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Friday T&A: Bond girl Edition

by | Apr 16, 2022 | fat girl jihad | 2 comments

Just a quick one this time, brothers, as I did most of my long-form commentary earlier, and have been rather busy with other things today. (Mostly playing HALO, sleeping, feeding the birds, and making a bunch of crap about digital marketing. It’s a lot easier than you might think, trust me.) As you are well aware, yesterday was Good Friday, and as far as I am concerned, putting on tawdry displays of the flesh on the day on which we commemorate the Passion, crucifixion, and death of Our Lord and King, Jesus Christ, Just Isn’t Done.

That, however, is why we have Saturday.

For this particular Saturday, I decided to try to class things up just a bit. For that reason, we have here a Russian redhead dancer. Am I not kind?

This is Elizaveta Bondarenko (Елизавета Бондаренко), age 23 (I think), from St. Petersburg, Russia. She is a genuine dancer and actress for the Mariinsky Theatre in SPb, and as you can see, she’s evidently really quite good. She appears to be very happily married, and – insofar as I am capable of judging such things – is very good at what she does.

Enjoy the weekend, lads. I’ll be back up with you tomorrow for the Easter Sunday podcast (I hope!).

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  1. Phil Raper

    Thanks for keeping Good Friday holy in your life. I enjoy your insights on modern problems and creative solutions.

    • Didact

      Thank you, sir, much appreciated.


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