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Gingerbread cookies

by | Jan 22, 2022 | Office Space | 2 comments

I don’t spend a whole lot of time looking for redheads, in general. Unlike many of my fair readers, I do not suffer particularly badly from gingervitis. My preferences go to brunettes, blondes, and raven-haired types – as Any Fule Kno who keeps up with the weekly parade of lovely ladies around here.

However, when I find a talented redhead who looks good and brings a lot of joy to people’s lives, then I consider it my sworn duty to my readers to bring her to your attention.

This here is Alina Permina (Алина Пермина), age 28, from a city called Blagoveshchensk, located across the Amur River from the very northern Chinese city of Heihe. And she is, for some of my readers at least, the true quadruple-threat: ripe, Russian, red-haired, and a musician to boot. And she is very, very talented:

And to close things out:

Russians singing Russian war songs in Russian – it don’t get no better than that, lads.

Y’all realise, this is a public service that I do for you, right?

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  1. Jim

    Beautiful! Very talented young lady and nicely done performance!

    Speaking of gingers -The girl who cured my gingervitas was from Normandy France. Georgious, smart, hardworking, and a genuine great person.

  2. Robert W

    The Skyrim Dragonsong… she did 8 different instruments + voice + clapping. That is an unbelievable level of talent for someone who really is still young.

    This is why the internet is a great blessing. Any one of those skills, or even all of that skill together, would never break through the gatekeepers of the music establishment, nor would I have ever heard any of this. But with the gatekeepers minimized more talent can rise to the audience than ever before. This is good.


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