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Friday T&A: Fan Service Edition

by | May 27, 2022 | fat girl jihad | 6 comments

As we approach Day 100 of the Russian Special Military Operation in Banderastan (aka 404-Land), wherein “them damn Rooskis!!!” stormed in to demilitarise, de-Nazify, and defang the most corrupt and broken country in all of Europe, it is difficult to avoid the strong feeling that we are rapidly approaching a real tipping point. I do not refer merely to the conflict itself, although that is certainly a big part of it. I refer to the entire global economy as well.

In 404-Land, we see substantial evidence, growing every day, of collapses in Ukrainian morale and fighting spirit. The Ukies have apparently given up Krasniy Liman, which is now fully (or almost fully) occupied by Allied forces, and are cracking in Severodonetsk-Lisichansk. Videos flood in every single day of reservists and Territorial Defence conscripts complaining about the lack of training, supplies, munitions, support, and especially leadership from their commanders, whom they call cowards for fleeing and abandoning them to be cannon-fodder for the Russians and their fearsome artillery barrages.

In Kiev, the leadership appears to be getting desperate. There are now open discussions between the Kiev regime and the Polish leadership to erase the border distinctions between the two countries – which would essentially open the way for NATO to intervene in the conflict via a very poorly-thought-out backdoor strategy. Quite apart from the sheer madness of the idea – Poland CANNOT hope to stand against a sustained assault by Russian forces, especially given that the Russians are quite happily turning more than half of their tanks, “given” to the Banderites, into twisted heaps of scrap metal – the notion smacks of a sellout by the Elensky regime, which might just be backed into a corner now.

It is clear from the reports coming out of the front lines that the Ukrainian troops are exhausted, brutalised, demoralised, and angry. There also appear to be substantial conflicts between the Ukrainian Chief of the General Staff, who manages day-to-day deployments and movements and “offensives” (of which there are absolutely none of any significance among the Banderites), and the President of Ukraine, who is the only one with the authority to permit troops to leave or redeploy away from their positions. This split command structure is folly and madness, and goes a long way toward explaining the quite miserable Banderite performance in the war.

Make no mistake, the Ukies are tough, brave, resourceful, and challenging to fight. They are Slavs, after all, not Arabs, and they do not simply break and run under pressure. But they are nonetheless totally outmatched, being pitted as they are against professional Russian troops and their exceptionally determined LDNR, Chechen, Rosgvardia, and Wagner PMC allies and detachments. The Allied forces are fighting with every tool of true combined-arms warfare at their disposal, in the Russian manner, which is clearly very different from the way that NATO-trained militaries fight.

And right now, NATO is LOSING, badly.

This fact explains the increasing desperation of the Western powers to find some kind of off-ramp for the very catastrophe that they created. This war is entirely of NATO’s and the EUSSR’s and the USSA’s own making. The whole disaster, and its attendant consequences, could have been avoided. But the combination of incompetent and stupid leaders drunk on their own power, and the increasing assertiveness of independent nations like China, India, and Russia, made this conflict inevitable.

As Our Beloved and Dreaded Supreme Dark Lord (PBUH) Vox Day the Most Malevolent and Terrible said recently, we are in fact already in WWIII. It just hasn’t turned into an all-out hot war yet.

And that war appears to be reaching a tipping point as well. The world is poised on the very edge of famine – even though there appears to be enough food to go around, just about, the problem is that the Western powers are hell-bent on ensuring that not enough of it gets around. Sanctions on Russia have prompted the Russians, and then the Indians and others, to impose export restrictions that prevent vital wheat, fertilisers, pesticides, and other key components of industrialised agriculture to get to where they are needed the most.

For those vegans and hippies who say that this is a Good Thing, and will require us to go back to farming using organic methods, I say:

You people are shit-for-brains morons who have absolutely no clue how anything works in the real world.

All you need to do to understand where “all-organic farming” gets you, is to look at what happened to Sri Lanka under the Rajapaksas. They banned industrial fertilisers for a while in that country, and look at what has happened there. The economy has collapsed, people are hungry and starving, and the government is in total disarray.

That is the fate that awaits us if we stop using industrial methods for farming. It’s just that simple.

Without question, things will get more tricky and difficult over the coming days. But it is difficult to avoid the conclusion that the globalists have taken a tremendous kick in the teeth (and nuts) over the past few weeks.

The very target that they tried to destroy, is now destroying THEM. Their dreams of global dominion through digital currencies and total control of food and energy supplies lie in ruins. Already the spectre of monkeypox is receding, because people seem to understand quite well that, (a) it is a disease spread primarily by homosexual men engaged in disgusting and degenerate practices, and (b) we’ve frankly all got much more important things to worry about, like feeding our families.

It is just a shame that defeating the globalists, at least temporarily, came at such an exorbitant cost.

With that out of the way, let us move on to more pleasant thoughts. For it is, after all, Friday.

