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Friday T&A: Yerevan Caravan Edition

by | Jan 14, 2022 | fat girl jihad | 0 comments

Fun times this week, eh, lads? It is becoming increasingly obvious that the Scamdemic narrative is unravelling, and even the idiot whorenalists and presstitutes in the mainstream (((media))))))) are starting to notice. It took them two years, but, in fairness, if whorenalists had integrity, balls, spines, and brains half the size of a donkey’s, they wouldn’t be JOURNALISTS, they’d have REAL jobs instead.

In PommieBastardeLande, the goobermint of Boris the Floppy-Haired Sheepadoodle continues to step on rake after rake. Now, much of the outrageously outrageous OUTRAGE!!!!!!!11!!!! on display in the Limey press is, of course, entirely justified, because the fact is that the BritGub DID hold a garden party with booze and nibbles at the same time as the ordinary people were forced to watch their elderly relatives die alone, and their children’s growth and development horribly stunted. But, let’s face facts – we ALWAYS knew that there was one rule for the governed, and another for the governors.

That has always been the case. It is infuriating and ridiculous, of course. People like me were jumping up and down, screaming as loudly as we could, back in the middle of 2020, that Scamdemic is SCAM. And, of course, we were ignored, because the fear-porn that drove the Normies mad was highly addictive and effective.

Supposedly, Mark Twain once said, or wrote, that “a lie can travel halfway around the world while the truth is putting on its shoes”. Ironically, that itself appears to be a fabrication. But the core validity of the statement stands.

The way to think of the difference between Truth and Lie comes from Aesop’s Fables. Remember the old story of the tortoise and the hare? Lies are hares – always blasting off at full speed, but eventually getting distracted and careening off into a different place. They can never point consistently in the same direction – by definition. Lies are what they are precisely because they are not straight.

Truth, meanwhile, simply ploughs ahead, unconcerned. And, in the end, IT WINS.

Of course, you and I might have to wait for a good long while until it does. With the Scamdemic, we have waited two long years for the truth to come out. And now it finally has.

The truth is that the Coof just isn’t that dangerous. I’ve had it, whatever “it” actually is – I have my theories on this subject, I need to do a podcast about it at some point. (I do not for a moment believe the standard narrative that it is a “novel coronavirus”, but I do not go so far as some in claiming that the bug is essentially fake and entirely due to environmental and psychological factors.)

It IS very dangerous to old people and people with health problems. But does that mean that the rest of us need to suffer the endless destructive torment of lockdowns, mask and not-vaxx mandates, and self-isolation? Of course not. That is like using a MAC round to kill a house-fly.

The time of reckoning is coming for those who imposed these insane policies on the rest of us. The violence that ensues will likely be Biblical in nature, but they thoroughly deserve it.

And what, specifically, do they deserve? Well, I’d settle for impalement, but honestly, they probably deserve to be hung by their entrails and paraded through the city streets.

In case you think that is an overreaction, remember what they did to all of us around the world.

In India, thousands have died of starvation and poverty, millions have fallen into grinding poverty, and hundreds of millions have seen their lives destroyed, simply because of random and weird and stupid orders from the goobermint there.

Americans have seen their basic freedoms destroyed, a Presidential election usurped by falsehood and lies and fake ballots, and completely un-Constitutional and outrageous abuses by their own goobermint rammed down their throats. Big Tech, Big Media, and Big Gubmint have all conspired together to isolate, humiliate, harass, and persecute those who think differently.

The Europeans have lost their minds and their freedoms. Their governments pass insane laws that discriminate based on not-vaxx status, thereby completely undoing the lessons that they supposedly learned in WWII. In Austria and Germany, the levels of discrimination are such that you can joke, darkly, about simply making the unvaccinated wear gold stars on their sleeves. The Frogs don’t even have a reasonable opposition – their closet-homo of a President wants to “piss off” his countrymen who refuse to obey his little imperial whims.

These are not the actions of people secure in their power and confident in their position. Rather, these are the actions of increasingly desperate tyrants who know that their days are numbered.

When the breaking comes, and it WILL come, the vengeance visited upon them will be swift and terrifying.

Such thoughts, dark and satisfying though they might be, are for the future. For now, let us relax a bit and enjoy the beauties of Nature.

And, since it is Friday, that means closing out the working week with a lovely lady. This week’s charmer is Karina Avakyan, age 31, from Armenia. She is an international photo-model who works with a wide variety of photographers and styles, and has posed for Playboy Russia at some point in the past.

Happy Friday, gents. I’m off to go lift some heavy shit, then eat meat and drink wine afterwards. Let us always remember that, no matter how bad things get, we are here on this Earth for a REASON – we need to find that reason, hew to it, and do what our Creator intended us to do. Above all, we must glorify Him and execute His divine will – and, when the time comes, enact His holy wrathful righteous judgement upon those who have done so much to befoul His creation.

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