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Domain Query: Genetics is NOT destiny

by | Nov 9, 2021 | Domain Query | 2 comments

I had a rather odd drive-by comment from someone who calls himself Genetics is destiny on that post from a while back about Billzebub the Gates’s imploded marriage with MELinda the Dude. (For some reason, that is now THE most popular poast I’ve ever written.) The comment itself is… well, something of a borderline-suicidal Omega rant, really, though I’m tempted to call Gamma on it, simply because of the self-absorption and self-loathing involved:

“Self-improvement” is nonsense. Genetics is destiny. Our origins themselves are disgusting. To be forced into this madhouse because some idiot could not keep it in his pants, to be forced out of a someone’s genitalia used to get rid of bodily waste.

I would never have chosen this crappy life had I been asked. “Of a chipmunk”: you cannot improve your height, your IQ, your face, get rid of a hunched back or mental illness, idiot. And even if I could, I simply would never even want to exist in the first place.

How hard is this to understand? I don’t like existence, it is dumber than tic-tac-toe, it is a “game” red in tooth and claw, our origin basically the same as that of the beasts.

Salomon paid for his horrible deeds, God killed this fucker. He lamented it all, seeing how stupid life is in Ecclesiastes.

You are the idiots. You guys don’t even have eugenics implemented! It also does not matter how much you go to the gym, since it can’t save your face or short wiener or whatever horrid genetics were forced down on you (all three in my case).

As I wrote: all I want is that God allows me to kill myself and sends a dosage of barbiturates from heaven so that I can end this nonsense I never asked for in the first place.

Apparently, genetic dung has children, otherwise I would not be here. As Andy Nowicki writes in “Confessions of a Would-Be Wanker”, sex is dirty, sex is degradation. This is why priests, monks and nuns are supposed to live celibate lives: it would sully them. In “Considering Suicide”, Nowicki rightly wrote that our sexual origins are a “slap in the face”, that should at least “give us pause”. Exactly, but both men and women are idiots — MPAI — and therefore what do I expect? Man is too dumb and horny to actually THINK.

If I weren’t a Christian, I’d kill myself in a heartbeat.

Normally, I would outright ignore this sort of nonsense, simply because it’s not worth the time to unpack. The cry of the despairing Omega or black-pilled Gamma is not something that I care to answer, as a general rule.

However, here at Didactic Mind, we don’t do despair, we don’t do black-pilling, and we sure as shit don’t advocate telling outright lies about the world and the way it works.

Every single thing that this individual says about the way the world works is a flat-out lie.

Lie #1: Human Reproduction is Disgusting

Anti-Gay Jehovah's Witness Cartoon Tells Kids That LGBT ...

Let’s start with the idea that our origins are “disgusting”, in the sense that we result from direct sexual intercourse between a man and a woman. (If you are part of the LGBTQWTFISTHISSHIT crowd – guess what, that’s how biology works. There ARE some things you can’t overcome, no matter how hard you would like to deny the reality of God’s will.)

From a Christian perspective, sexual intercourse was never meant to be separated from love and commitment. It IS possible for a man to separate sex, the physical and pleasurable act, from intimacy, the mental and emotional bonding process. It is much, much harder for a woman to do the same.

Only when this separation occurs, however, does sex become potentially dirty and problematic. Indeed, it can, and often does, become absolutely DISASTROUS.

But there is nothing “disgusting” about sex in and of itself, once you look beyond the merely physical – and the “merely physical” is VERY enjoyable, as it should be. Sex is essential for the continuation of the species. There is good reason to argue, from a Christian perspective, that sexual communion between man and woman is a type and shadow of communion with God, though the latter is vastly more powerful and overwhelming.

God Himself does not consider sex dirty or degrading, AT ALL, unless it takes place in a manner other than what He intended. The Old Testament uses the verb “to know” as a euphemism for sexual intercourse – but that verb has a far deeper meaning than merely the penetrative or receptive act of physical sex. It means, to truly KNOW a person to the very core of his or her soul.

Time and again in the Bible, God gives men and women encouragement and explicit commandments to enjoy each other’s physical, emotional, and spiritual gifts – see e.g. Proverbs 5:15-20, or pretty much the entirety of the Song of Solomon.

From a Christian perspective, we know that God likes sex – He made Man and Woman, and He designed sex between committed, monogamous, married people to be the best possible way to create life, bring it into this world, and raise it to adulthood. Sex is a reflection of God’s loving goodness and bounteous gifts to us, His Creation.

Saying that sex is disgusting is not far removed from saying that matter itself is disgusting. That is nonsense of the most idiotic kind. To paraphrase Clive Staples Lewis, God likes matter. He created it. To abhor, therefore, what God created, is to abhor the works of God Himself. And, as His Hugeness has made very clear, you don’t go around calling what God has created, “common”, or unclean.

Lie #2: You Cannot Change Yourself

Chris Pratt Weight Loss: 10 Things you can do to get a ...

It is true that you cannot improve certain aspects of your genetic makeup. If you are a man and you were born short, with bad looks and bad teeth and a low IQ, yeah, you got the shit end of the stick, genetically.

