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by | Apr 7, 2022 | Office Space | 6 comments

Have you watched the Western presstitutes of late, reporting on the Banderastani War, and wondered why the hell they all say things that seem to have absolutely ZERO connection to the reality on the ground? If you have been paying even a modicum of attention, you will quickly realise that there is something very strange going on, wherein Limey and Yankee whorenalists make completely wild-eyed predictions that simply do not come true.

There are a number of headlines that we have seen in recent weeks. Among those include the notion that the Neo-Tsar is being lied to by his own intelligence and military officials about the state of the war; that Russia has turned to China in desperation, asking for arms and armaments (which is idiotic on its face to anyone who knows anything about the way in which Russian military designs and hardware end up in Chinese hands); and that the Russians are preparing to use chemical weapons against the Ukies.

The Root of All Evil

Turns out, every last bit of this is absolutely deliberate. All that the presstitutes are doing, is taking low-quality, low-value intelligence, leaked by the alphabet-soup agencies, which the agencies themselves rate as basically useless, and essentially copying it out verbatim:

US intelligence officials have leaked information about the Ukraine conflict that wasn’t “rock solid” and outright made up some claims, all to win an “info war” against the Kremlin, according to an NBC News report on Wednesday. The officials admitted to, and boasted about, releasing this misinformation.

When the American media cited US “intelligence” to warn that Russia was preparing to use chemical weapons in Ukraine, and when President Joe Biden repeated these warnings, they were participating in a disinformation campaign, the NBC report reveals.

According to the intelligence officials who came up with the warning, the intention was to discourage Russia from actually using these weapons, even though they themselves rated the intelligence used “low confidence.”

NBC quotes the officials involved in releasing such “low confidence” intelligence, who described their mission to misinform as part of an effort to “undermine Moscow’s propaganda and prevent Russia from defining how the war is perceived in the world.”

Some releases were accurate. For instance, the Biden administration insisted for weeks that Russian President Vladimir Putin intended to launch an assault on Ukraine.

More were fabricated: A report that Putin was “being misled by his own advisers,” as NBC put it, was made up. So was an assertion by US officials that Putin had turned to China for military aid. Despite being fabricated, the latter was released to discourage China from actually doing what the officials said it was doing – sending arms to Russia, they said.

As hilariously stupid as this strategy is, it is very far from new. It turns out that US intelligence services have been using this exact tactic for decades to co-opt the whorenalists and use them as a method of psychological warfare against both America’s enemies, AND its own people.


Mark Dice did a terrific job breaking down the CIA’s covert psyops program designed to generate presstitute soundbites in lockstep that would galvanise Americans to support a particular action, and demoralise and defeat America’s enemies:

The problem is that the psyops are failing to convince the American and Western peoples to support a true NATO war against Russia. More than that, though, they are completely failing to convince anyone outside of the Empire of Lies either.

In reality, the Empire went too far.

Overplaying the Imperial Hand

Recall about 6 weeks ago when this war – or invasion, or “special military operation”, whichever you prefer – the Empire of Lies collectively straight-up BizANNED outlets like RT, Sputnik News, and other Russian media companies that give the other side of the story. (I read RT every day, using a VPN to get past geo-blocking restrictions in my area – I recommend either Surfshark or AtlasVPN – and I can tell you that the coverage on RT is markedly more reserved and impartial than it is in any Imperial site.)

The Russians promptly responded by booting the Bullshit Broadcasting Corporation, SkyNet, and a number of other Imperial voices straight out of their country. They now can rely on their own news services – RT, RIA Novosti, Sevodnya, Sputnik, TASS, and so on – to provide them with considerably more nuanced coverage than anything that you, as a Westerner, can find on MSHIV, ABCNNBCBS, FAUX, the aforementioned BBC and SkyNet, and pretty much anywhere else.

In so doing, the Russians immediately sterilised the ability of Western psyops to penetrate their country. The result is that Russians now support their President and the invasion of Ukraine in truly historic numbers. President Putin’s current approval ratings exceed 80% – more than double those of the Fake President Greenscreen McNappyFace.

On top of which, the Imperial efforts to destroy RT have utterly failed. Look at RT’s traffic numbers from SimilarWeb:

This, brothers, is precisely why I keep telling you to disregard anything that ANY mainstream news network tells you. The ONLY reason for Americans to pay any attention whatsoever to FAUX news is #BasedTucker, and even he doesn’t get it right every time – in fact, he has been curiously remiss in helping his viewers understand the very real and very dangerous presence of genuine neo-Nazis in Ukraine, and the extreme abuses carried out by the Ukies against the Russian-speaking peoples of their own country.

Freeing Your Mind

The data above give us some signs of real hope, though. It is already clear that the Empire of Lies has utterly FAILED to destroy the Russian economy. Their sanctions regime has comprehensively failed, and has actually backfired extremely badly against themselves. Take a look at the USD/RUB exchange rate:

(Source: TradingView)

The ruble is now trading at between 75 and 79 to the dollar, depending on where you look. This is actually BETTER than the Central Bank of Russia itself wants. Recall that the CBR recently restarted purchases of gold bullion, at a floor price (i.e. minimum) of 5,000 rubles per gram. The current price of gold per gram in USD is 62.093, as of this exact time of writing.

It does not take much numerical skill to work out that if you divide the price of gold in rubles, by the price of gold in dollars, you get the price of rubles in dollars.

That number comes out to 80.52, as of right now. Which means that there is as much as a 500 basis point spread between the gold-backed ruble, and the currently traded value of the ruble.

