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Friday T&A: Napoleonic Neat Edition

by | Feb 11, 2022 | fat girl jihad | 0 comments

Brothers, if there is one lesson to learn from this past week, it is this: you can push the Sons of Martha only so far before they finally snap, and fight back. For that is precisely what we have seen. Truckers in Canada have brought provincial governments to their knees. One after another, Saskatchewan, Alberta, Prince Edward Island, and even Quebec have all begun lifting vaccine passport requirements and mask mandates.

In Quebec’s case, in particular, you have to understand something about the Quebecois to realise just what an amazing development this is. Even by Canada’s weird-overly-polite-gay-cousin status, Quebec is a particularly odd bird. And this is a country that has long since come unmoored from its colonial Christian heritage, and thinks that eating ketchup-flavoured chips is normal.

This is a part of the country that the rest of it bends over (and not backwards, either) to please. Yet here they are basically admitting defeat to the Freedom Convoy. And, remember, Quebec is so strange that the French consider it to be bonkers. When the Frogs go to Montreal, they literally can’t understand what the locals say. (Having dealt with my share of Frogs in my life, I have to say, it’s nice to see them suffer the same nonsense that they inflict on the rest of us, from time to time.)

As for the brave men of the Freedom Convoy, they have finally done what the rest of us could not. Without them, the world does not run. Shelves do not get stocked. Goods do not get shipped. Food does not arrive on time. Auto parts do not reach the factories.

And now, on the other side of the border, over on a bridge in Michigan, farmers and truckers have blockaded one of the most important arterial transportation routes into the USA.

You know what happens when one of your arteries gets blocked off? You get a heart attack.

And that is exactly what will happen to both the American and Canadian economies, for as long as Prime Minister Justine Bieber Truvada, the Soyboy Fascist, and the Fake President Greenscreen, continue to stop the truckers from doing their jobs in peace.

This, brothers, is the rebellion that we have waited for. And it is growing and spreading around the world.

It will not always succeed. The Yellow Vests have protested, often quite violently, in France for damn near 2 years, and they have accomplished very little of anything. Yet I would be curious to know how many of the Gilets Jaunes are actually transportation workers and farmers. If the majority of those workers were truly critical to running France’s supply lines, then I wager that they would force their likely closet homo of a faux-Napoleon into a very hasty retreat in, oh, about 48 hours.

The key lesson for all of us to learn is this:

Those who are salt-of-the-earth types can only be pushed so far before they finally snap. I have seen this story play out before, in Indonesia. I was there when the Suharto government collapsed in 1998 – my family had to flee with not much more than a few suitcases to avoid the mobs and the rioting, after President Suharto’s policies led to massive spikes in food and fuel prices.

That collapse resulted in the deaths of hundreds, perhaps thousands. So far, the protests have not been violent – in fact, the truckers have been models of truly peaceful protest. (For that, of course, they have been roundly mocked and maligned by the very same never-to-be-sufficiently-cursed whorenalists and presstitutes that think that the Black Looming Menace is a Good Thing.) Let us hope, then, that things will continue to be peaceful – because the absolute last thing anyone needs is for a full-fledged crackdown on the very people that make the economy run.

There will be interesting times ahead, brothers. The backlash against the elites has been building for a considerable time, and it appears to be unfolding, at long last.

And with that done, let us turn our thoughts to decidedly more pleasant matters. For it is, of course, Friday, and you all know what that means.

This week’s extra shot is Brandy Gordon, age 23, from Floriduh, and she is some sort of model, influenza (yes, that’s deliberate), and “personality” on something that the cool kids these days refer to as “TikTok”. (As a certified card-carrying member of Ye Olde Phartes Clubbe, I tend to stay away from viral-video platforms, except for TEH YOOTOOBZ – especially the ones owned by the ChiComs.) That being said, if you look below, you’ll find that she has a refreshingly real look to her – in that she plainly doesn’t see any need to filter or Photoshop her body to the point where she looks like a RealDoll.

Say what you will about Instathots in general – I have certainly said PLENTY over the years – but I certainly can respect a woman who is willing to show her cellulite and wrinkles once in a while. She seems to be happily monogamous and relatively drama-free – though she does have an OnlySimps account, and y’all know what that means.

Happy Friday, gents. Enjoy a good shot of high-quality spirits – I personally am not big on brandy, I’ve always preferred Scotch (single-malt, neat or with ONE ice cube, especially Macallan 12 and older), port, and red wine. But to each his own, I suppose. It’s been a good week for those of us who love freedom – long live the heroic truckers who have done so much to push back against the liberal fascists in Canada, and let us hope that the blue-collar workers upon whom we all depend for life and sustenance, will rise up and push back ever harder against this nonsense.

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