead in preserving the power of the Federal government, in whatever form that takes. In other words, he is not a judicial conservative at all – he is a statist quo conservative, as it were. That is why he has voted in favour of virtually every bad decision in recent times, almost all of which preserve Federal government power at the expense of individual liberty, states’ rights, and Constitutional fidelity.

But, in recent years, the Supreme Court of the United States has generally taken a much more originalist turn – thanks, in no small measure, to His Most Illustrious, Noble, August, Benevolent, and Legendary Celestial Majesty, the God-Emperor of Mankind, Donaldus Triumphus Magnus Astra, the First of His Name, the Lion of Midnight, the Chaddest of Chads, may the Lord bless him and preserve him.

President Trump failed on a number of very important fronts – chiefly in his efforts to build the damn wall and save the country’s immigration system. I do not really fault him for those failures beyond a point – you have to understand that the God-Emperor was fighting hard against his own Administration and Cabinet at the same time as he was fighting the entirety of the Deep State and the Swamp as well. This is not a fight that one man could win, no matter how powerful his support among the people.

His civnattery assuredly did not help. Say what you will about the Fake Election of 2020 – my views on the subject are pretty clear by now – but the FACT remains that the one demographic with which he LOST ground, was straight White working-class males. That was literally his base, but instead of working in its favour, he wasted far too much time pandering to Blacks, Latinos, women, and everyone BUT the people whom he promised he would help.

However, the ONE area where he succeeded, almost completely (with some hiccups along the way), was in nominating real Constitutional conservatives throughout the entirety of the American judiciary.

This has had some very powerful impacts already. Lord Razor of the Fist Clan had a lot to say about the very recent decision, authored by Clarence Thomas, striking down that absurd New York concealed carry law:

But the impact goes beyond merely the highest court. Federal courts throughout the USA are now stacked with Constitutional conservatives, who are helping to push back some of the worst and most onerous laws passed by the Federal and state governments.

Will it make any difference in the long term?


The USSA is still doomed. God’s judgement is upon the country, and that is well deserved. But today’s decision to repeal Roe v. Wade and return the issue back to the states, where it always belonged, is a sign that something of the old Constitutional spirit is still alive. It is still out there, waiting for the American people to find it. I wrote about this years ago. Six years later, we can see that America is too far gone to be worth saving anymore, but the spirit of the nation remains.

And because that spirit is still alive and kicking, one of the most odious and disgusting decisions ever handed down by the Supreme Court has finally been overturned.

Make no mistake, this will change nothing in the long-term. You DO NOT murder millions of babies over 50 years, in direct contravention of God’s law and authority, and somehow avoid severe repercussions. Nor do you “legalise” the fantasy of gay “marriage” through some bizarre invented logic of Constitutional reinterpretation, and get away with it. Ultimately, the USSA is still doomed, and it still thoroughly merits destruction.

But, for now, we Christians can at least celebrate the fact that God’s law, imprinted upon the human heart, has achieved one little victory in the Great War.

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  1. TechieDude

    Let the garment rendering and keening while literally shaking begin.

    Why is it when things go the libtard way we get the chirping on how the system works but when it doesn’t, woe unto us and it all needs to be scrapped. One some level the system works.

    You want to have unprotected sex with a man you wouldn’t bear a child without consequence, move to a blue state. Hell, most of them are there already. In Texas, they passed a bill that said no abortion after 20 weeks, clinic has to be up to any outpatient medical facility standards (I thought they were), and the doctor needed ER admitting priveledges (I thought they had).

    You’d have thought a demon was being tormented the way libtards carried on. Fact of the matter is that at the time 75% of the state wanted it. Then, that got mauled in courts, so the passed a heartbeat bill. 83% were for that. Don’t like it? Don’t like what Texans want? Move the hell out.

    When they passed the first law, they were trying to generate sympathy for the abortion clinics by doing pieces on how hard it is to operate in TX. They couldn’t get companies to pave their lots, deliver water, fix the electric or plumbing. Virtually none of the trades wanted anything to do with them. – That was BEFORE the laws.

    People don’t want it. When they find out what’s really going on they’re disgusted.

    There was a movie out called ‘blood money’. It’s all about the cash. These people don’t care about women. They had woman after woman interviewed, crying that they can’t have kids because 3,4,5 abortions ruined them. THe worst was a 21 year old model who had her intesting punctured by a doofus doctor (BTW- the really good doctors won’t do these) – they dropped her off at a hospital 20 minutes away in a small town to not get caught. Woman has a colostomy bag now. For what?

    BTW – that was in Dallas, in the shadow of Presbyterian Hospital (a pretty good one) and Baylor (an excellent one – teaching hospital). Yet they went to like desoto or someplace south instead.

    Yeah. Fuque those guys.

    BTW, We do a ton of support for pregnancy clinics – donating time, treasure, talent, and materials to help mothers. Each one of these centers is either next door, or adjacent to an abortion facility. They invite the women in for a 3D ultrasound (Ones that men’s organizations, like the KoC, bought for them). Inte

  2. robertdwood

    There are few moments I’ve been as happy to be a father then tonight. Reading about Josiah’s ending of the pagan human sacrifices in Jerusalem as we get ready for bed. They ask why do people sacrifice humans? We talk about Baal and Molech and that the only God who wants mankind to grow is the one we know as Jesus. They say that was a long time ago, so glad those gods are gone.
    I tell them they ain’t gone yet, but they’re taking it in the shorts today, God be praised. More babies will live in the USA.

    • Didact

      It was a very, very good day yesterday. That decision was nearly 50 years overdue, but at least justice has finally, however belatedly, been served. God smiled upon the USSA for a moment there.

      Now the individual states can go about setting abortion policy, as was always the intention. And if that means that a majority of American states outlaw abortion, well, that is no bad thing at all. I would much rather see babies carried to term and then adopted, than the mass slaughter of innocents.

      Children are annoying, expensive, difficult, and deprive us of everything we want and need for ourselves, especially time and money. They are also the most wonderful and beautiful things imaginable, which is why they come at such a high price. And that is how it should be.

      God is good, always.


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