This is a remarkable development, which reflects global confidence in the strength of the Russian economy and its ability to withstand truly unprecedented sanctions. Russia is now the world’s most heavily sanctioned country, by miles:

Infographic: The World's Most-Sanctioned Countries | Statista
(Source: Statista)

And now, we see that the Imperial attempts to blockade the Russian point of view, has failed as well.

This gives us very clear and very encouraging signs for the future. The mindwar for your own attention and sympathies is failing, from the Imperial perspective, and is succeeding from the Heavenly perspective. As I pointed out in yesterday’s podcast, the truth is like a battering ram – ponderous, slow, yet irresistible in its force and power.

The Empire of Lies has to use, essentially, saturation-bombing tactics to force you to think in a certain way. But saturation bombing only works up to a point – as the experience of Operation: LINEBACKER II in the Vietnam War should have shown. It DOES work, make no mistake – the stupid and the weak-minded will always fall for the tricks and schemes of the Empire.

I remember with distinct amusement an episode at the beginning of the war, in which a Russian with whom I am particularly close, forwarded to me some texts from a slave of the Empire that thought that Russia was doomed. That Russian acted as the conduit between me and this Imperial subject, and I set about refuting, point by point, every single thing that said worthy character had to offer about Russia’s inevitable and terrible defeat.

Looking back in time, 6 weeks into the past, it is very clear that I was correct in my predictions that Russia would weather the storm and win against both the Ukies and the Western Empire of Lies, and the Imperial subject was wrong.

Conclusion – Fighting the Lies

The Empire is losing the mindwar, definitively and decisively. The internet has freed us all from a single point of view that can masquerade as an authoritative source of truth. But this simply means that the Empire will do what failing empires always do – it will now try to outlaw any deviation or dissent from the official line.

This is already happening. The difference between the Empire of Lies and previous empires is that this empire is doing so through privately owned monopolies. That is why Twatter, Faceborg, and Goolag have all slammed the doors shut on dissent and alternative points of view.

Twatter is deplatforming anyone who deviates from the Official Line about Russian so-called “war crimes” in Bucha – which are very clearly a false flag operation at this point. JOOTOOB has made clear that it will not tolerate any videos that question official government narratives on the supposed “Russian defeat” in Ukraine. Goolag has monkeyed with its own search algorithm to de-list and down-rank sites that refute the Imperial line.

This is propaganda, make no mistake. And virtually every tech company is doing it – including DuckDuckGo, a company that many of us thought was on our side.

If there is one lesson that we can take from this behaviour, it is that we must not become dependent on any one platform or method to get the message out. We must do what the Russians have done – we must become self-sufficient, connected to those that we can trust through bonds of fellowship and mutual defence, and trust only in ourselves and what we can do.

This is known as autarky in economic terms. It leads to poorer and less free societies over time, because economic specialisation and liberalisation leads to substantial benefits by allowing each of us to focus on what we are individually best at doing.

It is also the inevitable end result of a system in which governments and companies alike can no longer be trusted to keep their word and honour their contracts.

To fight these lies, you must start by freeing yourself from the whorenalists and presstitutes, and their employers. You must stop using Twatter, Faceborg, Goolag, and other mainstream Imperial search engines to get your news and views. I recommend switching over to Brave Search or Yandex – it’s not hard to change your default browser settings.

I also recommend taking every step that you can to protect yourself from Big Tech. And if you haven’t already, start using Telegram to get your news and updates. The Didactic Mind Telegram channel would be a rather good place to start – quite a few of the OG readers of this place are on that channel, and the conversation is a lot of fun. I think they would agree that what they get from that channel is radically different to what they get from “mainstream” news sources, and far superior.

You are the owner of your own mind. You have free will to accept truths and reject lies. Make the most of that gift, and use it to force the Empire to break and fall.

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  1. Josh

    In my country so far as I can tell no Russian sourced news has been blocked but Google software blocks the Russia Insight yt channel giving a not available in your country message which is a lie as other software works.

    • Didact

      Yeah. Russia Insight had to move to Odysee, where they are now fully active.

      • Josh

        Ta. I hadn’t checked for a while but now see even non-Google software does not work so YT must have shut down the channel. Must check odysee.

  2. Robert W

    “– the stupid and the weak-minded will always fall for the tricks and schemes of the Empire.”

    THIS has been the exact purpose of USA public education for 3 generations now.
    It’s worked to make a lot of stupid and weak-minded people.

    BUT! Homeschool numbers have doubled since the Covid Psyop kicked off. With increasing rancor at school board meetings across the red state nation, there is a higher proportion exiting the Imperial sheepfold now than at any time since Grover Cleveland. May the balkanization and rebuilding be peaceful.

    DuckDuckGo flipping on this issue was an unpleasant surprise, I’m going to try this Brave search, thank you for the tip.

  3. joe90

    Autarky, economic independence or self-sufficiency. That is, not being dependent upon others. i.e. freedom. It dose not limit economic specialisation and liberalisation. The proper word for doing that is fascism or if you like, stupidity.

  4. Valar Addemmis

    Want to take this thing full circle? Remember the letter from the 50 spooks about how the Hunter Biden laptop had trademarks of a Russian Information Operation?

    The media said the spooks called it disinformation. But, of course, an IO can comprise 100% true information. Or it can be disinformation, or a mix of both as with the US IO discussed in this post. That the spooks were being creative by not calling it disinformation but knowing the media would say they would was obvious at the time, even.

    Or you can look at any media coverage talking about the hazards of Wikileaks – it’s always the risk that disinformation is embedded with the real information. And yet, that’s exactly what NBC is reporting our intel agencies were knowingly doing to their own population.

    Unfortunately there’s no fix as long as people trust the media’s framing of a report or item instead of reading it themselves. But it bears calling out as encouragement to do so.


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