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Friday T&A: Speaking In Tongues Edition

by | May 6, 2022 | fat girl jihad | 1 comment

Just a quick one from me this week, gents, I expressed pretty much everything I wanted to in the posts from yesterday and today. All I can say is that the Banderastan War is unquestionably just the latest stage in a much broader, much more dangerous conflict that threatens to draw the entire world into its embrace. And yet, for all of the danger and devastation caused by the conflict and the completely hysterical, totally ridiculous Western response to it, this war is a prism, a focusing mechanism that forces us all to acknowledge some very harsh and painful truths.

Chief among those truths is the fact that the Western world is irretrievably corrupted, and deserves to be destroyed.

I take no pleasure in writing that. It is simply an incontrovertible fact, at this point. Western leaders have abandoned all pretence of objectivity, decency, humility, or competence, and have embarked on a completely crazy quest to punish Russia for a war that they themselves started, and which they themselves are prolonging.

The death tolls from this war are horrific, yet they are as nothing compared with what is likely to happen if, or rather when, the Banderastan War becomes a wider global war. That wider war does not even necessarily require NATO to engage Russia in a military conflict on European soil – a conflict which, by the way, NATO will almost certainly lose. No, the casualties will come from the bloody riots and revolutions that will take place when the Western “rules-based world order” simply collapses outright.

Already we are seeing some of the stress fractures in that world order. Living standards around the world are plummeting at rates that we have not seen in generations. The Dirt World is waking up to a potentially very severe, and very dangerous, food crisis. Inflation is out of control in the Western nations, and cannot be brought back under control without extremely painful and prolonged economic shock therapy.

In the midst of all of this madness, our job is to keep calm, and stay focused on only that which is true.

Only by doing this will we have the slightest hope of making it through the coming trials. We live in a world ruled by lies, and those lies are falling apart at an accelerating rate. Therefore, only the truth, which is unwavering and unchanging, will get us through this. And only by telling the truth, wherever we can, and whatever the cost, can we make any progress whatsoever against the evil rulers of this world.

This is not news to you, I am sure. But it is very hard advice to follow. All i can tell you is to stay the course. The truth is worth striving and fighting for – difficult and painful though that fight usually is.

And with that stirring advice, let us now turn to the real reason you are here. It is, after all, Friday evening, and we all know what that means.

This week’s lovely lady is Carina Zavline, age 25 from Munich, Krautland – say what you will about the Krauts electing complete dumbasses into office, repeatedly, they do have some stellar examples of feminine beauty and quality over there. Apparently, she was a contestant on something called Germany’s Next Top Model, and was supposedly a “favourite” of Heidi Klum (anyone remember her?). She is a now a model and an actress, of some sort, and, thanks to her education in Germany and then France, she claims that she speaks 6 different languages – German, English, French, Spanish, Ukrainian, and Russian.

(I’m inclined to call BS on the last two, since these are all radically different languages that are quite hard to learn and keep straight – unless her mother is of Ukrainian origin, in which case, that actually makes sense. Given her overall “look”, I’d say that is a strong possibility. Ukrainian and Russian are somewhat similar languages, though proper Lvov-type Ukrainian is nearly impossible for Russian-speakers to understand. It is much closer to Polish as a language than it is to Russian, and its grammatical structures, verb conjugations, and noun declensions are quite different in some of the cases.)

Happy Friday, gentlemen. Enjoy your weekend, get a good rest, and stay strong in your faith and your family, for these are the things that matter in these insane times.

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