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Friday T&A: Donbas Reuben Sandwich Edition

by | Mar 11, 2022 | fat girl jihad | 0 comments

We are now in Week 3 of a destructive, terrible, awful, horrific conflict between two nations that should always ahve been sisters and friends, but are now at each others’ throats. This is tragic beyond measure. It is also ENTIRELY the fault of the Western powers, as I have been saying for quite some time now. If you listen to my podcast from last week (assuming I don’t blow out your eardrums with my ranting about the sheer stupidity of what the West is trying to do here), you will realise that this conflict has no real winners – EXCEPT perhaps China, though I didn’t go into the details of that.

The fact that the West is definitively LOSING, though, probably explains why their propaganda projects so hard about the Russians losing.

Take a look at this map. It is the situation in Ukraine as of yesterday, March 10th. Does that look like the Russians are “losing” to you?

Anyone with half an ounce of common sense would look at that and say, “the Ukies are screwed“.

Now that is not to say that the Russians have made zero mistakes whatsoever. They have. The Kremlin has been telling its people since the start of the war that only its highly paid (by Russian standards) professional troops are being used in the conflict. That is NOT true. The Russians are in fact using conscripted troops, and they are in fact getting hurt and dying.

If you watch the Western networks, you will also see plenty of footage being circulated right now about a Russian armoured column supposedly being taken to pieces by Ukie artillery. I have no way to confirm whether that is true, but if you go hunting for stories on the subject, you’ll find claims dating back to 2014 about Ukrainians destroying Russian tanks in a convoy. The footage may, or may not, be real and recent, but it is genuinely hard to say.

You will also see stories that Chechen General Magomed Tushayev – whom the whorenalists breathlessly report, tortured and executed homos – was killed by Ukie forces, dating to Feb 26th, two days into the war. Yet, if you go looking hard enough (and you speak and read Russian, as I do), you will quickly find videos and photos dating from March 3rd to March 8th claiming that Gen. Tushayev is very much alive and kicking Ukie ass all over the north of Ukraine.

And you’ll come across videos from SkyNet in Australia – the world’s largest concentration camp – that claim that FSB officers have leaked a report that tells the Neo-Tsar that his invasion of Ukraine has been a total failure, akin to the Soviet misadventure in Afghanistan. Yet that same report has language stating that Putin is in the same position as Hitler was in 1939. You have to understand that, to a Russian, saying something like THAT, is akin to having sex with a syphilis-ridden prostitute, in an Orthodox Church, on the altar, DURING SUNDAY MASS.

(Try sleeping with that image in your head, eh?)

The levels of disinformation and propaganda and nonsense involved in this war are BIBLICAL. All that we can say for sure is that, every time the Ukies make some claim about how many Russians they have killed, how many tanks they have destroyed, how many jets they have shot down, and how many civilians the Russian Orcs have slaughtered, those claims are thoroughly debunked within 24-48 hours.

It is true that the Ukies have inflicted losses, sometimes serious ones. Their Turkish-made Bayraktar drones, in particular, have done damage to Russian armoured columns, for sure. But I know of no reports of Russian units having lost all cohesion or formation, and I have seen no evidence, thus far, that the Russians are doing anything other than advancing methodically, meticulously, and resolutely toward their objectives.

You need to understand this, above all else: the Ukies no longer have a functional, effective, coordinated military. They lost that in the first 48 hours of the war. The Russian cruise missile and artillery strikes were quite precise and very effective. The Russians own the skies, they have total air supremacy, and they have substantial control over the situation on the ground.

Right now, the Russians have Kharkov, Mariupol’, Nikolaev, and Chyornigov under siege. Those cities are cut off and surrounded. Kiev is likewise nearly surrounded. The Russian strategy of avoiding civilian casualties remains in place. But there is no way out for the regime or its Ukronazi enforcers.

And that is before we get to the behaviour of “Ze”, the supposed leader of this shit-show. Take a look at this video:

I am assuredly no video editing expert – which is why I do podcasts, not YOOTOOB livestreams. But that, to me, looks like a very bad job of green-screen editing. The phone moves in Ze’s hands, but the background moves in different directions. And his voice sounds like he’s recording in a basement with running water nearby.

All that we can say for certain, gentlemen, is that most of what we see in the Western so-called (((media)))))))))))) is a flat-out LIE. Almost all of it is garbage, and the peddlers of that garbage deserve to be hanged, at the very least, for what they are doing to the Western peoples, and to the Russians.

