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Friday T&A: Running Alone Edition

by | Nov 19, 2021 | fat girl jihad | 4 comments

Brothers, as I mentioned in my last post, we don’t often get a chance to celebrate good news anymore. The world has gone insane, and the madness is getting worse every single day. Just this week, Austria locked down its unvaccinated citizens – which did absolutely DICK-ALL to stop the Coof from spreading among its population. Today, we learned that they will lock down their entire country, and force everyone to get the not-vaxx by Feb 1 next year. On top of that, Germany, Greece, the Czech Republic, and other countries – which are already heavily vaxxed – are looking to follow suit.

Seriously, why don’t they just tattoo gold stars on the arms of the unvaccinated at this point and have done with it? At least then we can honestly note what they really are – NAZIS.

Indeed, there is a rich vein of irony ore to be mined in the fact that it is Austria, the home country of one Adolf Hitler, which imposed the world’s first discriminatory lockdown on a specific segment of the population. Whichever pack of moronic doofuses is running Austria right now, I don’t think they know anything much about their own history.

The takeaway here is unquestionably clear: the not-vaxxes are not-effective, as I pointed out yesterday. Those of us who have refused to get jabbed – I am proud to say that I am one of them – have done so because we do not trust these vaccines, and the scientific evidence now vindicates us. If you’ve already had the Coof, your natural immunity is far stronger and longer-lasting than anything provided by any of the not-vaxxes.

Continue to resist. Do not do what is easy and convenient, simply because it is so. Do what is RIGHT.

If that means resorting to “questionable” methods in order to preserve your freedoms – DO IT. There are ways around some of these strictures, though it is a challenge and a risk.

Note that we Christians are commanded to obey the lawful orders of governments, because those governments are God’s proxies on Earth, here to uphold His will. I think it is quite fair to say at this point that governments which force their own citizens into solitary confinement for 21 days upon returning to their home countries – which is what New Zealand did – are not legitimate instruments of God’s will on Earth.

Solitary confinement is considered the worst kind of punishment that you can inflict upon prisoners in a maximum security prison. It literally dehumanises a person by destroying any form of social bonding experience. It has been known to drive people into insanity. Yet the governments of Australia, New Zealand, and Canada, have all enacted such policies.

Even some of the supposedly staunch defenders of Western civilisation, such as Viktor Orban in Hungary, have stated clearly that you need to get vaxxed or die (from the Coof, to be clear). For a man who has devoted his political career to defending his own people and way of life from the depredations of illegal invaders from shithole countries, and from the madness of the Euzis, that is a remarkably idiotic thing to say.

Much of Central and Eastern Europe thinks this way, too – my good friend in Ukraine tells me that you now need COVID passes to go anywhere useful (in theory), and they are now discussing denying the unvaxxed the right to enter grocery stores. In reality, you can get away without it, but things are getting stranger by the day over there. The Ukronazis have plainly lost what little is left of their marbles.

In Russia, the government there is drawing up plans to introduce a nationwide vaccine passport, though the exact implementation has been left up to the various regions, and Moscow has so far refused to implement anything of the sort. We shall see what happens – if one of the few remaining bastions of sanity in the face of this Coof-inspired madness falls, then times will be grave indeed for all of us.

Look, I say this as someone who has had the Coof and survived, and thrived, to tell the tale:

This disease is dangerous, yes, but only to specific segments of the population. For most of us, it is not, and we should not fear it. We should instead learn to live with it and go on about our lives – as the Swedes, of all people, are managing to do. Yes, the Scandicucks are handling this nonsense better than supposedly more manly and sane cultures, which really tells you something about the Clown World in which we find ourselves.

Nonetheless, brothers, my message to you remains the same:

Fight back. Do not submit. Refuse to do what is easy and convenient. Do what is simple and right instead.

NO ONE has the right to tell you that you MUST get a vaccine that is not effective, not safe, not sterilising, and not capable of protecting you for more than 6 months. If that means that you must run alone along the track of your life, then do so – because you’re not alone, not really.

They just want you to think that you are, so that you will give in more quickly. Few forces are more powerful for ensuring the compliance of the masses than the threat of social ostracism and self-isolation. That tactic of out-grouping works, very well indeed – but only if you let it.

Stand fast and fight. The angels do fight for us, by our side – we just received proof of that earlier today. Take heart from that, and do not give in.

And with that stirring call to arms, let us now turn our thoughts to decidedly more pleasant things. For it is Friday, after all, at the end of a momentous and portentous week. And seeing as how the Russians remain some of the saner people in Europe, let’s close off today with a lovely Russian lady.

Her name is Ekaterina Alexandrovna (Екатерина Александровна), though she seems to prefer the rather more Westernised alias of “Cristy Ren”, age 24, and depending on which source you read, she was born either in St. Petersburg or Novosibirsk. The two cities are rather far apart – the first is on the shores of the Baltic Sea, while the second is quite literally surrounded by sod-all in the middle of Siberia – and in all honesty, judging by her looks, I’d say she’s probably from the latter.

She is quite famous in various online circles for her lingerie, bikini, and glamour modelling, and she’s signed up with Alexander Mavrin’s model roster, doing… whatever it is that models do, I suppose. Don’t ask me, I don’t know any.

At any rate, as you can see by her very ample… assets, she has absolutely no issues whatsoever attracting attention for her looks and… personality. Both of them.

Happy Friday, gentlemen. We won one little victory today, and an innocent young man walked free, as he deservedly should have. Celebrate this fact, pray for the young man in question, and prepare yourself for whatever comes next, because the Left is going to get louder and uglier and more violent by the day. The will of the howling mob was defied, and they are NOT going to take that lightly. So gun up, get ready, and remember, the fight never ends.

It is our privilege, brothers, to fight in this war. Never forget this, and never waver in your purpose.

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  1. Johnny

    This girl is one of the best ever. Perhaps a perfect 10, and not just because of the big rack. Her buttocks are the correct shape as well (always check for that, for it is indicative of a lot).

    • Didact

      Russian. Pretty much enough said, really.

      • Johnny

        Most of the ones you post are Russians. Not all are top drawer. This one is a cut above.

        Now, compared to Indian women, yes, it is safe to say that the average Russian woman is better-looking than 95-97% of Indian women the same age.

  2. Kapios

    I have no clue what she is like as a person, but her face looks so innocent…unlike all the idiots who rot of evil in most governments around the world.

    Honestly, I would really like to be somewhere on a beach in Mexico with a woman like that and watching Europe burn when they finally announce to take the vaxx or else.

    There is not much hope other than to destroy everything in spectacular fashion so we can end this 2nd wave of fascism.


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