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Monday morning with Howlin’ Mad Murdock

by | Nov 22, 2021 | Mondays | 4 comments

Oof. It’s Monday again. And honestly, I’m about done with it. The weekend wasn’t nearly long enough, I’m staring down the barrel of some rather annoying deadlines, and the end of the year is careening toward us at very high speed. Mondays really are pure suckage, and they really aren’t very productive.

Case in point: I spent 3 hours this morning stuck in a “briefing” that was LONG on bullshit and hype, and quite short on useful information, right up until we got to the important bits regarding finance and expenses. And, inevitably, we had far too much information thrown at us far too fast, none of which made much sense, and all of which was just annoying.

Still and all, this is why the Great Mondaydact Browser Muncher exists – to take the edge off and make procrastination that much more effective at helping us get through this miserable day. So let’s crack on, eh, what?

This week’s theme was again suggested by our good friend from Israel, The Male Brain, and concerns one of the Four Hoarsemen of the A-pocalypse – specifically, Captain H. M. “Howlin’ Mad” Murdock:

Here is one to top off the A-Team series. His B-Day on Nov. 24:

To finish up the A-Team Mondays, I give you the last, but not the least – Dwight Schultz.

Born in 1947, the guy did (and is still doing) voice acting and real acting. We remember him from The A-Team, but also from Star Trek TNG. What you may have not known is that the dude is a busy voice actor who appeared in several animation and games – as the mad scientist Dr. Animo in the Ben 10 series, Adrian Toomes/Vulture in some Marvel video games, Chef Mung Daal in the children’s animated series Chowder, and Eddie the Squirrel in CatDog.

Schultz is of German descent and a Roman Catholic. He attended Calvert Hall College High School and Towson University.

He did not have it easy in the industry, not at the beginning. He was on theater for a while (only started in 1977 – age 30!). So we can rest assure that he was probably a frustrated actor before that. However once the theater thing stuck he was doing 3 plays at the same time.

Only in 1981 he started TV and movies, and when it rained, it poured. He was doing guest appearances on Hill Street Blues (Good show), ChiPs (another TV show, again about cops), The Fan (horror TV movie), Burse (Drama TV movie) and Dial M for Murder (Thriller).

Then came the big break. He was casted to play HM Murdock – a free spirit who, under the guise of being a classic example of what Mr. T’s character calls a “crazy fool,” acts differently every week. One episode will find him talking like James Mason, another like Darth Vader, another like Marlon Brando in “The Godfather.” In still another he’ll be cavorting with an invisible dog; the next week trading quips with a sock puppet on his hand; then impersonating a chicken.

In one of TV’s most rigidly formatted series, Schultz paradoxically is called on to demonstrate unusual versatility in providing comic relief for the action-adventure show to balance the heavy doses of gunfire, car crashes and fist fights. For a theatrically trained actor with a love of repertory, the role of Murdock offered Schultz what he considered an ideal opportunity: the chance to gain the high visibility of a TV series without having to repeat the same characterization every week.

I can even remember one chapter when he was the romantic love interest, and had GAME, to get the girl – “Bounty” episode.

The main problem he faced afterwards was typecasting. He got stuck in the “oddball” role (Jake and the Fatman episode “Brother, Can You Spare a Dime?” from 1987, Perry Mason: The Case of the Sinister Spirit from 1987).

Then came Star Trek TNG. Season 3 episode 21 saw the emergence of a new recurring role. And as IMDB points out in the Trivia section: “First appearance of Dwight Schultz as Reginald Barclay, who’d originally been intended to be a one-time character to get sent to a mental hospital over his holodeck addiction.”

That broke the spell. Schultz started appearing in other roles, even sometime as lead. He also started to do voice acting since 1997 (Lois and Clark of all shows) and video games. And to tie the loose ends, he also appeared in the A-Team movie (2010) as a cameo.

Schultz is married from 1983 to actress Wendy Fulton (not that known) who is now a family therapist. Their daughter Ava (born 1987) serves in the Marines. RESPECT!

Schultz is Christian and a conservative, and he began regular appearances on The Glazov Gang in 2012, an Internet political talk show hosted by Jamie Glazov, managing editor of FrontPage Magazine. He also posts political commentaries and podcasts on his official fansite.