This week’s lovely lady comes by way of a reader request. You see, over on my Telegram channel – join via that link if you haven’t already – I basically said something about how, in light of the current shortage of baby formula in the USSA, mothers breastfeeding their children would be a Good Thing. In my view, humanity seems to have managed just fine for thousands of years before baby formula ever came along, and I couldn’t quite see what the big problem is with going back to the old ways. If anything, the clinical data and research on the subject indicate that doing so results in much stronger mother-infant bonding and far healthier immune systems for the children.

Here’s what I actually wrote:

The human race seemed to get along just fine for centuries and millennia without baby formula. I mean, this is why women HAVE breasts – they aren’t just for our pleasure, they actually perform an important function.

(Let’s not underestimate the fun factor, though. There is a reason why everyone loves Fridays over at Didactic Mind.)

I realise, of course, that I sound like a raging misogynistic arse when I write such things. I can’t say I particularly care.

Anyway, LRFotS Kapios was much tickled by that last line, and responded with a comment that said, in effect, that we need to see a Russian lady who is… ummm… uhh… how does one put this delicately

Well developed in the thoracic area, I suppose. Yeah. That’s about right.

I am, of course, nothing if not a servant to my readers. But this is actually a lot more difficult than you might think – finding a naturally beautiful, reasonably classy-looking lady that has NOT been surgically enhanced, and actually looks well-proportioned, with such requirements, is quite a challenge, for reasons that will become pretty obvious if you think about it.

Then again, what is life without challenge, eh?

This is Angelina Boyko (Ангелина Бойко), age 26 from, yes, of course, Russia, though now she lives in Bali. She does… well, actually, I don’t have a clue, and frankly I can’t be bothered to go find out. But, I think she satisfies the requirements noted above – and, being Russian, she has style and class to go with her looks, too.

Truly, brothers, am I not kind?

Happy Friday, lads. I’m off to lift some heavy things and then relax. I can’t say I’ve been particularly busy this week, and yet I still feel very tired for some weird reason.

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  1. Tom Kratman

    No, no; World War III ended in 1990. The Soviets lost. World War IV was against Islam. It’s too early to say who won or lost. World War V is coming or just begun.

  2. Kapios

    Lot of wheat goes to cows that are wasted for overpriced burgers at fast food.

    If people or the government were smart enough they could have implemented some permaculture and taught people in rural areas to do it in their back yards. Think about how much is wasted for other types of junk food or indulgence as well.

    I’m not saying we all go back to farming societies, but we are certainly too dependent on imports and/or mass production and low quality farming.

    Just look at the weapons that ancient Greeks and Egyptians used to carry around. They must have had much higher quality food back then. Quality beats quantity and undernourishment.

    • Didact

      Lot of wheat goes to cows that are wasted for overpriced burgers at fast food.

      No, you’re thinking soy, barley, and corn. Wheat production primarily goes into making actual bread. These days, wheat production, in the US at least, has been in long-term secular decline in terms of usage, but it is still a very important commodity globally for export to the Dirt World.

      The true destabilising impact of high wheat prices will be felt in the shitholiest of shithole countries, where people will go hungry. And whenever that happens, bloodshed, riots, and revolution are the inevitable outcomes.

      By using Ukraine to attack Russia, the USSA ended up knocking a huge segment of the world’s wheat exports out of the market, and made life miserable for hundreds of millions of people globally. It is idiotic beyond belief.

      If people or the government were smart enough they could have implemented some permaculture and taught people in rural areas to do it in their back yards. Think about how much is wasted for other types of junk food or indulgence as well.

      I’m not saying we all go back to farming societies, but we are certainly too dependent on imports and/or mass production and low quality farming.

      Well, yes, but for that you need arable land in people’s backyards. And cultivating crops, even on a small scale as a sharecropper or a hobbyist, is very, very hard work. That is why most people in today’s busy societies just don’t do it. This makes our global food supply extremely vulnerable, but the reality is that things evolved this way because people value their leisure time and want to spend it doing something other than pottering around in the garden.

      On top of that, many places actually have very poor soil for growing things, which severely restricts what you can grow in those places. You can’t grow anything much more than root vegetables in some countries under their particular soil types.

      Oh – and you’re welcome, by the way.

      • Kapios

        Don’t why but the instathot commentary in my comment did not go through. She is certainly a lot more pure than Ukraine.

        As far as the food problem goes, you will be surprised by what can be done if people learned more about the lands they live in. You can’t grow the mass produced food in a garden, but a couple of olive trees will save you from the bad oils like sunflower. And the other stuff like cucumbers and tomatoes will go a long way, as well as a chicken coup. My parents have those in their garden and many other people I know.

        But if the globalists ‘warn’ that there will be famine, they will probably engineer it.

  3. furor kek tonicus ( proud to have a foreign policy that keeps Hunter's nose candied )

    that chick practically has real life Anime Eyes.
    yes, yes, i’m surprised myself that my sight line ever elevated above the horizontal.

  4. Jim S

    When I first saw Ms. Boyko’s picture, she reminded me of Barbara Bach, Ringo Starr’s wife. Of course Bach played the Russki spy in the Bond film “The Spy Who Loved Me”.


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