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It’s not a mystery at all

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As I and others have been pointing out for, quite literally, YEARS, the Great Heresy of Christianity that we know of as “Islam”, is utterly unsupportable against its own claims, based on the evidence on the ground. I have been over this several times in many articles here on this site, and will not go over it again in detail – partly because doing so would require writing a book, and mostly because the information that I post would be outdated within a single year.

That is the speed with which new discoveries are coming to the fore, pointing out and reinforcing the reality that Islam’s own history is heavily forged, falsified, redacted, and copied.

The Koran is nothing more than a rather bad and substantially indecipherable (unless you read it in Syriac, or Aramaic) ripoff of much older Christian and Jewish texts. Their “prophet”, Muhammad, is not much more than a pastiche of several different historical figures. Their “rightly-guided Caliphs” almost certainly never existed, except maybe for Umar. The stories that Izzlamists provide for the compilations of their books and sources and legends, simply cannot hold up against real scrutiny.

The complex and beguiling tapestry of Islam’s lies is unravelling before our very eyes, and more and more historians and academics are pulling at the threads.

Izzlamists are well aware of this. They are getting desperate to counteract the problem – well, it’s a problem from their point of view, but not ours, as Christians. Some of them know what they face:

Unfortunately, some Christians still have a hard time figuring out why former Muslims are fleeing their toxic and monumentally stupid false religion – like the otherwise quite intelligent Dinesh D’Souza:

Here is a simple answer to Mr. D’Souza and other Christians who have a hard time understanding why Muslims are receiving these dreams and visions NOW, at THIS time.

And, let me be very clear about this: I do not question Mr. D’Souza’s sincerity or faith. I respect his work and intellect (though his personal life leaves something to be desired). He is, however, quite clueless about the true nature of Islam, and has made his ignorance of Islam’s history and methods very clear repeatedly in debates against much more capable scholars like Robert Spencer and Serge Trifkovic.

The reason why so many thousands and tens of thousands of former Muslims are fleeing Islam, and embracing Christianity, and are doing so because they say that God speaks to them through dreams and visions, is precisely because God the Father is calling His own back to Him.

This should not surprise us. Any Christian with even half a brain can sense that there is a great tide of darkness sweeping over us. That is why so many of us feel such deep and terrible foreboding, and such existential dread and despair. We feel it in our very bones, and this is why so many of us are disheartened and dejected.

But God knows what He needs us to do. He is calling us home, to join in the war. He sees the urgent need to save as many of us as He can, and He is calling urgently to us to join Him.

Let’s be clear – He doesn’t NEED us to fight for Him. He already knows how the war against evil will be won – He has already determined the day and the hour on which Satan will be cast down from his throne and destroyed.

The Lord our God wants us to join Him of our own free will, so that He can save us from a truly horrifying fate.

Why, then, Muslims? And why through dreams and visions?

Because Muslims actually have a very great deal in common with Christians. They believe in God as Creator, in Jesus as the greatest prophet of all time, in Heaven and Hell, in good and evil, and in the power of the Gospels and the Torah.

The problem is that they have been utterly misled about who Jesus really was, what the Gospels and the Torah actually say, why Christianity is true (and therefore Islam is always false), and how God actually works in this broken and Fallen world.

They have been ripped off and lied to and misled by barbarians and frauds for centuries – and those same frauds will burn in Hell for what they have done, and rightly so.

As for why through dreams and visions – also very easy to answer. Unlike Christians, Muslims do not believe that they can commune with God through direct prayer – there is no such thing as a personal relationship with a loving and merciful God in their worldview. (This is another, heartbreaking, reality of Islam – Muslims who stay within that abomination will never comprehend or understand the fullness and beauty of God’s eternal love for them. They have condemned themselves to an awful Hell of isolation and despair from the One who can save them.)

But there is one method by which all Muslims can receive revelations from God – through dreams and visions. If you listen to Nabeel Qureshi‘s testimony (may God rest his soul), you will understand this very clearly:

Dreams and visions offer the perfect medium through which God the Father can reach Muslims, and show them the true Kingship of Jesus Christ, the Son, and one true path to God.

We must never forget that God uses us, broken and Fallen though we are, to work His majestic will. And we must never stop praying for those who have rejected His message and the Truth contained therein. When we see that God, in His wisdom and grace, has opened up a path for thousands and millions to return to Him, joy and praise for Him must surely follow.

So rejoice, brothers, for the false and evil heresy of Islam will, I wager, fall within our lifetime. I honestly believe this. The Great Heresy is under assault like never before. Millions of former Muslims are spreading the Truth of our time, the glory of the Word that is the Gospel of Jesus Christ, to their fellows. Millions more are searching the internet to examine the core tenets of their false religion – and they are discovering just how badly they have been ripped off and lied to for so long.

This is GLORIOUS to behold. And ALL of it has happened because a loving and merciful God still refuses to give up on us.

So don’t you go giving up on HIm.

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