But the maps, as far as I can tell, are accurate. And they show a rapidly deteriorating situation for the Ukies.

In the east of the country, they have 22 BRIGADES cut off and encircled – that is, very roughly, 100,000 men at arms, both of the AFU and of the neo-Nazis. And that, in turn, is a significant portion of Ukrain’s fighting power. It is gone, doomed, condemned to death. Indeed, from what I’m hearing and seeing, the LDNR militias and the Russian forces are actually cutting the encircled forces into two smaller groups, to be ripped apart piecemeal.

Anyone even remotely familiar with military tactics and strategy knows that full envelopment is an unmitigated catastrophe for any army. Remember when Hannibal Barca performed his double-envelopment at Cannae in 216 BC? He slaughtered, almost down to the last man, EIGHT LEGIONS, a total of at least 40,000 men (plus allies and auxiliaries and so on, so the total size of the Roman force at the time was anywhere between 55,000 and 90,000 men).

The Romans were almost completely annihilated in that battle. A relative bare handful of their men managed to escape, barely, to seek refuge in a nearby town. To this day, 2,200 years later, Cannae is a byword for military disaster.

Thus it is today as well in Ukraine. Some of Ukraine’s most important troops and formations are trapped in a pocket from which there appears to be no escape. They are sandwiched between the Donbas soldiers, and the Russian army.

AFU regulars who surrender will evidently be treated with mercy and compassion, as prisoners of war. We have seen plenty of video evidence of this already.

But neo-Nazis will be summarily shot on sight. That is the stated policy of both the LDNR militias and the Russian armed forces. For them, there is no escape.

In summary, my friends, this is not honourable battle – it is slaughter.

And the Western powers prolong the agony with every arms shipment, every “volunteer” that goes to the front lines, every untrained civvie that they arm with second-hand rifles, and every Javelin and LAW and MANPAD that they put into the hands of the neo-Nazis.

To those who started this war, the Western GloboHomoPaedo Pharisatanists and neoclowns that led two Slavic sisters to maul each other with such savagery:

Damn you all. May you burn in Hell for eternity. Even that would be too good for you.

To the rest of you, if you want to get some idea of what is actually going on, rather than what the whorenalists – almost all of whom deserve summary execution for their lies – are telling you, well, try joining my Telegram channel. A few of you already have, and judging by the feedback I’m getting, I am providing some value to you.

In the meantime, let us pray with all of our hearts and minds and souls and strength for God to bring a swift end to this war. Let Ukraine finally know some measure of peace. Remember that Ukraine is not a “real” country, in any sense – and it’s not just me saying that. Even Ukrainians who love their country and who were born and raised there, will tell you the same thing. It’s a Frankenstein’s Monster of a nation, stitched together from many disparate parts. But its people do not deserve the hell of war, brought to them by the GloboHomoPaedocracy that they unwittingly serve.

And with that, let us turn to more cheerful things, because even I can only stand so much analysis of war. It’s Friday, and that means a lovely lady to close out the week.

She is Katerina Rubinovich (Екатерина Рубинович), age 31, born in Vyborg (Leningrad region), Russia, and now living in St. Petersburg. (Petrograd, for you old-school types.) “Rubinovich” almost surely is not her real last name, since it doesn’t follow the standard pattern of Russian naming, but she could very well be Jewish. Unlike most Instathots, she is actually a legitimate model of some kind. Judging by her bio, she’s actually got brains to go with all of the curves – by education, she studied to be a doctor, specialising in infectious diseases.

She has made modelling her full-time gig, entering the Miss Maxim Russia contest in 2016. She has also been “augmented”, as it were, and makes no bones about telling it like it is on the subject – good for her, honestly.

That’s it from me. Happy Friday, lads – insofar as we can call any of this “happy”, anyway. Let’s hope and pray that this war will end by early April – I certainly expect it to do so, knowing what I do of various happenings on the front. The map above indicates that the Russians are close to capturing the entire eastern third of Ukraine, and they have already begun launching artillery and missile strikes into western Ukraine too. This means that the tempo of the war is likely to ramp up in the coming days, and we are going to see a commensurate increase in press hysteria too. So be on your guard, and be ready for the nonsense.

Katerina Rubinovich
Katerina Rubinovich
Katerina Rubinovich
Katerina Rubinovich
Katerina Rubinovich
Katerina Rubinovich
Katerina Rubinovich
Katerina Rubinovich
Katerina Rubinovich
Katerina Rubinovich

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