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Friday T&A: Fake Noose Edition

by | Dec 10, 2021 | fat girl jihad | 7 comments

The Very Fake Noose trial ended yesterday in a much-deserved conviction for former Empire actor, Jussie Smollett, whose “acting” career could charitably be described as “patchy” by this point. Greg Gutfeld and his friends had an absolute field day with the story, as did the rest of us shitlords, because it just confirms what we’ve always suspected to be true:

The Left literally doesn’t understand what real hate crimes actually look like. They’re so useless at figuring it out, they can’t even stage hate crimes effectively.

The Master himself, J. R. R. Tolkien, once sagely observed that “evil cannot create, it can only corrupt”. That is absolute truth, and rarely have we seen it on fuller display than in the Smollett case. Mr. Smollett apparently could not figure out arse from elbow. He hired two Nigerian bodybuilder bros (literally – they’re brothers) to stage the attack. Then he paid them with a personal cheque – not cash – and allowed himself to be FILMED rehearsing the stunt.

And all of that is before we get to the realities of the hoax itself. Apparently Mr. Smollett wanted everyone to believe that he wandered outside on a January night in Chicago, when the temperature was – and I’m not making this up – 22 degrees below zero (in Celsius, to be clear – I don’t tolerate or understand that Fahrenheit crap), at 2am, to get a sandwich from Subway.

That, right there, should have been a gigantic red flag. I mean, have you eaten at a Subway recently? The sandwiches aren’t that good. Neither are the salads. And what kind of idiot goes out at 2am for a sandwich in the middle of winter?!?! If nothing else… wouldn’t you prefer a bowl of soup instead?!

The great big snarled-up ball of stupid that was the original hoax just got more preposterous from there, unfortunately. Mr. Smollett claimed that he got jumped by two White guys wearing MAGA hats, who doused him in bleach and hung a noose around his neck.

This, in a city that went hard for the Hilldebitch in 2016? Where anyone wearing a MAGA hat is liable to get BTFOd by crowds of angry Dindus?

Like… seriously?

As pointed out in that GUTFELD! segment linked above, not only is Mr. Smollett not a very good actor, he isn’t a very good director or writer either.

On the plus side, he will go down in the history books, I suppose – as the first American ever to scam not one, but TWO Nigerians. And, let’s face facts, the Nigerians had it coming. You can only send so many of those stupid emails before someone snaps.

The overarching lesson of all of this is that the Left ALWAYS lies. If CNNLOL tells you that the sky is blue, make sure you stick your head out the window to check, because the probability that the Gammas and Karens that they have filling their seats over there are lying their asses off.

More to the point, though, if you want to beat the Left – just laugh at them. That’s all it takes.

This is the core lesson of C. S. Lewis’s classic work, The Screwtape Letters. As noted by Mr. Lewis’s close friend and fellow literary legend above, Satan and his minions can only corrupt, but they cannot bear to have their corruptions mocked. That is the fastest and most effective way to destroy them.

Just laugh at them.

It enrages them and turns them into snarling balls of inchoate fury. Watching them melt down like that is quite frightening if you aren’t used to it, but it’s absolutely hilarious once you get past that initial reaction.

Always remember that the Lord has a very real, if very peculiar, sense of humour. If you’re going to stay on His side, you have to learn to laugh at the sheer stupidity of His enemies, just like He does. The reality is that He could blink them out of existence with no more effort than you or I might take in choosing what to have for breakfast. But He doesn’t – not because pain and suffering amuse Him, but because He has a long-term plan and clear goal in mind to defeat and destroy that evil, utterly and totally, on HIS terms.

He already knows how it will all end. We don’t. Satan doesn’t.

But he does know that he is going down – Satan can read the Bible just like we can, after all. And he knows, as we do not, what kind of terrible torment awaits him.

All he wants to do – all he can do – is take as many of us down with him as possible, into that lake of fire.

One of the better ways to avoid that fate, and to show him exactly whose side you are on, is simply to laugh your ass off when he inevitably screws up.

And with that morsel to chew over, let’s get on with gearing up for the weekend. For it is, of course, Friday, and y’all know what that means.

This week’s lovely lady is Priscilla Huggins Ortiz, age 28, originally from San Juan, Puerto Rico, and now based in Floriduh. She is a model and “actress” – well, she actually has landed a few bit parts in a couple of films, so she’s more of an actress than most of her fellow Instathots – who has landed shoots and gigs with MAXIM, Playboy, Vogue, Maybelline, and a bunch of other brands. (Damned if I know what any of that means.)

