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Friday T&A: Flags and Rags Edition

by | Apr 8, 2022 | fat girl jihad | 4 comments

Brothers, this week taught us, perhaps like no other before it in recent memory (for certain readings of “recent”, I suppose), that we live in a world ruled completely by lies. The supposed “Russian massacre at Bucha” demonstrates this principle more clearly than a thousand posts and podcasts by yer very ‘eavy, very ‘umble ‘ost ever could.

It is not necessary for me to go into detail about the blatant falsehoods presented as facts at Bucha. Other, better minds than mine have unpacked it all, quite nicely. All you have to do is to look with an even halfway open mind at the facts, and if you are honest with yourself, you will rapidly conclude that the Western Hive-Mind Narrative is completely idiotic and absurd. There is simply NO evidence to support the view that the Russians massacred over 400 civilians in cold blood – but there is AMPLE evidence which points the finger squarely at the Ukies.

This is the world in which we live, unfortunately. It is a world in which we are supposed to believe that the Ukies are moments away from routing the Russian invaders completely, and will then march on Moscow and lift the rainbow flag of the GloboHomoPaedo Army over the walls of the Kremlin within a few months. The entire narrative is absurd, stupid, and insulting. Yet we are required to believe it.

The reality is very different. The Russians have systematically and thoroughly DESTROYED the entire stock of Ukrainian armour and logistics. At this present moment, over 60,000 Ukrainian soldiers – most of them very young men, the flower of Ukraine’s manhood – are trapped in a cauldron in the east of what used to be a beautiful and wonderful country. And they will all DIE, unless they surrender.

These are evil times in which we live, my friends. And they are getting worse.

In the midst of this maelstrom of lies and stupidity, we must note with some sardonic amusement that the Empire of Lies is intent on calling up young men of its own to die under its colourful rags. All I can tell you is that doing so would be a huge mistake.

Do not misunderstand my intent here. I am a nationalist. I believe in the glory of the nations, and I fully support and endorse peoples living peacefully as friendly neighbours, ruled by those who are most like them, within their own lands, as free and sovereign nations. Let Russians be Russians, Ukrainians be Ukrainians, Hungarians be Hungarians, Poles be Poles, and so on and so forth.

But what we see today, in the Empire of Lies, is an attempt to subvert national identities under collective colourful rags. Whether it is the Stars and Stripes of the USSA, or the Blue and Gold Stars of the EUSSR, it all ends up the same way:

A pile of skulls on a blood-soaked field.

The only difference this time is likely to be the flag planted in the midst of that pile – a rainbow flag.

This is pure devilry, intended to separate us from the truth: that we owe our allegiance first and foremost to the Most High God, the Almighty, the Creator. And He loves nations and peoples – not ideologies. He truly HATES ideologies that place Man above God, and He will do his utmost to destroy such idolatry.

Righteous justice is coming, brothers. We will live to see the downfall of both the USSA and the EUSSR, and the fall of the Empire of Lies will be great and terrible to behold. It is up to us to rebuild after the Fall of the Empire of Lies, and our choices will determine the success or failure of that rebuilding effort.

Only by focusing our efforts on God’s will for us, to build a nation holy unto Him, dedicated to His Law and His Will, can we avoid the fate of the evil empires that we are struggling to replace.

Most of us will fail in that endeavour. We’re human and stupid, God knows this, which is why He is also most merciful and forgiving. But at some point, His mercy will exhaust itself. We are already well past that point in the putative “West” – let’s see whether Russia and China avoid those same mistakes. We can already see some evidence that the Chinese, due to their pagan belief systems, are repeating a good many of the same mistakes that have rendered the West feeble, impotent, and foolish.

Time will tell, my friends. In the meantime, it is Friday, and you know what that means.

This week’s lovely lady is Celine Farach, age 22, from Miami, Floriduh, apparently – though her name and surname strongly suggest French ancestry. She is a model of some kind, and that’s about all I know about her. She does look nice, though, and serves as a rather cheerful reminder of some of the good things in this life.

