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Solving the Manosphere’s grifter problem

by | Jan 9, 2022 | The Agoge | 10 comments

Right before we finally killed off 2021 (thank God for that), I wrote up a post about an odd character that nobody around here had ever heard of, named Jack Murphy. The reason why he made headlines and got attention was because the self-professed “Gigachad” got very pissy when confronted about a rather strange article that he wrote some years ago, in which he boasted about how sending his “hot young girlfriend” off to get… uh… ploughed like a field by an ox, so to speak, by another man, was a source of “erotic energy”.

(Look, just because I report on this shit, doesn’t mean I understand it.)

It turns out that John Goldman, aka Jack Murphy, has a much darker history than any of us realised.

Skeletons in the Literal Closet

Mr. Goldman may well be the most spectacular example of self-immolation through the Streisand Effect that we have observed in the last few years. His hissy-fit, directed at Sydney Watson, for what seemed at the time to be no good reason at all, turned the baleful attention of the entire Manosphere upon him, and it did not take long for his past activities to emerge.

As it turns out, those activities included homosexual PR0N:

Alpha male lifestyle coach-turned-conservative influencer John Goldman, who markets himself using the name Jack Murphy, sparked controversy earlier this month when he snapped at a female podcast host who relayed a fan’s question about an article promoting a sexual lifestyle many consider emasculating.

Now, photos and videos have surfaced from Murphy’s adult film career, including some that appear to show the conservative “Gigachad” anally stimulate himself with a sex toy.

Murphy’s row with the conservative Twitter world began earlier this month during an appearance on the “You Are Here” podcast hosted by Elijah Schaffer and Sydney Watson of The Blaze.


Now, videos have been unearthed – originally by The Quartering – that show Jack Murphy engaged in acts of sex with his fiance, and alone, while live streaming to an audience and accepting tips.

These videos appear to have been live streamed to the public sometime around two years ago, and have since been reuploaded to other pornography websites. These videos remain publicly accessible at the time of publication.

It doesn’t get much worse than that, does it?

Actually, and unfortunately, it definitely does. The Manosphere has a very serious grifter problem, and John Goldman is but one example, among many, of someone who rips off and takes advantage of weak, broken men, and leads them down a very evil path.

This shit needs to STOP. It is destroying lives, and it makes a mockery out of true masculinity.

Why Grifters Grift

It doesn’t really matter whether we are talking about the Manosphere in terms of pick-up artistry, MGTOW, neoreactionary thought, traditionalism, neomasculinity, or Christian nationalism. Every single incarnation, spin-off, morphology, and sub-genre of the Manosphere has always attracted grifters, determined to corrupt and destroy the movement from within.

This ALWAYS happens, because that is ALWAYS what the agents of the Evil One want to do to anyone who seeks out the Truth.

The Manosphere started out as an extremely strong reaction to the lies that pervade the world around us. The process of growing into the modern Manosphere, with all of its innumerable offshoots, has been slow, painful, and frustrating, to say the least. Its adherents have made many false starts and gone down more than a few blind alleys – the hedonistic pursuits of money, power, and women have led to the downfall of many of the men who set out with noble intentions.

However, because the Manosphere was (and remains) fundamentally rooted in basic truths about men, women, and the fractious nature of the relationship between the sexes, it has prevailed and persevered. Truth cannot be completely destroyed, it can only be buried and ignored and scrubbed (usually pretty badly) from history. But once truths gain a certain critical mass and momentum, they cannot be stopped.

That doesn’t prevent evil from trying, obviously. And the greater the power of the truth, the greater the forces that evil arrays against it.

This problem has reached epidemic proportions by now. And mentally unstable men are getting involved in the Cuckosphere, as opposed to the genuine Manosphere. Instead of getting the help that they need, they end up going radically off-kilter:

The “President” Speaks

The self-appointed “President” of the Manosphere, Anthony “Dream” Johnson, issued a strongly worded statement in light of the shooting spree by Mr. “McClay”. In it, the organiser of the annual 21 Convention noted the following:

In truth the manosphere has been locked in a “civil war” of sorts since mid 2019. This is a war between authentic, positive, masculine men who value honor, courage, fatherhood, and family vs a collection of sick predatory frauds who hate men and make gold diggers look like angels in comparison.

