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Friday T&A: War and Peace Edition

by | Mar 25, 2022 | fat girl jihad | 10 comments

Some weeks are effortless and easy, and go by exactly the way you want, without a worry or a care in the world. You get through them, you feel fantastic, you think that you’re on an endless winning streak. Nothing can stop you and everything goes precisely as you had planned. Those are the kinds of weeks that make you feel like you’re playing the original HALO: Combat Evolved like slayergod Mint Blitz.

And then there are weeks that make you feel like you’re a nail, being hammered repeatedly into a shapeless mass of twisted metal by an unimaginably cruel, vindictive, and childish god.

When you run into the latter kind of week, all you can do is to remember that, when you’re going through Hell… keep going.

As for wider events, let us keep in mind that the world is changing at speeds that we could not have imagined just a year or two ago. We are living through the literal destruction of an entire world order. We are observing firsthand the total disintegration of the “American Century”, which in reality lasted less than 40 years.

The collapse of that empire, and the false sense of “peace” that it enforced, brutally, upon billions of people, started a long time ago. To steal a quote from Isaac Asimov‘s (vastly overrated) novel, Foundation, “Somewhere in the fifty years just past is where historians of the future will place an arbitrary line and say, ‘This marks the Fall of the [American] Empire’.”

For me, personally, that fall began in 2003, but really, the seeds took root long before that. And it took the resurgent remnants of another failed empire to bring about its final death-plunge.

This week, we saw the Russians finally begin to use energy as a weapon. The Neo-Tsar exhibited truly staggering levels of patience, foresight, and intestinal fortitude for TWENTY YEARS In trying to deal with the West as a partner and potential ally. But now, the Russians understand full well that accommodation is no longer possible – and have finally begun to use their true leverage and power to force that empire to break apart.

The peace that we all knew, that I grew up with, is over and done. The world for which my parents prepared me, is gone, and it will not come back. Our future is uncertain and filled with doubt and danger.

But there is also great opportunity ahead. As the New Evil Empire falls, and shakes the USSA and EUSSR apart in the process, nations, both old and new, will rise in their place, and take their rightful positions in the assembly of the same. The war in Ukraine – whether you call it a “special military operation”, or an invasion, it amounts to the same thing.

One way or another, we’ll get through what comes ahead. Unfortunately, though, things are likely to get worse before they get better, in large measure.

So hang tough, keep the faith, and soldier on. War and peace are both part of human life – we have gotten very used to peace, and now we need to become accustomed once more to war.

And that’s about enough of weighty thoughts from me for one day – to be completely honest, I’m not in a good mood or a good place right now, so that will have to do. Since it’s Friday, we’re all here for another reason.

That reason’s name is Marina Bondarko (Марина Бондарко), age 22 (actually, it was her birthday last Tuesday, apparently) from Minsk, Belarus. She is actually a legitimate model, judging by her Instathot page, and as you can see, she’s rather a cut above most of the Monday thots. Which, of course, is deliberate – Fridays are (mostly) for class and style, and Mondays are (mostly) for entertainment.

Happy Friday, gents. I’m off to drown some sorrows in drink and try to relax, and then it’s back to the grind tomorrow. If nothing else, we can all take inspiration from the Russian troops doing precisely the same thing in Ukraine right now – winning the war, fighting for the peace.

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  1. Bardelys the Magnificent

    One of your classiest broads yet. Born on Caesar Stab Day.

    • Didact

      Thank ye kindly, sir. And yes, she was indeed born on the Ides of March – a momentous day that produced a momentous lady.

  2. Johnny


    You are among the three people who have independently referred to US conservatism as a ‘non-ideology’. That meme seems to be spreading, based on anecdotal observations.

    I agree, but was wondering if you had some more precise insight about how ‘non-ideology’ is an accurate description. I mean, these cucks are fully Pavlovian gung-ho about war, to defend the same Deep State they hated a month ago. They want to ‘nuke Moscow’, even though they had no such sentiment a month ago.

    • Didact

      Well, to be honest, it’s not ME saying that conservatism is a non-ideology. I’m taking that from the Patron Saint of Conservatism himself, Russell Kirk. This is literally the first sentence of Kirk’s “Ten Conservative Principles”:

      Being neither a religion nor an ideology, the body of opinion termed conservatism possesses no Holy Writ and no Das Kapital to provide dogmata.

      There you have it. That’s what conservatism is – a non-ideology. Kirk went on to write:

      The attitude we call conservatism is sustained by a body of sentiments, rather than by a system of ideological dogmata. It is almost true that a conservative may be defined as a person who thinks himself such. The conservative movement or body of opinion can accommodate a considerable diversity of views on a good many subjects, there being no Test Act or Thirty-Nine Articles of the conservative creed.

      You can see now precisely why conservatives have been almost completely ineffective at ANYTHING. It is because they have no defining principles, no belief system, and therefore, nothing to stand and fight for.