Whatever her CV details, we can all agree that she looks really quite good in a bikini.

Happy Friday, gentlemen. Try to keep yourselves sane in a world going progressively madder by the minute, and do your best to relax in the midst of the chaos. You’re going to need the rest over the coming days and weeks, as countries around the world try to lock us all down yet again over a supposed new “variant” that appears to be not much worse than a bad cold.


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  1. A.D.

    Smollett is probably an Intel agent, meaning the entire event, trial included, was fake.

    The only pertinent question, therefore, is…why?

    Focus only figuring that out.

    And Priscilla is yet another Dude. What’s wrong with you?!

    • Didact

      Smollett is probably an Intel agent, meaning the entire event, trial included, was fake.

      Evidence, beyond the circumstantial?

      If he was a Deep State agent, then he staged one of the most inept and stupid stunts in their entire history – which is saying something. And it accomplished precisely NOTHING, in both the short- AND the long-run.

      The only way that an intel operation like that would make sense, would be if it were staged deep in the backwoods of Louisiana, Kentucky, or Virginia – in deep MAGA country, where people are still terrified of being called racists.

      Furthermore, explore that line of logic a bit further. Where do you draw the line? Does the Bubba Wallace Fake Noose scandal also count as a failed, and very stupid, intel operation?

      And Priscilla is yet another Dude. What’s wrong with you?!

      The only thing wrong here is with your eyes. I recommend that you make an appointment with a good ophthalmologist, as soon as possible.

      If, after getting much-needed laser eye surgery to correct your clearly faulty vision, you still have problems, all I can say is:

      My site, my rules.

      If you don’t like those posts, don’t look at them. It’s just that simple.

      • A.D.

        Almost all of the “chicks” you promote are androgynous cgi aliens with creepy porcelain faces and ridiculously-huge implants. You’re a Total Weirdo.

        As is any sicko reader who thinks these ghouls you post are what women look like.

        (Or you’re just yet another corrupt psyop.)

        With no analytical skills, I see.

        • Didact

          Right, let’s run down the Gamma checklist here:
          1) Refusal to provide evidence to backup an argument when asked to do so – CHECK
          2) Immediately assumes pose of superiority where none is warranted – CHECK
          3) Resorts to ad hominem attacks related to taste in women, instead of providing examples of what he considers real women to support his views – CHECK
          4) Appears incapable of actually facing up to a real conflict when required to do so – CHECK

          You’ve got a pretty close to terminal case of Gamma there, bro.

          In all seriousness, A.D., get this through your head:

          Your Very Important Opinions are of literally no importance to anyone here. Nobody cares what you think, because you DON’T think. If you don’t like what I post, provide counterexamples and actual arguments, or setup your own site and rage-post about me there, or simply don’t view what I write. Those are your only three choices.

          The fourth option will remove all choice from you, and involves me banning you outright, which I will do quite happily the next time you make a blanket assertion without any evidence to support it.

          If you want to be a spineless, feckless, narcissistic little Gamma, sniping at people who have done nothing to you and care nothing for your opinions, then go do it somewhere else. You are far too short for this ride – I’m giving you a chance to recognise it and do something about it. What happens next, is up to you.

    • Jim S

      This woman a dude? Wow, I guess you missed that all important day in high school biology class on male and female anatomy? I wouldn’t say she’s a 10, maybe a 9 at best. Of course in my prime, if I had met her, she still wouldn’t have given me the time of day. No biggie to me, I just roll along

      In regards to Jeusse’ Smellet’ (that french actor from Empire-Dave Chappelle’s bit) an intel agent? Ahh nope, I’ve met a few in my time(intel/operator in-the-field types), and they are 20-40+ IQ points higher in intelligence and situational awareness than 99.99 percent of actors/actresses (met a few of them, they are very good at reading words that other people write for them, most are not to smart).

  2. Tom Kratman

    Too much hip and thigh, not untypically for a Puerto Rican girl.

  3. Kapios

    She looks a lot like Andria Lima and Megan Fox. Did someone crack the code to gene editing or something?

    Anyway, she is good eye bleach from a random photo of the Hildebeast I saw a few hours ago.


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