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Friday T&A: Drums of Doom Edition

by | Feb 18, 2022 | fat girl jihad | 2 comments

Well, gentlemen, it would appear that, somewhat miraculously, we managed to make it through another week without THE END OF THE FREAKIN’ WORLD raining down around our heads. Somehow, the Russians managed to refrain from invading Ukraine, and somehow, the stupid, feckless, incompetent, moronic, [10,000-word expletive-laden rant deleted for sake of brevity and reader sanity] globohomopaedo Pharisatanical death cult in charge of the USSA managed to avoid starting a war.

Not, admittedly, for lack of trying, it must be said.

We live in very strange times, do we not, gentlemen? This is a world in which the Russians are the GOOD GUYS, and the Americans are the crazy warmongers. If St. Reagan Magnus of the Right – blessed and mighty is his name! – were alive today, he would almost certainly take the side of the Russians, because the people leading the Evil Empire right now are on what used to be his side of the Atlantic.

We must always remember, though, that “no matter how random things appear to be, there’s always a plan” – to quote Col. John “Hannibal” Smith.

That randomness is getting weirder and randomer by the day, for sure. But there is assuredly meaning behind the chaos – and I’m not just saying that because I’m a mathematician by background, and trained to think like that about things like chaos theory.

When you see the Freedom Truckers being arrested and dragged away in chains by Fidel Castro’s bastard love-child, Prime Minister Justine Bieber Truvada, understand that there is a reaction, a backlash, rapidly building up, even in a country as weak and cucked-out as Canuckistan.

When you see one European country after another dropping their not-vaxx mandates and desperately attempting to lure back tourists and businesses, you know that there is something much deeper going on.

And when you see President Greenscreen Wetnappy mumbling and muttering random crap to himself, you must realise that a change is underway that we cannot yet fully grasp or define, but which is as real as it is profound.

Things will get much worse before they get better. But they will get better.

On that happy note, let us turn our minds to that which is Beautiful, though likely not Good and almost certainly not True. And since there has been so much agitation on the Russian border, logic and good sense dictate that the lovely lady of the week feature from the much-put-upon Motherland herself.

Her name is Ksenia Wegner (Ксения Вегнер), which is almost assuredly not her real name, age 26 (or 28, depending on the source) from Saratov, a city of about 900,000 people located nearly 900Km southeast of Moscow. She is now living in the capital of Mother Russia. Like many of her Russian sisters, she’s actually rather more than just a pretty face (or so she says) – claiming to be a music teacher, originally, who plays the piano, likes to read French and Russian classic literature, and is now studying to be an interior designer. She does… stuff, apparently, which includes modelling for photoshoots – this is a real profession these days.

She also claims that she’s never had any plastic surgery done. Yeah, go on then, pull the other leg, that one’s got bells on it. If you honestly believe that, give me a call, I’ve got a Bermudan option on the Brooklyn Bridge that I’d really like to sell to you. I give you nice special price, my friend. (You kind of have to say it like an Egyptian carpet-seller would in order for it to be funny, but if you’re a finance geek, the previous sentence is hilarious on its own.)

Since she has an OnlySimps account, we can probably safely discount her claims, but it’s OK, we’ll try not to hold such things against her. Seriously, in the modren day and age, NOT having an Instaham account, or at least, not having one littered with salacious bikini shots, and NOT having an OnlySimps account, is probably about enough to mark a girl as POTENTIAL wife material.

How far we have fallen, eh, lads?

Happy Friday, gentlemen. I’m going to go drink myself stupid – it’s been a long week – which, in practice, means one beer and a glass of wine, before watching a quarter of a movie that I’ve probably seen about 10 times before, and then passing out asleep in bed for a good 8-10 hours. Enjoy your weekends, get some rest, and recharge as and where you can.

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  1. Johnny


    Two things :

    i) I checked in on what Roosh is going, after a year of not reading him. He wants to become a full monk in the Russian Orthodox church. However, he has gone full blue pill on certain key matters. This is not merely an abandonment of the PUA life (after crossing a certain age), but he waxes on how he should have found a wife and got married. No mention whatsoever of how Western religious organizations are fully woke and feminist, as Dalrock exposed in detail for 10 years, and how the divorce laws are rigged against a man, and how his church cannot save him, and the divorce is done in the court system, not the church.

    Roosh used to know these things well, but now seems to have forgotten them for the purpose of being a blue-pilled guy. What gives?

    2) Since Miss India became Miss Universe, suffice it to say, the Internet has been flooded with tons of Indian orcs asserting that Indian women are the most beautiful in the world. All their ‘evidence’ of this is this one Miss India, with no mention of averages.

    Question : By using an apex anecdote to assert that ‘since one Indian woman is Miss Universe, all Indian women are the most beautiful in the world’, are they just deliberately dishonest, or genuinely stupid.

    Even before this, I noticed that the tendency to use apex anecdotes to lie about the horrid reality of India is very common among both Indian men and women.

    “XYZ Indian woman is/was Miss Universe, so Indian women are the most beautiful in the world!”
    “India has XYZ billionaire who built a garish $2 Billion house (rather than sanitize the 1-mile radius around that house), so India is the richest country!”

    Is it extreme dishonesty, extreme stupidity, or both?

  2. Kapios

    The reason they want to end the pandemic is so they can go back to warmongering and probably move on with the next big agenda…climate change. But you probably knew that already.

    It’s not enough that I am tired of doing all these rapid tests for over year so I can go anywhere, a few months from now I will have to scream at my T.V for yet again more stupid measures to ‘save the planet’ from excessive carbon footprint.


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