      Contrast this with what Christians like me believe. We believe that Jesus is the literal Son of God, begotten, not created, consubstantial with His Father, one of the three Persons of the one Essence of God. We believe that He came to Earth in human form, lived as a man, died on the Cross, and was raised again. And we believe that we are to emulate Jesus in every way – up to and including dying for those that we love.

      It’s not hard to see why Christianity has been effective, while conservatism has singularly failed to preserve even so much as the ladies’ room. Most so-called “conservatives” today can’t even figure out whether “Caitlyn” Jenner is a man or a woman. Christians, at least the real ones, have no such difficulty.

      This is also why real Christians understand, at least to some degree, that the war between Russia and Ukraine is the manifestation of a far greater and more terrible struggle in the spirit realm, and why it is merely a very important phase of a much larger campaign. And that is why we have no desire whatsoever to nuke Moscow, because that would be profoundly stupid and would involve taking the wrong side in the war.

      • Johnny

        Oh, I think cuckservatives do have defining principles, and things they will fight hard for. Unfortunately, every single one of these things is ridiculously whiteknighting and blue pill.

        i) Cuckservatives are even more strident than the most radical feminists about making divorce laws in America even more punitive to men. Plus, they are the only ones who say men should be forced into marriage despite these laws. Most leftists are still of a view that if a man doesn’t want to do it, he doesn’t have to.

        ii) Cuckservatives have chosen ‘transgenders in women’s sports’ as their hill to die on. Never once do they consider that this is the natural outcome of the ridiculous non-free-market existence of women’s sports, AND that the women themselves vote in a manner that supports this. Why shouldn’t the 700th best man in a given sport earn more money by pretending to be a woman? Suddenly, their pretend commitment to free markets is gone.

        iii) As Dalrock often pointed out, the cuckservative’s highest goal is to lose, no matter how strong their position. Even if they are 99% of the way to victory, they crave loss, because they believe women are going to be impressed by them ‘taking the higher road’ and women will reward them sexually. Of course, this is exactly the opposite of how women think (women side with the winners, morals be damned). But cuckservatives think that endless surrender accrues them some heavenly points towards impressing women. In that way, cuckservatives are not much different than the Muslims who believe in ’72 virgins in heaven’.

        iv) Ultra blue-pill Prager U has many videos trying to shame men into Marriage 2.0 (and it is shame, rather than enticement, because they portray negatives as positives). Tellingly, there are ZERO videos on that cuck channel telling women that being traditional is better.

        v) Most of the cuckservative zeal for invading Muslim countries was under the premise that Islamic women were desperate to escape Islam, and by liberating these women, both these and other women the world over would reward these cucks with gratitude (i.e. sexual gratitude). This, of course, did not happen. I don’t know of a single US cuckservative who is married to a woman ‘liberated’ from Afghanistan or Iraq.

        I could go on. But the overarching theme of cuckservatism is the most cartoonish of whiteknighting, combined with a belief that endless surrender somehow is ‘dignified’ and will impress those paragons of morality, women.

        • Bardelys the Magnificent

          But the overarching theme of cuckservatism is the most cartoonish of whiteknighting, combined with a belief that endless surrender somehow is ‘dignified’ and will impress those paragons of morality, women.

          You’re putting the cart before the horse. The defining principle of Cuckservatism is individuality, specifically of their own wallet. They will do whatever they feel necessary to either make a buck or keep from losing it. Pay no mind to what they say; if you watch, everything they do revolves around their own wallets. The only thing that separates them from the small hats is their lack of cunning, which is why they’re following the bullet train to Hell instead of leading it.

          • Johnny

            Completely false.

            You are describing the left. They are driven solely by money and power, and their hypocrisies are easily explained by financial greed.

            Cuckservatives are ideological blue-pill whiteknights. The type of cucks who buy 10 dinners for a woman without even kissing her. And then they advise other men to do the same. When some men know better and bypass blue-pill cuckservative norms, they want to legislate betatude to force society to value the only thing THEY know how to do.

          • Bardelys the Magnificent

            They are driven solely by money and power

            Again, cart before the horse. The left is driven by envy. They attack through power and greed, because that’s in the domain of the prince of this world. Cuckservatives also serve the prince, but they’re too chickenshit to put themselves front and center. They’d rather put their daughters on the chopping block, grill and watch the game. Deferring to their wives is yet another tactic: they do so because standing up to women means they lose their toys.

            But no, the left and cucks serve the same master. One is offensive, the other defensive.

  3. Jim

    Somebody should show a picture of Marina to that scotus nominee, and tell her “that’s a woman”.

    Anyway I think my gingervitas AND lactose intolerance is cured.

    • Didact

      Yeah. THAT is a woman – and yet another reminder that God loves us very much and wants us to be happy.


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