And now for the memes and videos, with his captions:

Man, I remember that episode.
One of those hilarious costumes
And he did it well
Not easy at all
So 2021
Never thought about it, but it is true
That shirt needs a comeback
Can’t argue with that
Ok we used that one, but it is still good
No one, and I mean no one died by guns on that show
No, he actually invented one every other episode


Top 10 Dwight Schultz Performances. They forgot Stargate SG1
Fixed it

#BasedTucker is based:

The Male Brain has been pretty busy over the past week, so the video set this time is thin – but he more than made up for it with a whole host of hilarious programming memes. So let’s get started with a Cracked video about what dating apps are really like:

The Babylon Bee continues to report all the news before it happens, 100% accurate (and hilariously):

And here are some of the aforementioned memes, along with his captions:

Can’t relate

He can’t – but I sure as shit can. I’ve worked with Python before. It’s a tremendously powerful language, but it’s also a pain in the ass at various levels.

Again, cant relate

Programmers and Asians – considerable overlap – can relate, though. I do.

They are obviously objects, because they want to be treated as such
Did not see that coming
Never happened because no f*&king liberal leftist humanities student is kind
That explains a lot
Lazy MF. Go operate it.
Different Python, but still good

And here are some great memes that he sent me from LinkedIn:

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No alternative text description for this image
That one always makes me laugh
graphical user interface, website
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a close up of text on a white background

LRFotS (and righteous young man) Texakraut sent over a seriously great song to commemorate the full exoneration of The Hero Kyle Rittenhouse:

The whole story does indeed have the makings of an epic folk ballad, and indeed I suspect that it will become precisely that over time.

And another LRFotS, Randale6, has sent over a couple of good videos to get us underway today. Here’s the trailer for Total War III: Warhammer, which indicates that Slaanesh and Nurgle really, really don’t like each other – and the only possible result from that will be EPIC and HORRIFIC STDs:

Herpegonasyphilaids for EVERYONE!!!

And here’s one from Flashgitz for the martial artists among us:

The big news from the past week was, of course, the Rittenhouse verdict, and we’re going to see that come up a lot in today’s videos. Mark Dice was ecstatic about the verdict itself, but he has absolutely no respect for the presstitutes and whorenalists who spread so many lies and misinformation about the whole case:

Dave from Blue Collar Logic explains how to kill procrastination:

His buddy and sometime colleague Jason Siler was thoroughly unimpressed by the clown-car crash that was the prosecution in the Rittenhouse case:

Bill Whittle believes that the Rittenhouse verdict shows that America’s Constitution still lives:

I don’t quite agree with him, but I see where he is coming from. America’s system is dead and gone. What we’re seeing right now is the twitching of a rotting yet not-quite-dead corpse. But there ARE still good reasons to hope, and the Rittenhouse trial shows us that hope matters, that it lives, and that having hope helps us get through the madness around us.

Paul Ramsey is also happy about the fact that we won one on the side of the angels:

PJW unpacks the real story behind that fake “Christian” convert who prematurely detonated (literally) in Liverpool the other day – my American readers probably didn’t hear anything about it, but it was a huge story over in PommieBastardLande for a bit:

The lovely and charming Dr. Sam Bailey pulls absolutely no punches in unpacking a recent paper by Dr. Mark Bailey (maybe that’s her husband?) and Dr. John Bevan-Smith about the utter fraud of the Scamdemic:

Lord Razor of the Fist Clan unleashes one of his most blistering rants EVER with respect to the total vindication of The Hero Kyle Rittenhouse:

The Dizzle simply shreds one of the dumbest arguments made by Izzlamists against the concept of the Trinity:

Dr. Jay Smith from PfanderFilms and his new German friend Thomas Alexander unpack the German school of historical criticism of Islam:

It is not an exaggeration to state that the German School of criticism has inflicted some of the most severe damage to Christianity in Europe. Seriously. It is because of the Germans, and their (initially) devastating historical, redacted, source, textual, and scientific criticisms of the Bible that much of Europe lost its faith.

