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The Lhurrd of the Rangs

by | Feb 16, 2022 | Office Space | 1 comment

The trailer of Amazog’s The Lord of the Rings: The Rings of Power dropped a couple of days ago, and… well, that went kind of about like you’d expect, really. Which is to say, WORSE than Faramir’s charge, on horseback, straight into the teeth of an entrenched position of fortified Orcs manning the battlements of the captured city of Osgiliath:

Here’s the trailer for LOTRROP – pretty STUPID acronym, which is quite fitting, given the stupidity involved in all of this:

Try, if you can, to make it all the way through – it’s barely a minute long, and yet, it’s ALREADY struggling to achieve a positive ratio.

Dat Ratio, D’oh

The true hilarity, though, comes from the comments section. If you go to that video, you will see that the comments are absolutely PACKED with the exact same phrase, over and over again:

“Зло не может создать нечего нового, оно может только испортить и разрушить то, что изобрели или создали добрые силы” – J.R.R.Tolkien

That is the Russian translation of the exact quote from The Master that you see in the image up top. Which tells me that the Russians are having an absolute BLAST trolling the shit out of Amazog and its shit-show of a, well, show.

THAT, my brothers, is true MUH RUSHIAN KALOOOOOOOOOOZHUN!!! in action – there must be thousands of Russian bots running hog-wild all over the comments sections of various videos on TEH YOOTOOBZ on the subject of The Rings of Power.

An Inauspicious Start

The controversy surrounding this new series centres on the fact that its creators have absolutely no respect, whatsoever, for The Master’s work. That was obvious from the beginning. When its creators said, very clearly, that they would make a series that reflects the modern world we live in, and would hire an “intimacy coordinator”, and would feature STRAWNG EMPOWAHHHHD WAMMENZ!!!, we knew damned well what to expect.

They were going to pull a LoTR version of The Last Jedi on us. There would undoubtedly be a stupidly overpowered Mary Sue (check), racial DUHVERSITEEEEEZ! (check), pointless and contrived romances that make absolutely no sense and have no point (CHECK), and totally emasculated, useless, idiotic, and incompetent male characters (TRIPLE MUDDPUKKIN’ CHECK!!!).

Oh, and there would be le sexy time scenes interspersed throughout, because the SJW idiots who make this crap-pile hired an “Intimacy Coordinator”. In case you didn’t know, those of us who enjoy The Lord of the Rings really,really want to see Elf gang-bangs – that’s sarcasm, by the way.

(Isn’t it ironic that those most obsessed with putting sex into movies and video games, are likely the ones getting the least of it? Then again, if you look at your typical Paedowood SJW, it’s not that surprising. Their ranks are made up of Gamma-male clowns that go to Comic-Con dressed like Sailor Moon, and “women” – I use the term very loosely – whom most men wouldn’t touch, let alone bang, with someone else’s body.)

Sow the Wind, Reap the Whirlwind

The creators of the show may well have miscalculated. See, the fanbase for The Lord of the Rings is even nerdier, even more packed with anoraks and elbow-patched beardies, than STAR WARS. The fandom for LOTR is seriously hardcore. You do not piss on them without pissing them off. While STAR WARS has its share of extreme nerds – I used to be one of them – the fact is that it is a universe primarily for normies, which tells nearly universal stories. (Or used to, anyway.)

The LoTR fanbase is very different, and very devoted, to a level that would make even the most hardcore STAR WARS fan seem mild and tame by comparison. And the fact is that very few among the Master’s fanbase wanted to see Black elves, diverse Black she-dwarves, gay Elves, trans Numenoreans, or a battle-ready Galadriel leading Elven troops into war. None of this is of any interest – because Tolkien’s work stands on its own merits as what he wanted it to be, a mythology of England rooted in Scandinavian lore with a core Catholic Christian morality.

That, by the way, is why The Lord of the Rings was, and remains, such a magnificent and magisterial work of genius. If you actually read the books, or The Silmarillion, or The History of Middle-Earth, you will very quickly realise that Tolkien’s skills as a writer are average, at best. But his world-building is absolutely magnificent. He was able to build worlds that all of us could escape into, regardless of our race, age, sex, or worldview.

