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Friday T&A: Body of Evidence Edition

by | Nov 5, 2021 | fat girl jihad | 0 comments

What a week it’s been. I’ve spent the last 5 days up to my eyeballs in strategic thinking, frameworks, case studies, and an extremely crushing presentation schedule that left me with literally no time even to go to the gym yesterday. And given that yesterday was Leg Day, and I DO NOT skip Leg Day as a general rule, you therefore have some idea of just how busy I actually was.

But that didn’t stop me from taking stock of certain developments in the world of politics. Top of the news was, of course, the heavy electoral defeat suffered by the Daemoncrats in the People’s Republic of Virginia – oh, sorry, are we not allowed to call it that yet? And it looks like the Goombah-in-Chief over in Noo Joisey just barely managed to get through that election by the skin of his teeth – and that too is not certain at this moment.

Bigger than that, though, was the news that I read just this morning – after waking up far too early, well before even my alarm went off – that the completely fake Trump-Russia Collusion Dossier was, indeed, a blatantly forged piece of political opposition research designed to make the God-Emperor look bad. Worse than that, it was all but certainly bought and paid for by the Clinton campaign.

Think upon that for a moment.

The “MUH RUSSIAN KAHLOOOOOOZHUN!!!” narrative stalled and damaged the God-Emperor’s Presidency for a full four years. It served as the basis for a concerted effort by the swamp creatures of the Deep State to impeach him the first time. And it eventually succeeded, even though the God-Emperor categorically did nothing wrong whatsoever.

At every stage, the God-Emperor’s agenda was stymied and frustrated by this one bit of absolute and utter prurient nonsense that had not one shred of credible evidence behind it. Worse than that, it was created by the Hilldebitch’s staffers, quite possibly (though not provably, at this point in time) at her request.

Despite the ridiculous and outrageous falsehoods contained within the dossier itself, virtually the entire whorenalist class – almost every last presstitute in the USA and most of the Western world – believed it and took it at face value.

Why? Because they hated DRUMPF, and because this bit of particularly bad fan-fiction seemed to fit their narrative perfectly.

We Trump supporters often wonder why the God-Emperor did not attempt to impale and crucify his enemies among the presstitutes. The answer is that the man was and remains far too civilised for the dirty games that now need to be played in American politics. This is no longer a contact sport – this is now gladiatorial combat, and the Daemoncrats are winning because they are willing to resort to tactics that their opponents eschew. Apparently those tactics are “dishonourable”, or something.

Quite how one can claim that one’s opponent is “dishonourable” when one’s own guts are spilling out onto the sand because the other guy struck first and struck hardest, is rather beyond me. But then, I’m not a conservative or a Republican, so I don’t understand this nonsense of “fair play” in politics.

The God-Emperor’s failures as a leader are clear. He failed, massively, on multiple fronts. Which is what makes his actual successes all the more amazing – he had such a monumental, and impossible, task in front of him, it is a wonder that he managed to get anything done.

The fact that he managed to keep America out of any new foreign wars, secured his country’s borders, created a booming economy, and essentially governed like a traditional conservative – rather than the crazy ultranationalist that his enemies paint him to be – is something of a miracle.

And the fact that the Establishment got away for years with a blatant lie, and a political scandal orders of magnitude greater than Watergate, and continues to get away with it, is yet another sign that America’s final disintegration is unavoidable, imminent, and likely to be barbaric beyond the wildest horrors imaginable by the human mind.

You simply don’t get away with lies that big for that long without dreadful and terrible consequences farther down the line. Empires have fallen over less than this. The phrase “wrath of God” may well need to be dusted off and revisited after we see what comes next.

Prepare, if you can, for that day. Make sure that you disassociate yourself from your more deluded blue-state neighbours and friends. They aren’t ready for the consequences of their own belief systems and delusions – so don’t get sucked down with them when the collapse comes.

But enough of such dark thoughts for one day. Let us turn to more pleasant things, for it is, after all, Friday. And you all know what that means.

This week’s lovely lady is Mariia Arsentieva (Мария Арсентьева, if you happen to know Russian, and possibly something a bit different in Ukrainian), age 26 from Kiev, Ukraine. She is famous for doing stuff on something called “TikTok”, which as far as I can tell is a Chinese-made app full of spyware and stupid people doing stupid things. But apparently all the cool kiddies these days are using it, which tells you a lot about what a cranky old dinosaur I am.

Now, this week’s exhibit is rather less… rounded than we are accustomed to around here. But there is something deeply wholesome and refreshing about her looks – she has a certain innocence and freshness about her that is really quite charming. And it seems only fitting that we feature a lady from the part of the world that gave the Daemoncrats their first excuse (of many) to impeach their most hated enemy. At least Ukraine can do some good for the rest of us, eh?

Their economy may be shot to shit, their leader may be an autocratic corrupt globalist who sold his soul to the Euzis, and their people may be tearing themselves apart, but at least they still produce some of the most magnificently beautiful women anywhere.

Happy Friday, gentlemen. I’m off to lift heavy shit, drink beer, eat protein, and sleep – in that order. Lord knows, I need the rest – I am genuinely absolutely exhausted and in dire need of some R&R. Stay well, stay safe, and stay ready.

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