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Friday T&A: Wolftime Edition

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Given that we now live in Clown World, the only thing that you can be absolutely certain about, is that the people in charge are generally lying about almost everything. That is a sweeping generalisation, it is true, but it is also one that is rather hard to argue with. Whether we are talking about “transitory” inflation, death rates from a non-pandemic, the efficacy of not-vaccines, “mild” unemployment, or “man-made global warming”, every single aspect of what the government and its relevant authorities tells you, is essentially some form of fiction.

You don’t have to be a conspiracy nut to figure this out – we’ve had one or two of those come poking around here over the last week or two, and when I politely but firmly told them to sod off, they picked up their balls and went home in a huff. Good riddance, really. Those types of loonies are not fun to deal with.

No, all you have to do is to pay attention to the vast divergence between what you’re told, and what you see. And what you see is in fact a world falling to pieces. That much is becoming dramatically more clear by the day.

What, then, are you to do about it? If you cannot trust what the authorities are telling you… what is the point of authority in the first place?

And the answer is: none whatsoever.

See, the interesting secret behind government power and authority is that so much of it is actually not visible. The true power of government does not lie in its ability to lock you up, or shut down your business, or take away your savings, or spy on you. It lies in the credible THREAT of those things.

That is intangible and very, very hard to measure. You can get to a rough proxy of it by counting how many people generally are willing, or mostly willing, to trust their governments, but this too is an imprecise and unstable measurement.

While trust in authority is hard to measure, it is very easy to see what happens when it fails. You see the evidence of this all around you.

In PommieBastardLande, the government is losing credibility at an astonishing pace. The gubmint of Boris the Floppy-Haired Sheepadoodle lost a crucial by-election yesterday, in a seat that they’ve held for damned near 200 years with almost no break. And they lost by a pretty sizeable amount, too. Voters there are sick and tired of “Tory sleaze” and Boris the Bumbler’s utter incompetence, and they have told him so in no uncertain terms.

But you see signs of it far beyond that. People no longer fear the government’s authority. They don’t obey mask mandates or social distancing requirements. They’ve simply stopped listening to the increasingly shrill and hysterical pronouncements of the gubmint’s own health authorities, because they just don’t care anymore.

Across the Pond, the Heathen Yankee Rebel Colonists who make up a significant chunk of my readership are currently grappling with the fact that the Vibrants and Dindus among them have largely lost any fear of authority whatsoever. They know that governments at the Federal, State, and Local levels have gone soft (in the head), and they can now break laws as rampantly as they wish.

Fundamentally, a law is a law only if it is enforced – otherwise, it is merely a suggestion, and not a particularly intelligent one either. When you stop being credible, and you stop enforcing laws, you stop being taken seriously.

And that is the reality that we all face today. Governments around the world have gone too far. They are no longer credible. And the whole consumer-capitalist system that we’ve lived in so long, and so comfortably (for the most part), is collapsing because of it.

Now, don’t start thinking that I’ve gone soft, because as far as I’m concerned, shooting Communists on sight is a perfectly valid form of national self-defence, and shooting illegal aliens and leaving their bodies to rot in the desert is simply sound national policy. I haven’t budged one iota on either of those positions. I’m simply pointing out what is basically true.

Our economic, political, and monetary hegemonic systems are breaking down before our eyes. This is a moment of great uncertainty – and also great opportunity. Make of it what you will, and take your chances where you can. The meek and fearful will be cut down in the coming fires – the bold and the brave, who strive toward that which is Good, Beautiful, and True, will thrive and prosper.

And with that, let’s get to the real reason you’re actually here today. It’s Friday, after all, and you know what that means – the lovely lady to close out the week.

Her stage name is Mila Azul, but her actual name is Ekaterina Volkova (Екатерина Волкова), age 24 from Kiev, Ukraine. You will want to keep the SafeSearch filters very much ON if you go looking for her, given how she goes about things. It’s nothing too appalling, but let’s just say that she’s not overly fond of clothes, and leave it at that. She is a musician and anime fan in her spare time – whatever that means – and appears to be angling towards acting and the arts in general as her path forward.

In case you are wondering about the relevance of the title of this post, the name “Volkova” – or, more generally, “Volkov” – etymologically derives from the root Russian word, “Volk”, which is to say, wolf. And in Nordic and Slavic legends, the “Wolftime” is a period of great and terrible disorder that presages the End-Times of Ragnarok. This is a time of extreme tribulation, in which the Sun will be devoured by the great wolf Skoll, and the Moon will be devoured by Hati, causing a three-year winter with no end. During this time, brother will slay brother and father will kill son, and civilisation will fall to pieces as the world freezes and starves.

And toward the end of the Wolftime, the greatest wolf of them all, Fenrir, the father of the two wolves who devoured all of the light, will break free from the mythical chain Gleipnir, which holds him fast, and escape to run rampant all over what is left of the Earth. He will be so massive that his lower jaw will scrape the ground, and his upper jaw will graze the sky.

At the very end, the forces of good and evil will meet for one final battle on the plain of Vigrid, a vast tract of land 300 leagues on all sides, and die in fire and flood, at the end of which there will be only the vast, yawning, endless, silent darkness of Ginnugagap.

We Christians like to think that the Book of Revelation contains the most badass eschatology of all time – and, give St. John of Patmos his due, he wrote down some seriously awesome visions. But I think any honest Christian will have to admit that the greatest end-times story of them all, has to be the one that comes from the ancient Norse and Rus.

And with that in mind – happy Friday, gentlemen. As I pointed out yesterday, governments around the world are tightening their grip, but they are doing so out of desperation, not strength, and all we have to do is to outlast them, until the Wolftime itself breaks over us – in the Christian form, not the pagan one.

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