Since this time we have been fighting tooth and nail to clean up the filth, fraud, misogyny, and anti-male misandry deeply embedded in this community by twisted charlatans posing as self-help fake alpha male gurus. Our community was temporarily united in disgust with the disturbing revelations of Jack Murphy, and without hesitation Mr. Miller and his nest of blood sucking parasites swooped in to ruin this peace.

The whole statement is well worth reading, but those last few paragraphs really summarise how badly wrong things have gone in the Manosphere for the last couple of years. And he’s absolutely right about the need to cleanse the Manosphere of the filth – I’m just not convinced that he has the right way to go about it.

If you want some idea of just how bad it is, the reference to “Mr. Miller” relates to the real name of none other than Rollo Tomassi, author of The Rational Male and its follow-up books. There is apparently a huge controversy involving Rollo, the details of which I do not know, or understand, or care to unpack. You can find some of the details in the video below:

Again, I don’t know who is right or wrong, and frankly, I don’t care. The real problem here is much bigger than Rollo, or “Jack Murphy”, or Fresh & Fit, or Blackdragon, or anyone else that we might think of as grifters and hacks.

Differential Diagnosis

The Manosphere definitely has a huge problem with grifters. This is natural and inevitable, but if we want to get anywhere, we have to focus on the reasons why it is happening, and we need to take positive steps as men to fix the issue.

The reason why this is happening is because huge numbers of disaffected, angry men, who lack positive role models, are attracted to the Manosphere because of its presentation of a forward-looking philosophy that embraces masculine virtues. And they ARE virtues, which are highly attractive in a godless, directionless, broken society that hates men. In the process, a large number of men, who lack discernment due to the years and even decades of being lied to by the wider society, glom onto “lifestyle coaches” that teach very misleading ideas about what being a man really means.

This is how evil ideas slip through and take hold of weak men. This is what destroys them. And this is what we need to walk away from.

Like many Manosphere novitiates, when I started looking into this whole “red pill” thing more than 10 years ago, I came at it all from a very secular point of view. I liked the way that so many Manosphere writers talked about getting fit, getting rich, and getting laid. This, to me, seemed a very positive message – and, in some ways, it actually IS, because it teaches men to embrace the very things that Western society reviles.

BUT – and this is key – the hedonism of the Manosphere is also its undoing. When you have large numbers of broken men, who lack a strong moral compass, coming into a movement that teaches them to embrace hedonism, inevitably many of them are going to get scammed.

That kind of environment is perfect for predators to sell ideas and lifestyles that will only lead to dissolution, despair, and death – not just of the body, but of the soul.

The Test of Truth

To avoid this cancer – and that is precisely what it is, spreading throughout the bowels of the “red pill” movement – anyone and everyone who writes on the subject of masculinity must be subjected to one simple, ruthless, and unbreakable rule:

You must always ask, IS IT TRUE?

This applies as much to my writing as anyone else’s. I have said, over and over again, that anyone who looks at me as some sort of paragon of physical, moral, or spiritual behaviour, needs to have his head examined. I am a failure in almost every way that actually matters – at least, to men. Anyone who wants to follow me, needs to check his wires – he’s getting bad signals. I am not worthy of following and have no aspirations to lead anyone within this movement.

This also means that, if you apply the test of truth to my writing, you will quickly be able to figure out whether what I am saying is correct.

And if I am not, then you must, by definition, call it out, and reject it and me.

The Way Forward

But, in order to test for truth, you must have some sort of objective standard to compare with. And there is only ONE objective standard, that stands outside of the works and ways of men, that has withstood every single test, every possible trial, and still stands every bit as true today as it was when that Truth was revealed:

Holy Mass images...: Easter: Jesus' Resurrection

It’s just that simple. As LRFotS Bardelys the Magnificent quite astutely observed in the previous post about Mr. “Murphy”:

I’ve quit paying attention to anyone who’s not arrived there. The future is forward, gentlemen. Anyone still using “alpha” and not following it with “omega” is still not yet a man, no matter how many plates he can spin, how big his stonks are or how much he benches.


