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Friday T&A: Won’t Get Fooled Again Edition

by | Apr 1, 2022 | fat girl jihad | 2 comments

My friends, despite the fact that it’s April Fool’s Day, and in spite of the day’s previous poasts designed to amuse and annoy in equal measure, i want to get serious here for a little bit. You know you need a vacation when you have trouble remembering the day of the week. And I am assuredly at that stage right now. The last few weeks have been utterly exhausting, with major projects and some personal stuff really conspiring to body-slam my schedule and pile-drive it out of existence.

This isn’t the first time I have had to deal with such nonsense, and it will assuredly not be the last. When confronting such situations, I find it best to ensure that I stick to a few basic principles. One of those principles is that, come what may, no matter how much work I have to do, I will get off my fat duff and go for a walk, for at least an hour a day. Another is that I will get my butt into the gym at least 5 days a week.

See, hard work doesn’t necessarily result in success – if there is one really brutal lesson that I have had to learn over the past 4 years, it is that one. It often doesn’t matter how hard you work – you probably won’t get what you are working towards, especially not in today’s completely insane upside-down world.

But, hard work does make success vastly more likely. And more than hard work, consistency will ensure that, when the time comes to reap the rewards of your work, you will be ready.

If you are consistent about specific things, then everything else tends to fall more or less into place. That is why, in recent weeks, I’ve been regularly deadlifting 210Kg for a 1RM – which would have been unthinkable 10 years ago. And I know I can lift more.

There are three principles that I consider vital to true success. The first of these, as stated above, is consistency. The second is resilience – much of the time, things simply will not go your way, and you need to figure out how to bounce back from those defeats and become stronger and more dangerous in the process. And the third is faith – the capacity to believe, no matter what, that you are doing the right thing, and that one day, sooner or later, your true value will be seen and appreciated.

This is a hard set of principles to live by. Most males – they are not mendon’t live by them, which is why you see so many weak and broken males around you, struggling desperately to make that extraordinarily harsh transition from boy to man.

Sooner or later, though, we all must make that jump. And those of us who succeed, will do so because we applied those principles. That’s how you fight, that’s how you win.

Right, philosophy lesson over, I need to get to the gym and lift heavy things – even though every muscle in my body is telling me to sit on a pineapple and whatever bit of the brain controls alcohol intake, says that I really need (and deserve) a beer.

We all know why we’re actually here, after all. It is not because of the Wise and Profound Mystical Didact’s Most Amazing Philosophical Insights. It is because today is Friday, and y’all know what that means. So let’s get on with it.

This week’s lovely lady to close out proceedings is Olga Alberti, real name Olga Mikhailova (Ольга Михайлова), age 33 from Saint Petersburg, Russia. She is a model, actress, and DJ, with a pretty extensive CV (insofar as I can judge such things). Considering that she is approaching what most Russians would consider “spoiled milk” stage, she looks pretty damn good – though, again, check what I wrote earlier about AI deep-filter technology on Instaham.

And, I have to admit, the green eyes are a real killer feature of hers.

Right, that’s all for today. Happy Friday, boys. Remember the three principles above, and they will help you chart a steady and sure course through the turbulent currents that confront us all in the present time of uncertainty and chaos.

Olenka Alberti
Olenka Alberti
Olenka Alberti

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  1. Johnny


    I wanted your thoughts on my second comment last week, where I found a pattern of endless whiteknighting/FI/pedestalization across seemingly unrelated or even contradictory cuckservative beliefs :

    Oh, I think cuckservatives do have defining principles, and things they will fight hard for. Unfortunately, every single one of these things is ridiculously whiteknighting and blue pill.

    i) Cuckservatives are even more strident than the most radical feminists about making divorce laws in America even more punitive to men. Plus, they are the only ones who say men should be forced into marriage despite these laws. Most leftists are still of a view that if a man doesn’t want to do it, he doesn’t have to.

    ii) Cuckservatives have chosen ‘transgenders in women’s sports’ as their hill to die on. Never once do they consider that this is the natural outcome of the ridiculous non-free-market existence of women’s sports, AND that the women themselves vote in a manner that supports this. Why shouldn’t the 700th best man in a given sport earn more money by pretending to be a woman? Suddenly, their pretend commitment to free markets is gone.

    iii) As Dalrock often pointed out, the cuckservative’s highest goal is to lose, no matter how strong their position. Even if they are 99% of the way to victory, they crave loss, because they believe women are going to be impressed by them ‘taking the higher road’ and women will reward them sexually. Of course, this is exactly the opposite of how women think (women side with the winners, morals be damned). But cuckservatives think that endless surrender accrues them some heavenly points towards impressing women. In that way, cuckservatives are not much different than the Muslims who believe in ’72 virgins in heaven’.

    iv) Ultra blue-pill Prager U has many videos trying to shame men into Marriage 2.0 (and it is shame, rather than enticement, because they portray negatives as positives). Tellingly, there are ZERO videos on that cuck channel telling women that being traditional is better.

    v) Most of the cuckservative zeal for invading Muslim countries was under the premise that Islamic women were desperate to escape Islam, and by liberating these women, both these and other women the world over would reward these cucks with gratitude (i.e. sexual gratitude). This, of course, did not happen. I don’t know of a single US cuckservative who is married to a woman ‘liberated’ from Afghanistan or Iraq.

    I could go on. But the overarching theme of cuckservatism is the most cartoonish of whiteknighting, combined with a belief that endless surrender somehow is ‘dignified’ and will impress those paragons of morality, women.

    • Didact

      I wanted your thoughts on my second comment last week, where I found a pattern of endless whiteknighting/FI/pedestalization across seemingly unrelated or even contradictory cuckservative beliefs

      To be honest, I can’t add much to the debate over what motivates cuckservatives, other than that their lack of spine comes from a distinct lack of any core belief system. The best book that I have read on the subject is, of course, Cuckservative by Our Beloved and Dreaded Supreme Dark Lord (PBUH) Vox Day the Most Malevolent and Terrible. He lays it all out there.

      With respect to your view that the cuckservative’s goal is to lose, or that they will fight on the basis of white-knighting and blue-pilling, I think this is not entirely correct. You correctly diagnose the symptoms, but perhaps not the cancer that causes them.

      That cancer is essentially a lack of core doctrine or belief. Conservatism, from which cuckservatism derives itself, sells itself precisely on this lack of a core doctrine. Therefore, everything that cuckservatives do is from a defensive crouch. As any military strategist – or, heck, athlete in a competitive sport – will tell you, the fastest way to get your ass beat and lose, is to fight defensively constantly. While you are busy trying to defend what you have, your enemy will change the battleground and the tactics involved, and you’ll have to abandon what you’re defending now, in order to fight them then.

      This purely defensive mindset comes from the very word, “conservative”. Yet, this mindset is not Christian. We follow the example of Jesus, who was extraordinarily offensive to the Pharisees – which is but one of the reasons why they wanted him dead.

      So my view is that what you see as the things that cuckservatives fight FOR, are really nothing more than the outward results of the cuckservative’s mindset and psychology, which is purely defensive and therefore cannot adapt.


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