What Works, and Why

Fundamentally, the Master succeeded because his work was rooted in that which is, and always was, GOOD. The entire thrust of The Lord of the Rings is very clearly a Christian story, an allegory for the return of Jesus and the ultimate destruction of evil. It is also a warning against the perils of power and the corruption that it brings to the hearts of all, especially of weak men who cannot resist its lure.

And, of course, the “creative” minds at Amazog failed to heed that lesson. They were given power that they did not earn or deserve. They have now attempted to corrupt Tolkien’s work. That attempt is backfiring upon them, quite spectacularly.

Is anyone actually interested in watching Black Elves engaged in forbidden love triangles with White Elf-maidens? “WE WUZ ALVES ‘N’ SHEEIT!!!” types are of zero interest to anyone, including Blacks, the vast majority of whom are not interested in such woke pandering.

This sort of thing is even DUMBER than that idiotic forced romance between whatsername the Elf and whatsisface the Dwarf in that stupid Hobbit film trilogy that Paedowood released some years ago. It was so bad, I can’t even remember what it was all about – I haven’t watched those movies in a long time, and don’t intend to start now.

Gone Broke

As Gary from Nerdrotic, and others, have pointed out on their YouTube channels, Black Elves into the Tolkien world makes about as much sense as introducing Asian Wakandans into the Black Panther universe and pretending that they have always been there. It’s ridiculous, jarring, and makes absolutely no sense within the in-story canon.

Furthermore, if Blacks, or homos, or trannies, or any other groups, want their own mythologies, they can create their own. Blacks, at least, kind of sort of already have their own mythologies – the Legacy of Orisha series by Tomi Adeyemi, which I haven’t read and don’t care for, and which is apparently full of racial grievance-mongering, is one such example. If that appeals to them, great, good luck to them. It doesn’t appeal to me. And that’s fine.

But forcing those same groups into universes where they categorically do not belong, is just cultural vandalism. It’s that simple.

The only place where paedophiles and homosexuals have any role whatsoever in Tolkien’s legendarium, is in showing the corruption of the Númenoreans under Ar-Pharazôn, when the ancient race of Men turned to the most vile and horrific practices imaginable under the influence of Sauron. Of course, depicting homosexuality, paedophilia, and child sacrifice as disgusting and evil – which they UNQUESTIONABLY ARE – would not play well among the wokerati who rule the Hellmouth these days, so that won’t happen.

Not Worth the Time

Apparently this new series is not even based on Quenta Silmarillion, but on a set of notes from the Master about the forging of the actual rings of power in the Second Age. When Christopher Tolkien – whose very name is synonymous with faithful and tireless guardianship of and honour towards his father’s legacy – was around, he ensured that anyone attempting to adapt his father’s great work to film or television, had to be true to the original material. But it appears that his children are not interested in such trivial matters as keeping the lore intact and alive, and just want to swim in their piles of money, a la Scrooge McDuck.

So what we are going to get is not going to be good. It will be derivative, boring, dimwitted, and in places, downright ugly. That is what happens when Orcs try to create beautiful things. They don’t know how – they only know how to twist and break that which already exists and is already good, just as the Master predicted.

We can look forward to LOTRROP crashing and burning in the near future – that’s a billion dollars, or more, down the drain, for a series that tried to be the next Game of Thrones, and will likely fail to meet even that low standard. This is going to be great fun to watch. You bring the beers, lads, I’ll get the popcorn.

I leave the last word to the Master himself (OK, not really):

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1 Comment

  1. Robert W

    ” hire an “intimacy coordinator”, and would feature STRAWNG EMPOWAHHHHD WAMMENZ!!!, we knew damned well what to expect.”

    It is a mark of Babylon’s inversion that the very people who are incapable of genuine intimacy, the Gamma and the Strong Empowered Woman, require this professional assistant. That coordinator will also be incapable of genuine intimacy because prons ain’t intimate and everyone SHOULD know that. Real intimacy is much more than some slick lube in someone’s tube.

    Do you think the Russian comments are bots, and if they are, actual Russian bots, or a rogue CIA false flag bot system that lost the thread on the muh coolushions story?

    A bright spot in this whole release is that it brought me back to read John C Wright eviscerating the living carcass of the second Hobbit film:


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