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Friday T&A: Cauldron Bubble Edition

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Boys, to quote the legendary Mal Reynolds, “it’s a real burden being right so often”. (Admittedly, I also get quite a lot VERY BADLY WRONG, too, so let’s not get too far ahead of ourselves.) At the outset of the Banderastan War, all the way back in February, almost two months ago, I predicted that the invasion would only end with the partition of Ukraine, and the removal of any Ukrainian access to the Sea of Azov. The resulting peace would leave a rump state of Banderastan, completely land-locked, with a ruined economy, a destroyed military, a seething cauldron of anti-Russian resentment and hatred, and a giant money-sucking black hole that would become Europe’s problem.

It would appear that the Russian General Staff, and the Neo-Tsar who commands them all, think along similar lines – though they are unquestionably vastly smarter and better informed than I am. Today we received news that the Russian objectives for “Phase 2” of the Banderastan War involve the complete separation from the rest of Ukraine of Kherson, Odessa, Nikolaev, Kharkov, and pretty much everything east of the Dnieper River beyond Kharkov itself.

Here is some idea of what that might look like – if you want to see more, make sure you join the Didactic Mind Telegram channel:

Meanwhile, the Western world continues to demand that its puppets in Ukraine fight down to the very last Ukie. And that is precisely what the general Ukie strategy appears to be. Instead of pulling their best men and whatever weapons they have left out of the Donbas Cauldron, the Ukrainian strategy appears to be to try to bleed Russia into a standstill.

The problem is that they are doing so with literally everything against them. The Ukrainians cannot get adequate resupply in anything like a reasonable time-frame. Any heavy weapons have to land in Poland, then be transported by rail across nearly a thousand kilometres of largely open steppe – with zero air cover. And the Russians have already set about destroying the rail links across the Dnieper, effectively splitting Ukraine into two pieces.

On top of that, the Ukies appear to be going through fuel, ammunition, and supplies so fast that the West simply cannot keep up with their demands. What the West sends over with the intention of lasting for a full week, the Ukies now use up in one or two DAYS. That rate of depletion simply cannot be sustained against an enemy with long, but secure, supply lines, and vast manufacturing capabilities behind it, plus what is for all intents and purposes an endless supply of high-precision hypersonic missiles, against which there is NO defence.

And that is all BEFORE we get to the most recent developments in Russian weaponry.

The Russkies just finished testing their new RS-28 Sarmat (“Eternal”), a new 208-tonne liquid-propellant rocket with a range of some 18,000Km that can, essentially, hit any target, anywhere in the world, from anywhere in Russia, from the other side of a target’s defences.

This is a little complicated to figure out, but basically, ballistic missiles follow a very predictable flight path. It’s really simple physics – whatever goes up, comes down, because of gravity, and if you lob a projectile at someone, it comes down in a parabolic path that can be computed. This parabolic path can be intercepted with “sufficiently advanced” weapons to destroy attacking objects. Obviously, this is grossly oversimplified, but that’s the gist of it.

However, if you cannot predict the trajectory of an incoming missile, you cannot defend against it. And the Russians have just demonstrated that they have weapons against which the West has absolutely no defence.

Yet the Western world continues to try to provoke Russia into open war with NATO. All of this leads one to ask: are the leaders of the West crazy, or stupid, or both?

In reality, they are simply slaves of evil, and as a result, and everything that they do is a function of this service. The evil that controls them, does not care in the slightest how many people live or die, as long as it achieves its end – total control over the entire world.

That is what we are up against. That is the evil that has created an inflation crisis that is seeing prices rising at 20% or more year-on-year in almost every country in the West. And that is the evil that forced the Russians to invade its neighbour, costing tens of thousands of lives and TRILLIONS of dollars in economic damage around the world.

Times like these are severe tests of our sobriety. I would imagine that this is what it’s like to be put into a cauldron where the temperature rises slowly and inexorably until you boil to death. And, sadly, tens of thousands of Ukrainian soldiers are in exactly that situation right now, surrounded on all sides by Russian troops, unable to get out, unable to get relief or supplies, running low on everything, and without hope of survival.

Times are dark, and getting darker. Things will get considerably worse over the next few weeks, and barring some sort of serious miracle, the Russians will continue their work until Ukraine is effectively dismembered.

And on that rather cheery note, let’s get on with the reason why you’re actually here. It is, after all, Friday, and ya’ll know what that means.

This week’s lovely lady is Carlotta Bonke, age 25, from Krautland. Not much to say about her, other than that she looks… really rather good.

Happy Friday, lads. Keep in mind that, despite the increasing darkness in our world, we have just come out of the season of celebrating the ultimate triumph of good over evil, and we should always keep up our spirits on that basis alone. Without faith, we are nothing – but with faith, we are unstoppable.

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