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Friday T&A: Boiling Point Edition

by | Mar 18, 2022 | fat girl jihad | 3 comments

It has been an eventful week on many fronts, brothers. As you have seen from my posts on the subject, the Russian invasion of Ukraine is actually moving at quite a brisk pace, though you wouldn’t know it by listening to the Western presstitutes. They would have you believe that the incredibly courageous Ukies have blown apart over 1,000 tanks, shot down 128 fighter jets and dozens of helicopters, and killed over 40,000 Russian soldiers (according to at least one very silly estimate that I have seen floating around on Twatter).

That these numbers are WILDLY ridiculous, given the actual dispositions of forces on the ground, seems to escape the phenomenally dense “slugheads”, as it were, of the Western presstitute class.

The reality is, of course, very different. The Russians are advancing calmly and methodically, systematically strangling the Ukrainian resistance on the ground. The Ukie military is, at this point, combat ineffective beyond very limited local skirmishes. Their C&C structure is GONE, their ability to mount coordinated offensives nullified, and their front-line hardware destroyed. We know by now that “Ze”, the Russian Jew who pretends to be a Ukrainian nationalist, but is in fact a globalist puppet and nothing more, has recalled the Ukie general who was in charge of the troops in the eastern region, back to the capital. And his deputy has now taken over the last-ditch, quite desperate, action in that area, where Russian and LDNR militia troops have anywhere between 60,000 and 80,000 (best estimates) worth of Ukraine’s best-trained and best-armed soldiers trapped and sealed inside a cauldron.

The cauldron in the east is being heated to boiling point. The cauldron around Mariupol’ has already boiled over – the LDNR militias, Chechens, and Russian troops have pushed hard into the centre of the city and they have essentially secured the left bank of the river, and are now cleansing the city block by block, building by building.

In Kharkov, the cauldron remains in place and is partially, not completely, locked – but in logistical terms, the Russians OWN that land. The same is true, effectively, of Kiev.

All of this is just a long way of saying that UKRAINE IS F***ED. It’s really that simple. There is NO way for them to win. All they can do now is try to sue for an honourable peace.

But they most likely will not. The Western powers, led by the daemonically possessed American Empire of Lies, want Zelensky to fight the Russians right down to the very last Ukrainian. And why wouldn’t they? Bleeding Ukraine dry in order to humiliate Russia is exactly what the West wants – doesn’t cost them anything other than weapons and cash, and both are easy for them to replace.

We are rapidly approaching a true inflection point in this conflict, where a decision will be made with truly momentous consequences.

Readers of a certain vintage (i.e. Carde-Carryinge Memberes oef Ye Grumpye Olde Phartes Clubbe, like me) may remember a certain song called “The Russians“, by a Limey who goes by the nom de plume of “Sting”. Now, any objective analysis will tell you that it isn’t actually a very good song, being rather emotionally overwrought and a bit hysterical about whether the Russians and the Americans are really willing to risk nuclear war. But it DID ask a germane question:

Do The Powers That Be genuinely care about their peoples enough to avoid mutual annihilation?

We are about to find out.

The Russians DO love their children. That is precisely why the Neo-Tsar ordered his troops into Ukraine – and that is why his approval ratings have gone UP, dramatically, since he did so. His people understand full well now, just how much the West hates Russia and Russians. And the Russian people now understand, FINALLY, after 30 years’ worth of having the lesson beaten into them with a clue-bat, that the Western world absolutely hates them, to an irrational, insane level that defies comprehension.

The Russians didn’t do anything to deserve any of this. They just wanted to be left alone to live as they see fit. The West would not – could not – permit that, because this would mean that the Empire of Lies would not be able to bend a seemingly broken people to its will.

All that the Russians wanted was a buffer zone of security. They would have been largely satisfied with simply getting on with the business of, well, business – trading their oil and gas and natural resources with those who have the money to pay, and building their own domestic economy with their own Orthodox Christian culture.

The West couldn’t leave well enough alone. And now here we are, where the West is very clearly LOSING the military campaign, but cannot accept it, and has inserted itself directly into the conflict by insisting on supplying arms and munitions to a doomed army.

If these provocations continue, do not then be surprised if the Russians decide to strike first, strike hard, and strike home, by launching cruise missile attacks against ports, airports, defensive installations, and rail and road networks throughout Poland and Germany.