Happy Friday, gentlemen. You know the routine – drink, rest, sleep, lift, shoot, and show up ready for the fight. Because that fight never, ever ends.

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  1. Tom Kratman

    There are two quite distinct ways to look at the war. One is the obvious one, Russia versus Ukraine, which is to say Russia versus Ukraine and its supporters. There’s another and much more important way to look at it. This is a war between the nation state and globalism, between the nation state and unutterably corrupt and cosmically vile Davos Man, between freedom and the stinking global elites who fully intend to become a hereditary aristocracy with full oligarchic powers and license. If the latter cannot win with their immense economic power, and the power of persuasion inherent in their control of academia, the media, and Hollywood, plus their control over the western militaries via their control over western governments, then the whole rotten, stinking Tranzi aediface will collapse and poor Straus-Kahn won’t be able to rape any more maids in hotel rooms.

    • Didact

      I agree with your views, sir. The Neo-Tsar has effectively said as much. This is but the latest stage in a long-running war between two very different ideologies – globalism and the nation-state, as you say.

      Sir, what is your opinion of the quantitative and qualitative differences in power and manoeuvrability of the Russian Battalion Tactical Group, versus the US/NATO Brigade Combat Team? This analysis from Fort Benning dates back to 2017, and apparently some of the issues identified early on in the piece have already been rectified. The ability of the Russians to rapidly encircle and destroy NATO-trained Ukrop military units indicates that the Russian General Staff have learned from their previous engagements against Ukraine in 2014-15.

      Do you believe that the Russian BTG structure can take on NATO units in the European theatre effectively?

  2. Tom Kratman

    That captain who wrote that piece has a decidedly odd way of looking at things.

    It’s impossible to say. That said, however, when I see “BTG” I read it as “Vexillation,” a technique the Romans used for creating field armies when they couldn’t afford to pull entire legions out of the line. It’s a terrible approach, in general, because units’ commanders and staffs need to know and understand higher command and each other just as much as troops in the squad need to be socialized in order to fight well.

    The Russians’ problem, I believe, stems from a faulty intelligence estimate. I think they looked at Operation Danube, the bludgeoning of Czechoslovakia back into comity with orthodox communism and the Warsaw Pact, the ease of operations in the Crimea, 7 years prior, the neglect the Ukies inflicted on their own armed forces for decades, the creditable performance of the DPR and LPR militias against the Ukrainian regular army and the Waffen S…oh, sorry, I meant to say the Asov Regiment, plus the election results in the last election, and read it as “Cakewalk; we’ll be welcomed with open arms.”

    This explains their very light-handed approach with regards to air and artillery in the early days of the war, as well as the otherwise too fucking stupid to imagine road-bound offensive during the spring rasputitsa. All of these things made perfect sense IF the Ukies were going to fold quickly. Otherwise not. Really not. Dear God in Heaven NOT.

    Note: Lesson 1: Never believe your own propaganda. Lesson 2: Don’t fully trust the intel weenies, either; military intelligence is oxymoronic, generally speaking.

    The Russian middle classes have largely abandoned the armed forces, whereas it used to be a matter of pride, under communism, to hold at least a reserve commission. Yes, this is critical now.

    I can’t recall a war being won or lost over personnel administration, but this one bids fair to be that one. If, during the remainder of the Rasputitsa, Putin can a) recall enough reservists to fill up the existing units, b1) find enough leadership, maybe some of it retired, to field another 5-6 divisions with maybe b2) battlefield commissions for some of the EM who’ve proven competent so that lieutenants can be pulled out to be provided to those reserve formations, and c) about a thousand batteries of artillery – yes, a thousand – then, no longer being road bound, they can just do what Russians do, blow great bloody holes in the Ukrainians defenses and pour through. But that all depends on finding the leadership.

  3. Tom Kratman

    By the way, the Saker page you cited to in the beginning of this post? He’s very valuable, yes, but don’t believe a word he says, either. Instead use his propaganda to match against Ukie propaganda. The truth will lie somewhere between his bullshit and theirs.


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