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Friday T&A: Twilight Hours Edition

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I know it’s hard to believe, lads, but we’ve made it through another year of insanity and stupidity. And what an insane year it was. Many of us came through the Hell-Times of 2020, thinking that things must surely get better – and, in many ways, they actually did – but the reality is that 2020 was a massive compliance test. And most people FAILED it, completely. We gave away our liberties and rights in exchange for the illusion of safety.

In the process, hundreds of millions of people around the world basically stopped thinking critically. What started as a manufactured Scamdemic, essentially became an IQ test. And most of the world has failed it.

That is a depressing and sobering realisation. We now have full confirmation that most people will quickly and willingly trade their freedoms for the promise of safety provided by the government. The vast majority of people cannot be relied upon, and they will not stand and fight.

And yet… in the midst of all of that despair and misfortune, hope remains.

For millions of people in countries around the world have, in fact, refused to comply with the diktats of governments gone mad and blind drunk on power. The current hysteria over the Moronica Strain – which really just amounts to a mild-to-moderate cold, as far as anyone can tell – is precisely that, and nothing more. There is nothing to suggest that we are in any more significant danger now than we were a year ago.

Moreover, as people continue to awaken and realise how badly they have been ripped off and lied to, our numbers continue to grow. Those of us who seek out what is TRUE, however poorly or badly, are not alone. We never were.

So, as the new year dawns and we look past these twilight hours to what lies ahead, steel your resolve and gird your loins. As hard as things were in 2020, they got harder in 2021. And the level of resistance, difficulty, enmity, and violence that we will have to face, will almost surely increase in 2022.

This is to be expected. It is right and just. Never forget that the reward for a job well done, is a still harder job. You beat one enemy, and ten more spring up in his place, harder than the last. But you have been weighed, you have been measured, and you have been found worthy. So do not back away from the fight.

Always remember that “conflict is the very air we breathe, it is the water we drink, it is the food we eat, it is the ground upon which we walk”. Conflict and hardship are inevitable. Do not shy away from them, but embrace them, for you will grow only when tested and pushed to your limits.

And when the battle is done and won, be thankful for the tests you have passed through. They made you the man you are.

That is all for 2021, gentlemen – a final all, at least in terms of serious content, for this year. But, since New Year’s Eve falls on a Friday this year – quite a rare phenomenon in and of itself – let us enjoy one last recollection of all that is beautiful, if not necessarily good and true, before we enter the new year.

Today’s lovely (closing) lady of the week goes by the name of Svetlana Gembar (Светлана Гембар), age 27 (she actually turns 28 literally tomorrow) from St. Petersburg, Russia. She is a photomodel who makes her living on OnlySimps and in various other places, so rather inevitably she is hardly wife material. But she does look rather good in her photoshoots.

Happy Friday, gentlemen, and happy New Year to all of you. I’ll be back up with you tomorrow for the New Year’s Day podcast, and later tonight you’ll see the traditional Party Post go up as well. Stay well, celebrate with your friends and family, and enjoy the day.

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