Anything and anyone in the Manosphere that leads away from, or contradicts, anything uttered by the LOGOS, by this one, objective, unchanged, unbending Truth, simply does not work in the long run. That is why Anthony Johnson‘s attempts to purge the Manosphere are likely doomed to fail, because the Manosphere will condemn itself to irrelevance unless it wholeheartedly adopts Christian nationalism.

The true point of the Manosphere was NEVER unbridled hedonism. Those among the “red pill” crowd who adopted such a mindset, eventually, to a man, walked away from it, one way or another.

Roosh converted to Orthodox Christianity after a very painful series of events in his life that taught him the errors of his ways. My friend, Kyle Trouble, is happily married and living in Eastern Europe and managing his own affairs. Richard LaRuina has largely walked away from the PUA industry and is happily married to his young Russian wife. Rollo Tomassi has been married for at least 20 years, despite teaching “red-pill” philosophy – I don’t know whether he is a grifter or not, and I have no personal opinion on the matter.

PUAs and “lifestyle coaches” beyond number have walked away from their own views and ideas, because they can see that none of it leads to happiness in the long run.

Here is the truth about masculinity, and it is an absolute truth that Christianity teaches us, over and over again until it becomes second nature (if we do it right):

True freedom is not about doing whatever you want. True freedom lies in substituting self-imposed discipline, for externally-imposed discipline.

That is the discipline of Christianity. One man, and one woman, becoming one flesh, to be fruitful and multiply upon the Earth and build out their nation. That is the Way of Men.

Only by embracing the true discipline of Christ, can we have any hope of avoiding nihilism, dissolution, and destruction. Christianity is powerful grifter-repellent – though I will be the first to state openly that grifters will ALWAYS find a way to worm into things. If you don’t believe me, just look at The Sons of Sceva in the Bible – or at their modern-day equivalents, the daemon-possessed Kenneth Copeland, and the nonsense-peddlers of the Word-Faith movement.

Necessary and Sufficient

However, there is more to the solution here – Christianity by itself is not enough.

Christianity, in and of itself, is necessary for the Manosphere – but it is NOT sufficient. Far too many Christians go very badly wrong in thinking that Christianity is a universal religion that preaches universal salvation. That is bunk. There is a REASON why Jesus preached about the Narrow Door, and how many would come but few would enter. Too many Christians believe that Christianity erases distinctions between genders and nations. That is a blasphemous and extremely ill-informed reading of Scripture.

The reality is that some cultures and nations ARE better than others, and if the Western world wants to survive, it needs to rediscover this, fast. Therefore, the Manosphere must embrace nationalism as well as Christianity. Far from being incompatible, the two are perfectly suited to each other. God has made it very clear, throughout Scripture, that He loves the nations, and that the nations will exist unto Judgement Day itself.

Only by embracing the twin values of love of God through Christ Jesus the Messiah, and love of country and kinfolk, will the Manosphere orient itself away from pointless, fruitless endeavours that lead nowhere, and toward a positive, powerful message that grifters cannot touch or corrupt.

Conclusion – The Way Forward

I Am a 'Social Conservative' but Not a 'Christian ...

Choose ye, then, o choose, brothers! Whom will you follow? False teachers who preach plainly obvious nonsense couched in sensual hedonism, like John Goldman and Blackdragon? Or true warriors and practitioners of the Christian faith, who embrace the darkness within themselves to fight for God and country, like Ivan Throne and Our Beloved and Dreaded Supreme Dark Lord (PBUH) Vox Day the Most Merciless and Malevolent?

At all times, you must subject all who preach to you about what it means to be a man, to the simple test: IS IT TRUE? You must do this ruthlessly, even with anything you find in The Agoge here at Didactic Mind. Filter it through the lens of Scripture, and you will not be led astray. And use what you learn to strengthen your ties to your nation and your people, so that both may outlast a world careening toward richly merited destruction.

