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Friday T&A: Saddling the Horsemen Edition

by | May 20, 2022 | fat girl jihad | 1 comment

Brothers, the past week has shown us all that, no matter how stupid, venal, incompetent, corrupt, and downright crazy we think our leaders are, they can always find ways to surprise us. In the process, they tend to make our lives miserable in the worst possible ways. That misery has clearly manifested itself, and we are left to figure out how to deal with it, while they enrich themselves at our expense.

Looking around the world today, we can see that the supposed reason why the Fake President Greenscreen McNappyFace Poopypants-Oatmeal-for-Brains was “elected” with 81 MEEEEEEELLION VOTES!!!, has proven to be a complete illusion. Remember when all of the whorenalists and presstitutes trumpeted the Fake President’s inauguration as “the return of the adults”? Because, clearly, a booming economy with effectively zero rates of illegal immigration, strong wage growth, and global peace under Bad Orange Mean-Tweet Man was soooo terrible, right?

Look at what we have now.

War in Ukraine, which is very clearly simply the latest stage in an epic global war between nation-states and globalist supernational organisations.

The prospect of global Famine, even in developed nations, particularly in Europe, where they are heavily dependent on food imports to feed the entire continent, and especially in the Dirt World, such as India and Africa, which have shown very little ability to figure out how to feed themselves even when literally given the technology.

Pestilence now rears its ugly head, in the form of the Latest Current Thing. Apparently, that Thing is known as “monkeypox”, and it looks every bit as disgusting as it sounds. Fortunately, most of us are in no danger whatsoever from it. The cases that have spread so far, have done so largely because of homosexual men engaging in disgusting, degenerate, and utterly perverted sexual practices, or because of weird people eating weird meat. (Hmmmm… a virus that originated in monkeys, being passed on to humans and spread rapidly through the homosexual community, yet posing very little risk to most straight, ordinary, and not-weird people. WHERE HAVE WE SEEN THIS STORY BEFORE, I wonder?!?!)

And all of this will lead to nothing less than Death. Behold, a pale horse, etc…

I mean, not to get all Biblical on everyone – especially not on a Friday night – but it does seem a little eerie, don’t you think?

10 Latest Four Horsemen Of The Apocalypse Wallpaper Darksiders FULL HD ...

That being said, I think that we will find a way through all of this. We must always remember that we live in an age of constant fear-porn and extreme dopamine rushes from checking our devices obsessively for the latest New Thing. In reality, once you disconnect, get back to what matters, and focus only on getting through the day in service to your people and God, things tend to work themselves out.

That is not to say that the spectres of severe global inflation and commodity shortages should be taken lightly. They absolutely must not. If you have the ability and wherewithal to lay in some freeze-dried food, for instance, you should look into doing precisely that. Cut down on your expenses, cut back on any unnecessary shit in your lifestyle, and hunker down. Things are going to get much worse before they get better.

That being said, here at Didactic Mind, we like to hand out optimism along with realism, because yer very ‘eavy, very ‘umble servant ‘ere does actually believe that there is always hope – even in the darkest of days. (And, believe me, my days of late have been very dark. I just don’t say much on the subject.)

It is this attitude that gave rise to the whole “Girl Friday” phenomenon around here, and it is a tradition that we carry on with great pride. So let’s get on with it.

This week’s lovely lady is Renee Murden, age 22 from UpsideDownConvictLand, aka “Australia”, aka, “the world’s largest open-air prison”, aka “that place where LITERALLY EVERYTHING WANTS TO KILL YOU AND EAT YOUR EYEBALLS FOR JUJUBEES“. Admittedly, she makes a rather good advertisement for her native country – almost enough to make you forget about the deadly sharks, deadly crocodiles, deadly snakes, deadly spiders, deadly scorpions, deadly Abos, deadly waves, deadly plants, deadly centipedes, deadly waves, deadly killers in Kings’ Cross…

Uh… I think I lost the thread somewhere. What was I talking about, again?

Oh yeah, right, the broad. She does really-for-real modelling ‘n’ shiet, whatever that means, and apparently has fronted for various fashion magazines around the world, whatever that means. Oh, and she loves koalas.

The great Aussie drop bear
Yeah. Them stupid crazy buggers.

Seriously, just stay away from Australia. Even the Australians who read this site will tell you that – right, boys?

Happy Friday, y’all. I’m off for some very badly needed R&R in my favourite vacation spot, the Land of Nod. Keep the faith, stay strong, and remember – it could always be worse!

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