But, a happy consequence of that devastating attack is that the German academy refined its techniques and skills against the Bible. Today we have found that the Bible has withstood EVERY SINGLE TEST that has been thrown at it. And now those same tools and techniques are being turned against the Koran and Islam – to devastating effect.

See, the Bible is fundamentally TRUE. And because it is TRUE, the more you hammer away at the obfuscation and junk dumped on top of it by the sands of time, the deeper you dig, the closer you get to the TRUTH – that is, God.

But Islam is FALSE. The Koran is FALSE – by its own standards. Both Islam and the Koran make claims that cannot be supported by the evidence, text, history, science, philosophy, or anything else. So the more you attack it, the more damage you do to it.

Al-Fadi from CIRA International and Dr. Jay Smith start up what is likely to be a VERY long series, unpacking the 5,000 or so differences betwen the Hafs and Warsh Korans – yes, there are at least two different Korans, quite contrary to Izzlamist claims, and in fact there are at least 30:

Dr. Frank Turek from Cross Examined demolishes the notion that the Bible supports rape in any way:

China Uncensored wonders what’s going on with some odd explosions in the country recently:

America Uncovered examines – what else? – the Rittenhouse verdict:

Jared Taylor from American Renaissance notes that the extreme vitriol and hatred poured upon Whites by the Rittenhouse verdict simply accelerates the inevitable, and actual, Whitelash:

I think he’s right. The racial angle in the Rittenhouse case involved JEWS, not Blacks, and ginning up Dindus to riot and burn in Daemoncrat-run shitholes is merely an obfuscation of that reality.

Rittenhouse was attacked by at least two Jews and one Dindu. Every man that Rittenhouse shot, had or has a lengthy criminal record.

The Hero Kyle Rittenhouse shot and killed a violent child rapist Jew named Joseph Rosenbaum, and then a violent domestic abuser with a history of assault, battery, and drug charges, named Anthony Huber. The latter tried to beat his brains out with a skateboard.

The Hero then blew practically half the arm off drunk driver and noted police stalker, Gaige Grosskreutz – also a Jew, who advanced upon Rittenhouse with a loaded pistol pointed straight at him with clear intent to fire.

And The Hero shot at, and missed, a Black man named Maurice Freeland, who connected a flying jump-kick with The Hero’s head while he was on the ground. The Dindu in this situation is a known domestic abuser, career criminal, and convicted felon who at one point punched his then-girlfriend in the ribs and threw her to the ground.

Put simply, these were not Boy Scouts being hunted by some EEEEEEEVIL WHITE MAN. These were savages intent on bloody murder. And The Hero Kyle Rittenhouse acted righteously to defend himself, his people, and his town.

A child rapist and a domestic abuser are burning now in the Hell that they very clearly deserved, and a drunken Commie will never be able to use his right arm to inflict harm upon anyone else again. I don’t call that “attempted murder”. I call that “heroism”.

And I’m not even White, either.

Terrence Popp is not pleased about the slipping standards at Ranger school – especially given what they put him through back in the day:

Midnight’s Edge are VERY enthusiastic about Ghostbusters: Afterlife – but they note that quite a big chunk of cdritics are not:

Overlord Dicktor Van Doomcock breaks down the rumours about Queen Karen Kennedy’s contract renewal at Lucasfilm:

If that is true, then my guess is that she is, in fact, being “kicked upstairs” where she can’t do terribly much damage. She’s been nothing less than an utter DISASTER during her tenure, but just remember that her destruction of STAR WARS, and now of Indiana Jones, has been entirely deliberate. She WANTED to do these things.

Gary from Nerdrotic also watched Ghostbusters: Afterlife, and rather liked it:

So did The Drinker, though he was a little less enthusiastic due to the flaws in the film:

Your “Science is F***ING WEIRD” moment of the week concerns some fascinating developments in the field of quantum computing, which is rapidly moving from theory to reality:

At long last, physicists from Harvard and MIT have found the killer application for quantum computing: a Mario Bros. GIF made from qubits. The qubits (quantum bits) can also be arranged in a Space Invaders design, or Tetris, or any other shape—your geometrical wish is the qubits’ command.

The GIFs were offered up by QuEra Computing, a Boston startup emerging from stealth, to show off the programmability of their 256-qubit quantum simulator—a special-purpose quantum computer built for solving certain types of problems.

