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Friday T&A: Peace and Sisterhood Edition

by | Feb 25, 2022 | fat girl jihad | 3 comments

Boys, I have to level with you: this has been a very, very hard week, on every level – spiritually, psychologically, physically, the lot. We woke to news on Thursday that Russia had invaded its neighbour, Ukraine, and this was particularly hard to bear for someone like me. I genuinely love the Slavic people. They have been very good and kind to me, and the idea that two nations which should be good neighbours and sisters is very hard to handle.

Good people are fighting and dying in Ukraine, on both sides. I have friends in and from Ukraine, whose hearts are breaking right now as they watch, and in some cases are directly affected by, the devastation wrought by Russian forces in the area. And I have close personal ties to people in Moscow and elsewhere, who will suffer greatly as the full crushing weight of Western sanctions bears down upon them.

To be honest, the West cannot do much else to Russia that has not already been done. But it can make life more difficult, by doing more of the same, as if life there is not harsh enough already. Good and decent people in both countries are really hurting, and will continue to hurt, for years to come.

I obviously stand with the Russians on this issue. They have every right to feel safe and secure in their borders. The Neo-Tsar’s perfectly reasonable, extremely carefully articulated, and infinitely repeated demands for NATO to stay away from Russia’s borders, have been repeatedly ignored and laughed at. The GloboHomoPaedocracy of Pharisatanical neoclown suicide-cultists that run the Western powers are now being taught, at the business end of a tank cannon, exactly what happens when you ignore Russian red lines.

But none of this means that I want Ukraine to suffer. I hope and pray that the war will end in the next few days – which, actually, it looks like it will. The Ukronazis of Banderastan have already signalled that they are willing to discuss disarmament and neutrality, which is basically what the Russians want. If they can give credible assurances of this – which they cannot, right now – then I think the Russians will withdraw and allow the Ukrainians to resume their lives.

Make no mistake, though, there is no going back from what has happened. The Ukies have learned a horribly painful lesson in the price of Western meddling. And this ENTIRE CRISIS is completely the fault of the Western powers. They had every opportunity to step back from the abyss, and they refused.

They deserve every last brickbat that they get. The neoclowns who engineered this nightmare should be impaled on spikes, the whorenalists who whipped up anti-Russian frenzy among the Western people deserve hanging at the very least, and the Fake President and all of his handlers and enablers ought to burn in Hell for eternity for what they have done.

I don’t even try to disguise my sentiments in public anymore. I have never been more disgusted and horrified by Western so-called “values” as I am now.

If “Western liberal democracy” means endless foreign entanglements, wars, “gay pride” parades, trannies in the military, critical race theory in the schools, censorship of thought and speech, and the outright persecution of Christians in every walk of life, then you can take that entire concept and SHOVE IT UP YOUR ARSE.

I find the benefits of authoritarianism far more compelling.

And I am not alone.

We are living through the collapse of an evil and terrible empire that has outlived its usefulness and richly deserves to die. As far as I am concerned, if a swift and brutal Russian victory means a bit less Satanry in the West and a bit more circumspection from the Evil One’s servants as to how far they can push the rest of us, then that is all to the good.

But I still pray for a quick end to this war, so that innocent Slavs do not needlessly suffer. Pray God that the Neo-Tsar feels the same.

I think we could all use a bit of a pick-me-up at this point, to be honest. Which is what today’s post is all about. And, given the awful nature of what is happening, this one is a twofer, involving a Ukie and a Russky.

The first is Viktoriya Tishko (Виктория Тишко), age 20, from Kiev, Ukraine. She does… stuff, to include having an OnlySimps account, so you know what to expect.

And the second is Ekaterina Sozinova (Екатерина Созинова), age 29 from Saint Petersburg, Russia. She is a legitimate model, who does whatever models do.

Happy Friday, gentlemen – insofar as we can call this a “happy” time. Pray for peace, and hope that we get it soon, so that the suffering of millions may be minimised. Otherwise, try to rest as much as you can for the trials ahead.

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  1. Johnny

    The Russian is the more attractive of the two.

    The Ukrainian, while 20, has a face that is too child-like. Not for me.

    A lot of 60-year-old US cuckservatives who can’t seem to figure out that it is not 1979 anymore are all chuffed up with bravado, saying “the only good Russian is a dead Russian”, and “nuke Moscow”. Despite Trump, this is a deep-seated mentality among the Boomercuck set. At least while they fantasize about war with Russia, they have stopped fantasizing about a war with Iran (which is otherwise what they think should be our highest national priority).

    “Nuke Moscow”.

    Leave it to a Cold War Boomercuck to want to nuke the city in the world with the greatest number of hot women.

    • Didact

      The Russian is the more attractive of the two.

      Yes, she is. Partly by accident, and partly by design. I make no secret of the fact that I prefer Russians in general. But I also couldn’t find a really attractive Ukrainian on short notice – it’s more difficult than one might think, because so many of the Ukie Instathots have gone all-in on plastic surgery, lip fillers, and clown-face makeup.

      The Ukrainian, while 20, has a face that is too child-like.

      According to one site that I’ve seen (in Russian), she’s also actually a low-class escort from Minsk. I take no position whatsoever on whether that’s true or not.

      Leave it to a Cold War Boomercuck to want to nuke the city in the world with the greatest number of hot women.

      Says a lot about the total failure of “conservatism” as a non-ideology. They want to nuke a people who have built a moderately conservative Christian country that cares about its own territorial integrity and basically seeks peace with the world. In other words, they want to nuke the exact thing that they have always claimed to want back in the USSA. It’s madness and stupidity of the worst kind.

  2. Johnny

    Says a lot about the total failure of “conservatism” as a non-ideology.

    Indeed. They really do a number on cuckservatism in the famous ‘Gems’ article (scroll down to Section 19) : https://www.singularity2050.com/gems.html

    And this was written when Trump was in the WH, so no wars.


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