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  1. Wayne Woods

    So many men are looking to others in self-appointed leadership positions to give them affirmation of worth, instead of going to our Heavenly Father. What is a spiritually ordained role in the real church is often corrupted by the counterfeit of this world. Once you deviate from the gospel message of Christ, and him crucified; you are susceptible to being lead astray by self-proclaimed leaders. This is in large part due to tolerating the effeminization of the modern western church. Study the scriptures to find yourself approved, surround yourself with Godly men and discover the Warrior, King, and Priest that God has called you to be.

    • Didact

      Amen, Reverend.

  2. Adam

    1st president of the manosphere? Fuck me dead.

    • Bardelys the Magnificent

      I’m the leader of the alt-right, and you can too!

      • Didact

        Yeah – straight from the “Richard Spencer Playbook of Leadership”.

  3. Robert W

    John Goldman, aka Jack Murphy

    “Too many Christians believe that Christianity erases distinctions between genders and nations. That is a blasphemous and extremely ill-informed reading of Scripture.”

    You are correct on this.
    1. There nations are not erased within the gospel, they are magnified and sanctified, a larger fractal of the effect of the gospel on the individual believer as well. (EG, the nation of the Irish in the new earth will be the most Irish you can imagine.) God loves the nations, he created them, and he redeems them. So much that the very conclusion of the entire scripture highlights it:

    Revelation 21:
    [i]23 The city does not need the sun or the moon to shine on it, for the glory of God gives it light, and the Lamb is its lamp. 24 The nations will walk by its light, and the kings of the earth will bring their splendor into it. 25 On no day will its gates ever be shut, for there will be no night there. 26 The glory and honor of the nations will be brought into it. 27 Nothing impure will ever enter it, nor will anyone who does what is shameful or deceitful, but only those whose names are written in the Lamb’s book of life.[/i]

    The western church has lost sight of this. We apply the heuristic of ‘Now no longer jew nor greek within the body of Christ’ to those outside the body of Christ. We run into an error when we impute righteousness and sanctification to the pagan who has not repented. That is the summary of 20th-century western popular theology. Because we’re double-minded and unstable, the evangelical crowd still goes whole hog for Israel as a separate nation and focus, committing a different error of associating Judah (modern Israel) with all of Israel. Those remaining 10 tribes won’t come home until Jesus does, and may that come soon.

    • Didact

      John Goldman, aka Jack Murphy
      (((EVERY DAMN TIME)))


      The western church has lost sight of this. We apply the heuristic of ‘Now no longer jew nor greek within the body of Christ’ to those outside the body of Christ. We run into an error when we impute righteousness and sanctification to the pagan who has not repented. That is the summary of 20th-century western popular theology. Because we’re double-minded and unstable, the evangelical crowd still goes whole hog for Israel as a separate nation and focus, committing a different error of associating Judah (modern Israel) with all of Israel.

      Correct. Today’s Israeli Jews are not followers of Mosaic Law, and they openly confess as much. And while we as Christians are commanded to be good and kind to Jews – plus, most of them are just plain decent and good people – nowhere does this imply that Christian peoples and nations should subordinate their own interests to those of Israel.

  4. Dire Badger

    As a recovering Gamma, I approve this post.

    Yes, I started change 20 years ago, but every day is still a struggle. One I fail frequently.

    Perfection is a journey, not a destination.

    The first

  5. Bardelys the Magnificent

    Why are you so obsessed with me? Get away, creep!

    In all seriousness, this is why the Church used to be strictly Apostolic. Grifters will abound when just anyone can preach their own interpretation. These guys are a bunch of Joel Osteen wannabes, but with less testosterone. No, that wasn’t a compliment directed at Joel.

  6. thedeti

    Echoing Adam…

    Wait a minute. “President of the Manosphere”? What the fuck? That’s some gamma shit right there.

    People fighting, disagreeing, picking fights… this is BS.

    Excuse me. I need to go work more on killing my inner gamma. Oh my GOD….


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