The QuEra machine is the latest leap in scaling up quantum computing to make it more powerful and capable of tackling practical problems. More qubits mean more information can be stored and processed, and researchers developing the technology have been racing to continually raise the bar.

In 2019, Google announced that its 53-qubit machine had achieved quantum supremacy—performing a task not manageable by a conventional computer—but IBM challenged the claim. The same year, IBM launched its 53-bit quantum computer. In 2020, IonQ unveiled a 32-qubit system that the company said was the “world’s most powerful quantum computer.” And just this week IBM launched its new 127-qubit quantum processor, which the press release described as a “minor miracle of design.” “The big news, from my perspective, is it works,” says Jay Gambetta, IBM’s vice-president of quantum computing.

Now QuEra claims to have made a device with far more qubits than any of those rivals.

The ultimate goal of quantum computing, of course, is not to play Tetris but to outperform classical computers in solving problems of practical interest. Enthusiasts reckon that when these computers become powerful enough, perhaps in a decade or two, they might bring transformative effects in fields such as medicine and finance, neuroscience and AI. Quantum machines will likely need thousands of qubits to manage such complex problems.

It is worth noting, by the way, that if plausible and useful quantum computers become a reality, the very foundation of cryptocurrencies, the blockchain, basically self-destructs.

The entire point of cryptocurrency is that the underlying proof of ownership, built into the blockchain, cannot be “hacked” easily to create unverified coins or steal money from people. This avoids the major problems of fiat currencies, wherein the value of the currency can be manipulated through debasement or confiscation.

The beauty of the blockchain is that, the larger the network involved gets, the more difficult it becomes to hack – and the more difficult it becomes to solve the cryptographic problems that add new “blocks” to the end of the chain.

However, quantum computing would make this essentially irrelevant, by permitting near-instantaneous solution of some of these very hard-to-solve cryptographic problems.

To be clear, I am ENTIRELY IN FAVOUR of cryptocurrencies. But I do think that quantum computing may well transform the world of digital currencies, both for better and worse. I don’t think it would take long for truly unhackable, truly and completely decentralised digital currencies to emerge that depend on qubit-based solutions, for example. And that would result in a colossal shift of power away from governments to individuals.

Your long read of the week is from The Male Brain, and consists of another classic piece from Aaron Clarey, aka Captain Capitalism, about how society has turned women into creatures that are deadly to men:

Though not necessarily conscious or by design, society has done four things that made women REALLY not like men…or at least not as much as they did in the past.

The first thing was breaking the traditional social contract the sexes had with one another and replacing men with the government.  The simplified version is that men were traditionally responsible for the support and protection of women (and the family), but in being responsible for the family, they were also the final arbiter of all decisions.  They were the head of the household, and the wife was to support her husband, care for her husband, and ultimately abide by her husband’s decisions.

Today, women no longer need men as they have the government, careers, or (more likely) a combination of both.  And with divorce being common and acceptable, men have absolutely no authority over any marriage or relationship.  It is completely voluntary.

But while this voluntaristic relationship seems much-improved in the eyes of women over the tyrannical traditional one, with no authority over women or what goes on in their household, men by logical consequence are are also free of any responsibility.  They are free to do as they please.  And men tend to not want to commit.

You get a girl pregnant?  You don’t have to stick around, the government will pay for it.

Your girl asking “where is this going?”  Going “where” exactly?  Marriage is completely out of date and obsolete.  Besides you have your career and the government.  You don’t “need” me, this is a temporary relationship of convenience.

A girl wants you to settle down and only date her?  Why exactly would you do that in 2021?  To what end or goal?

And to further deter men from commitment, “marriage” – the ultimate form of commitment – has become an untenable and unconscionable contract.  It is not only hugely risky for any man entering it, but has such a spectacular failure rate you would have to be a genuinely stupid person to enter it.

This would be fine and well as women (at least on paper) seem to be bowing out of marriage as well.  But a quaint little 50 year sociology experiment does not undo 2 million years of human evolution.  Even if a woman consciously and logically understands that her new relationship with the government obsoletes her need for a man, every cell in her nervous system, every strand of DNA is screaming at her to get a man to commit to her.  And when her high powered career, masters degree, or government check does not scratch this biological itch, she takes out the crushing totality of this cognitive dissonance on the only and obvious culprit – those damn commito-phobic men.

