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Friday T&A: Costume Party Edition

by | Dec 3, 2021 | fat girl jihad | 3 comments

Ah, here we are at last, my friends – the very last month of the year, which means that we are getting into the absolute BEST season of all: Christmas. And, given what a bloody awful year we’ve all had – at this point it’s been over TWO years, actually, what with all of the Coof-related lunacy – it’s about time that we all had a proper Christmas, to celebrate the birth of our Lord and Saviour, Jesus Christ, Immanuel, Prince of Peace.

It seems rather fitting that we might just end the year by seeing one of the greatest travesties in legal history overturned at long last.

I refer to the ongoing debate within the SCOTUS over the now-infamous Dobbs v Jackson Women’s Health Organisation case, which has captured the febrile imagination of the liberaltard whorenalists and presstitutes. They claim that the conservative justices on the Court will look to overturn the so-called “right” to abortion enshrined in the appallingly stupid Roe v Wade decision.

It is worth noting that, should the Court rule on the side of Mississippi, which has implemented a ban on abortions where the foetus has been in the womb for more than 15 weeks, PRECISELY NOTHING will change at the state level. Abortions – repugnant and horrible though they are – will still be available to any woman who seeks them.

The late, great Antonin Scalia pointed this out repeatedly during his life – and few judges fought harder or better to overturn the travesty that was Roe v Wade, a decision so bad and so poorly “reasoned” that the man behind that abomination, Justice Blackmun, flatly contradicted the principles used to arrive at it just a few weeks later in another decision. The reality is that abortion will still be legal in some states, and illegal after 15 weeks in others.

Is that not the point of a Federal system, where the states are themselves experiments in self-rule?

Now, belatedly, the Left are discovering a sudden love of precedent, or stare decisis, as a plank of judicial decision-making. The whole spectacle would be utterly laughable if it weren’t so transparently clear what the intention here is. The Left wants power, nothing less than absolute power over every aspect of a person’s life. They mask that desire through homilies and bromides designed to lull you into a false sense of security, but when they have the power to rule over you, they dispense entirely with the mask and get on with trampling over your rights as they please.

No Leftist can ever claim with a straight face to value reproductive “rights”, while also claiming to support mandatory vaccinations.

Of course, logical arguments with Leftists are entirely pointless. They don’t care about logic. The only way to battle the Left is literally to stand and fight. The moment that you do this, they start screaming about “threats” and “violence” and “unfair rules”, in an attempt to sway those who are undecided over to their side.

This gambit works very well, most of the time. But the Left has gone way too far in recent years. The tyrannical drive that motivates them is now clear for all to see. And too many have seen it to be willing to give them much of an ear any longer.

Whatever the decision with Dobbs v Jackson happens to be, the reality is that the Left is LOSING the Long War. They just look like they’re winning.

But we Christians know how the story ends. We know how the Great Deceiver behind the globalist Left will be defeated. We know his ultimate fate, and we know full well what will happen to those who follow him. It’s not going to be pretty, but boy will it be satisfying.

Just remember, brothers: as bad as things are right now – and they’re going to get a HELL of a lot worse before the end comes – the end is foreordained. We know the destination. The journey, though, is up to us.

Choose your path well on that journey. Do not flag or falter when the call comes to take action. And never forget which side you’re fighting on.

But let us turn aside from such serious thoughts for a moment, and turn to thots instead. It is, after all, Friday, and we all know what that means. So here is your lovely lady to end the week – and she is quite special.

Her name is Irina Pirozhnikova (Ирина Пирожникова), age 24, originally from Odessa in Ukraine, and raised in Reutov, a district or township of Moscow of about 90,000 people, roughly 20Km east of the city centre. (I’m pretty sure I’ve been to Reutov at some point during my travels – long story, involved a printer and a bakery, if I recall correctly.)

As for the young lady in question, well, she is a “cosplayer” who loves getting dressed up in outfits that leave precious little to the imagination. More importantly, though, she is one of that rarest of unicorns who hits what we call the “triple-threat” around here. That is, she is Russian (or near-as-dammit-so-that-it-makes-no-bloody-difference), with blue or grey eyes, and a redhead.

You really don’t find too many such specimens. The last time we featured one of those was back in June, so I figure we’re long overdue another one. (The superamazeballs guitarist that I posted about a month later doesn’t count, since she’s not an Instamodel.) This one goes out to all of the gingervitis sufferers among you, most especially LRFotS Dire Badger and Pat Himself, who appear to be particularly susceptible to this affliction.

As I keep saying whenever I dispense party favours like this – truly, gentlemen, am I not kind?

Happy Friday, gentlemen. Christmas is fast approaching, and given how horrible last year was, we owe it to ourselves and to the good Lord Himself, whose Nativity we shall soon celebrate, to make it a real occasion this year. We have seen His mysterious works throughout this year, and we are seeing a strong, if quiet, revival of faith in Him and His most glorious Son now. Let us not be slow to remember the magnitude and depth of His love for us, and let us always remember to fight on His side, never against Him, when He calls us to serve.

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  1. Matt FreeMatt

    I was hoping to find her sources for what she is wearing.

    Yeah, most people thirst trap or complain at this woman. (Noted in comments, etc on her IG)

    Folks just can’t enjoy some simple gazing.


    Those two may have gingervitis…but have they done their part to perpetuate the ginger race? Because I sure have 😛

    Fantastic choice for this week. Our host
    Is indeed a kind and generous one.

  3. Dire Badger


    There is really nothing wrong getting dressed up and playing as something you are not occasionally, but generally ‘cosplay girls’ are not doing it to enjoy roleplaying, but rather to capture the Gamer/nerd niche and exploit it ruthlessly until they hit the wall.

    This is no more wrong than the girl that desperately tries to marry up. It will likely lead to a belle delphine style tragic end, but hey… I say enjoy the ice sculpture before it melts.


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