I hope and pray that it will not come to this. Despite the feverish (and amazingly stupid) claims of the presstitutes, the Russians are not led by lunatics or psychopaths. (The leadership of the Western forces, on the other hand…)

Do the leaders of the West have enough sense and care for their own populations to avoid forcing the Russians to escalate this into a full-fledged nuclear confrontation? I just don’t know. But I expect that we are about to find out in the next few days.

If the West continues to push and provoke Russia, there will be hell to pay, for all of us. And, honestly, the West deserves whatever it gets in that event.

And that’s about all I want to say on the subject. Let us turn our thoughts, temporarily at least, to happier things. It is, after all, Friday, and we all know what that means around here.

This week’s lady is Stella Tiana Stegmann, age 24 from Frankfurt am Main. She featured in Playboy Germany back in October 2019, and also has a background as a professional Zumba instructor and a belly-dancer. (Blessed if I know what any of that means.) She also, rather obviously, quite enjoys her modelling pursuits, and she has hosted a number of TV shows (or so she says).

Whatever her background, she certainly looks quite fetching in a bikini.

Happy Friday, gentlemen. I’m going to go have at least one more drink before packing it in, as I am quite exhausted – a lot of things have added up over the past couple of weeks, and honestly I just need to rest a bit and do something else for a while. But I am rather looking forward to being able to post a little more regularly, as the workload appears to be easing off a bit at the moment. Enjoy your weekend, get some rest, and keep your eyes and ears open for what is coming – because the endgame of the Ukraine episode is coming upon us, fast.

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  1. Kapios

    Is there a website that talks about geopolitics in more detail, but not just Russia. I am watching the stuff on your telegram and I am curious about the China-Taiwan situation and then Turkey. Why is Erdogan trying to get on Putin’s and Biden’s good side for example.

    • Didact

      Good question. I would start with The Unz Review, because that presents a number of useful alternative views. I also recommend The Diplomat, The National Interest, and even The Moscow Times. Note that these three outlets all have notably pro-Western views, though they are not necessarily anti-Russian.

      For a more Russian- or Chinese-centric point of view, I recommend Russia Beyond and Channel News Asia, or at least, their opinion section.

      The problem with all of this is that you have to get a number of different points of view, and much of what you find in the English-speaking press, outside of Russia, is almost completely aligned with the GloboHomoPaedocracy of the Pharisatanists. It’s very, very hard to know what the truth is these days – you really have to do your own research.

      The only way to do this sensibly is to take a number of different views and see where they overlap, and where they do not, and see how those line up with objective fact.

      With respect to Erdogan, specifically, I have very little insight into Turkish politics, but I can tell you this: Erdogan is essentially trying to turn himself into another Ottoman Caliph, and as such, is trying to carve out a distinctively Islamic identity for Turkey. This is due to the fact that the population growth in Turkey is coming from the central and eastern parts of the country, where Islamists are much more deeply rooted than in the more European-aligned and cosmopolitan western side. This is why he is playing off the Western powers against Russia.

      He also has strong interests in imposing Turkey’s will on Syria, which is a 5-sided total fustercluck. The Russians were invited in by Bashir al-Assad, a Sunni Ba’athist, to keep him in power. Turkey intervened to bomb the shit out of the Kurds, whom the Turks absolutely hate, and prevent them from joining up with the Kurds in northern Turkey to break away from the country. The Turks shot down a Russian plane in Syria some years ago, actually, which caused a huge row between the two countries and which the Neo-Tsar had to defuse.

      My, very limited and not-very-well-informed, reading of Erdogan is that he is trying to play both sides against each other to secure the best results for Turkey, and to hide the sheer ineptitude of his mismanagement of the country. Turkey has inflation between 20% and 50%, depending on whom you believe, and their economy is a complete mess – but it is also a very real and serious growth market for electronics and consumer goods. So it remains to be seen how things will play out, but I reckon that Erdogan is likely to continue to consolidate his grip over Turkey and Islamise the place.

      • Kapios

        Thanks for the thorough response. Not gonna lie, I mentioned about a year ago that I live in Cyprus and I am worried that Turkey is eyeing the other half of the island the same way that China is interested in Taiwan.

        It’s not exactly the same situation, because the Chinese hold Erdogan by the balls, since he could not secure loans from the IMF, ECB and had to borrow from Xi Jiping.

        At the same time I understand that Russians are allied with Syrians and I was hoping they do a number on him before he goes out for natural gas ‘exploration’. Basically I am hoping that old Joe and Putin do something against the Turkish dictator or at least let things implode in his face before making an invasion.

        If he does, then pray for me.


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