Linkage is good for you:

And some more from Dawn Pine:

The Neo-Tsar is utterly unamused by the Ukies and their attempts to play at war:

Russian media reported that the country’s deadly Black Sea Fleet and troops in Crimea could “neutralise the Ukrainian Armed Forces in between 50 and 600 minutes” if it felt it was about to be attacked.

Glavmedia Telegram cited a “high-ranking source” who told them “in the event of a Ukrainian attack on Crimea or other Russian territories, the Black Sea Fleet will completely neutralise all enemy warships and coastal military infrastructure.”

This would include military bases, radio-electronic and air defences, artillery and airfields.

It continued: “A ‘no-access bubble’ has been deployed for such a task in Crimea, and all naval, air, artillery and missile and other assets – including airborne, tank, special and marines units – are available on the peninsula, and off Novorossiysk.”

The chilling threat comes amid concerns over Russia’s troops reportedly massing on Ukraine’s border sparking fears of all-out invasion.

The expert in the news report denied Russia would act first but would respond “reactively” to a perceived attack. 

It also comes as Moscow has accused London of destabilising the region by agreeing to supply Kiev with arms

I actually agree with Putin’s assessment. Russia’s forces do have their own issues. But they are technologically advanced, highly capable, battle-hardened, modernised, and slimmed-down. The Ukies, by contrast, have a big army on paper, but they have a broken economy, a political and military class that is rotten to its very core, and a command structure that obeys failed 2GW Western doctrines of war.

The West continues to expand NATO eastward towards Russia’s borders at its own great peril, and it needs to STOP before it gets its teeth kicked in:

History lessons of the week:

Your Great Man of the Week is the legendary, and controversial, Founding Father Alexander Hamilton – and no, this isn’t the hackneyed hip-hop liberaltard version of history made by Lin-Manuel Miranda:

Our boy Mint Blitz has some extremely good news to report about HALO Infinite:

This game is gonna be SUPER DOOPER AWESOMESAUCE AMAZEBALLS. Count on it.

And now let’s let him get on with borking the new HALO game’s physics engine, as only he knows how:

Wazzocks gonna wazzock:

Related, and quite tragic – former The Grand Tour driver Abbie Eaton straight-up BROKE HER BACK in a bad crash recently, and it’s just awful to see her like this:

Fortunately, she’s a strong lass and she appears to be recovering well. She should be back up and walking in a few months, with proper physio to get her strength back – her spinal cord is intact, apparently, it was “only” a compression fracture of the actual vertebrae in her back.

Thank God she’s OK. I hope and pray that she will recover fully.

Kitchen Nightmares with the Angry Scot:

Comedy hour:

Pics, guns, girls:

The Alec Baldwin School of Gun Safety, right there
I mean… that would actually work…

Headlines of the week indicate that letting Floriduh Man back into airports might be a bad idea:

Your “Facts Are RAYCISS!!!” moment of the week:

Your “Dumbshit Liberaltard” moment of the week:

Your “Can’t Argue With That” moment of the week:

Your “Woman Driver” moment of the week:

Not just that, but the poor beastie is now a neutered chow-chow

This next one puts a lot of things into perspective…:

This next one is quite subtle:

Inflation isn’t hitting everything quite the same way:

Huh. Almost cheaper than it is online.
Which is why I drive while listening to death metal – true story

You may be a good internet troll, but ain’t nobody ever trolled harder than Cap’n Kirk himself:

That would be a VASTLY better movie than anything coming out of the Devil Mouse’s bunghole in the last 10 years
Good doggo – clearly he shares my taste in food

Your aminules are adorkable moment of the week:

And also your animals are absolute DICKS moment of the week, to balance things out:

Gym beast props this week go to Chinese powerlifter Yangsu Ren, who sumo-deadlifted a truly staggering amount of weight:

I’m not convinced by sumo deadlifts, to be honest, as they reduce the range-of-motion involved and put different kinds of stresses on the joints and tendons. It’s also worth noting that the heaviest deadlifts of all time were conventional, not sumo, which tells me that at some level you compromise your strength overall when deadlifting that way. But I could be wrong about that.

And that guy still deadlifted about 80% MORE than my max, so that’s damned impressive.

Wise Uncle Chael the American Gangster is getting a little tired of defending “The Notorious” Conor Macgregor, the “Little Rich Weirdo”:

That’s Chael in seriously fine form, basically laying a verbal smackdown upon a man who really has turned into a Little Rich Weirdo. It’s going to be quite amusing to see how this whole thing turns out – the previous greatest trash-talker in the sport, trash-talking the current greatest trash-talker, will definitely be an amazing match-up.

Jesus loves knockouts:


Finally, here we are at the Instathot to get the week started. Her name is Katherine, last name and age unknown, but she’s an interesting blend of nationalities (or so she claims, anyway). Apparently she is half Venezuelan, half Canarian, and therefore that makes her a hybrid. Presumably, then, the “M. V.” thing stands for “Mileage Value”, and given that we’re talking about a hybrid and an Instathot, is likely to be considerably lower than she would have you believe.

She might as well have given herself the last name, “Prius” – though admittedly that would be quite cruel, even by my standards.

OK, chaps, enough gawking, get back to work. The Fake President is depending on YOU to fund his insane boondoggles, so you’d best be on your way.

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  1. Kapios

    That guy with the two cobras….how does he even begin to tell his story without getting strong reactions of disbelief?

    With regards to Kyle Rittenhouse case, he might get a little relief from the spotlight given the utter chaos that is happening in fascist Europe with all these lockdowns and forced vaxxes. There will be months of drama to cover for that during the next few months. Also, I need to get the fuck out of Europe asap. Wish me luck.

    • Didact

      Also, I need to get the fuck out of Europe asap. Wish me luck.

      I do, and I greatly sympathise. My question – and I mean this as a sincere query – is:

      Where will you go?

      Central and Eastern Europe aren’t much better, with the notable (and possibly temporary) exception of Russia. And Russia is a HARD place to live, even if you speak the language to any degree of reasonable fluency.

      Asia has gone Full Retard in most of the civilised regions, especially Singapore, Indonesia, and Japan. South Asia is a shithole and isn’t fun to live in anyway.

      Forget Africa – it’s unbearable. Someone from your part of Europe is NOT going to be welcome in Turkey. Australia and New Zealand are open-air prisons for their own people, never mind everyone else.

      Canada? Fascist. The USA? Possibly, but only the Red states.

      UK? Distinct possibility. They don’t have vaxx mandates or lockdowns there, and things appear to be relatively free.

      That leaves Central and South America, possibly Argentina or Brazil.

      I would be genuinely curious to know what your ideas are at this point. As you may recall, I created a course specifically for men to get the hell OUT of the fascist regimes we see rising up around the world now.

      • Kapios

        Latin America is the best bet. Sweden is woke, but as you said, they have not gone full retard on the covid madness.

        Texas and Floriduh also seem more promising.

        The problem is money and location independence.

        I know it seems crazy, but I would rather search extensively for pockets of freedom around the world rather than wait in agony for the next retarded restriction.

        I did not put the devil’s piss in my body, but at the same time I don’t feel strong enough to die for my belief. Or at least I don’t feel like this is a battle worth fighting.

        I want to let the lemmings (NPC covid vaxxers) fall off the cliff without me.

        I have been discussing this matter with a monk in a monastery that I visit once a week. We have deep discussions about all matters and his opinion is that I am not really free when the government dictates my actions. Fleeing is another outcome that the fascist governments want from the covid anti vaxxers.

        I admit that escaping tyrrany is extremely difficult at this point, and I also admit that dying for my belief seems like a distant option for me. The monk has been exercising religion for years. He is very strong.

        What hope do I have of coming out with my sanity intact when I have to fall on my knees and pray to God so I won’t have to eat a piece of chocolate?

        How can I resist a megaton of pressure from government restriction, when I am still slaving for these small pleasures.

        I’m not being a defeatist here and I fear God more than the vaxx. But at the same time, I don’t feel like I have exercised my mind to the point of not being terrified of death or imprisonment.

        It’s hard to explain, but I feel like it’s a predicament for me. I know, I just laid out a rediculous contradiction. But honestly, I am tired. And I’m very tired of being tired.

        I have been doing 2 rapid tests every week for months while watching the NPCs happily walking around without a care of what is coming to them. No, I’m not a special case and there is worse out there. But I’m not gonna wait for the shit storm to come and hit me in the face.

        Sorry for the long rant.

        • Didact

          I know it seems crazy, but I would rather search extensively for pockets of freedom around the world rather than wait in agony for the next retarded restriction.

          Nothing crazy about it at all. That’s why I created my course last year. (Which I STILL have to relaunch at some point…)

          Freedom is your birthright, given to you by your Creator. Governments can take it away, but they can’t stop you from seeking it if you really want to.

          I did not put the devil’s piss in my body, but at the same time I don’t feel strong enough to die for my belief. Or at least I don’t feel like this is a battle worth fighting.

          Welcome to the war, son. This is what the Apostles went through right after the arrest and crucifixion of Jesus. They ran away, frightened and hopeless. And look what became of them. What they saw changed them to the point where they had no problems whatsoever standing up against the entire might of Rome itself.

          I’m not saying that the same thing will happen to you. That transformative experience is a very personal and private thing. Moving away from persecution and hatred is no bad thing, either. The Gospels and the Book of Acts make very clear that, if the truth is not honoured where you are, if you believe in the pursuit of truth, then shake the dust of that place from your feet and move on.

          What hope do I have of coming out with my sanity intact when I have to fall on my knees and pray to God so I won’t have to eat a piece of chocolate?

          How can I resist a megaton of pressure from government restriction, when I am still slaving for these small pleasures.

          I’m not being a defeatist here and I fear God more than the vaxx. But at the same time, I don’t feel like I have exercised my mind to the point of not being terrified of death or imprisonment.

          That strength doesn’t happen overnight for most men. It has to be built up through exercise, like any muscle. Start small, as you are doing now. You already know that there are certain things in your life that you need to resist and avoid. Shed them, one by one. Incorporate discipline into your life, step by step.

          Critical to all of this is a daily prayer routine. Don’t bother trying to memorise any particular prayer, other than the Lord’s Prayer itself. Start off by reciting that prayer every night before you go to sleep, and just start by saying, “God, thank you for the blessings of this day”.

          That’s it. Doesn’t need to be any more elaborate than that.

          As long as you REALLY MEAN IT when you utter those words, it won’t take very long before you start to see results.

          It’s hard to explain, but I feel like it’s a predicament for me. I know, I just laid out a rediculous contradiction. But honestly, I am tired. And I’m very tired of being tired.

          It is not contradictory at all to a Christian mind. The terrible weariness that you feel is the energy-destroying, soul-sucking knowledge that evil is running rampant in the world, and there doesn’t seem to be anything that you can do about it.

          And you are right. There isn’t – IF you try to fight that evil using only secular means.

          The reality is that this madness cannot be defeated through purely human interventions and works. The evil is too great. The rot is too deep. You need to call on far greater Power than anything that you have within yourself. Only then will the weariness disappear, and only then will you feel real hope again.

          I have been doing 2 rapid tests every week for months while watching the NPCs happily walking around without a care of what is coming to them. No, I’m not a special case and there is worse out there. But I’m not gonna wait for the shit storm to come and hit me in the face.

          That’s a good start. My advice to you is simply to endure. That is the fastest way to win, actually. I’ve learned this lesson from MMA fighters over many years of interacting with them. Quite often, they win simply by outlasting their opponents. Just by showing up for the fight, refusing to take the easy way out, and getting on with living an untainted life, you are defying those who seek your obedience and enslavement.

          They will not win in the end. They are ALREADY losing – they just don’t see it yet. Already we can see clear signs that their power is waning and they are losing influence and strength. But they don’t want to admit it or seem weak, so they keep inventing ever more absurd and stupid measures to keep us all terrified and compliant.

          It’s not going to work. Their first attempts to install a global government, failed outright. They are trying again now with this new “Botswana Variant” of the Coof. But I think people are finally waking up and realising how badly they’ve been ripped off and lied to for two years. This time will be harder for them.


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