Does that mean you should just give up, give in, and accept that you will never go anywhere or do anything? Are you no more than a meat machine?

The very notion is entirely antithetical to Christianity. We centre our entire faith around the unmistakably clear commandment from Our Lord to confront and fight evil wherever we find it, and to do so with every gift that God has given us.

Furthermore, you cannot simultaneously rail about how you wish you never existed in the first place, and yet claim to be a Christian. God makes use of every last one of us, if we let Him. And He will often do so in ways that we really don’t like. But to sit and whine about how awful life is, while simultaneously refusing to do anything about it, is to spit directly in God’s face.

And if you’re going to do that, then be prepare yourself for some extremely hard times ahead. God is both perfectly just and perfectly merciful – but it is only His perfect mercy that prevents Him from crushing you under the awful weight of your sins, which is the fate that His roaring, furious rage against us dictates you to suffer.

It is deeply unwise, indeed downright idiotic, to provoke God. Do not do so by telling Him that He was wrong to bring you into this world.

Furthermore, suppose you were, in fact, born weak, stupid, short, ugly, lame, mentally ill, or all of these. All of these things can be compensated for. The human body and mind are remarkable machines of adaptation and innovation. But you have to have the sheer cussed willpower to stop feeling sorry for yourself, get up off your fat duff, and do something about it.

IQ is nothing more than a measure of potential – like the horsepower reading of an engine. Those who possess nosebleed IQs are not necessarily successful people – they often get in their own way. Find other competitive strengths and advantages, and use them – high-IQ types tend to be very good at abstract thinking, and very bad at practical execution. (Being a high-IQ person myself, I know exactly what that’s like.)

Physical weakness, mental illness, ugliness, and deformity can all be mitigated or even cured outright by hitting the gym or getting therapeutic help, but that can only happen if you want it to. If you don’t, then you, and you alone, are responsible for your problems. God and the rest of society have nothing to do with the fact that you have given up.

If you are weak, or fat, or ugly – hit the weights, learn to fight, pick up an interesting hobby.

If you are short – learn how to do stand-up comedy, build up a portfolio of serious wealth, get yourself some interesting friends.

If you are deformed, or have a small “package” – spend a lot of time around nurses and teachers, who will have a natural degree of empathy toward you.

Even if you have a tiny pecker – a major curse for any man – there are ways to get over it. You just need to get over yourself first.

Lie #3: Sex Sullies Men and Women

In the first place, priests and nuns were not always celibate. The history of that issue is rich with debate and confusion. The reality is that celibacy is a calling, not a requirement – because it allows men and women who become priests and nuns to focus all of their attention on their holy duty to God.

The Apostle Paul argued that it is best for men to be like him – but you have to understand a few things about St. Paul before you jump to conclusions. Saul of Tarsus was (likely) a Pharisee – though there is some recent discussion arguing that he was actually a Sadducee. I leave that debate to the greybeards to sort out. By the standards of his time, if he was a Pharisee, that meant that he was likely married and of a certain age, with deep understanding of both the Torah and Rabbinical law.

Many of the earliest Church fathers were happily married and had children. Many others were celibate their entire lives. Either path is acceptable – there is not one word in the whole of the New Testament that demands that priests and nuns be celibate. Jesus did clearly state that church leaders should be like “eunuchs” for the Kingdom of God, and that such celibacy is a GIFT, part of a holy calling to serve God completely and totally for one’s entire life. And very, very few people will ever receive that gift, and rightly so. But there is no calling for ordinary priests and nuns to be celibate.

In reality, as I pointed out above, there is nothing inherently unclean about sex, PROVIDED that it happens within a Biblically sanctioned context. (I will state openly here and now that I am quite guilty of breaking that requirement, many times. Anyone who looks at me as an example of a good Christian, is a right proper candidate for the loony bin.)

Lie #4: Life is Meaningless and Worthless

Philippians 4:13 | Philippians 4 13, Philippians ...

Ah, yes, the cry of the nihilist. I’ve never read any Andy Nowicki novels before, but given what little I’ve seen and heard about them, they sound like exactly the sort of thing I would be very happy to skip.

Precisely what did God create this world for, if not to be enjoyed, cared for, looked after, and passed on to future generations? Precisely why did God send His only begotten Son, His co-equal Person within the Holy Trinity, to Earth to take on human form, if not to give us hope of a better life?

What, then, has God spent the last several thousand years doing? Twiddling His (metaphorical) thumbs up there on a cloud while we slaughter each other by the millions, fornicate like rabbits, drink ourselves stupid, and rob ourselves blind? To argue this is to make a mockery of the entire purpose of the ministry of Our Lord, Jesus Christ.

Here’s the truth:

Life here on Earth is horribly difficult. We create, sustain, and proliferate evil throughout the world through our own sinful and Fallen nature, which drives our wicked actions. But God has given us a way out, by venting His own, entirely justified, wrath upon Himself, through the personage of the Son, Jesus the Christ. God literally took your sins upon Himself, and endured unbelievable torture on your behalf.

Given that sacrifice, how can anyone think that life is worthless? God sacrificed Himself to redeem human life. He came back from the dead to prove to us that faith, hope, and especially love will always win out.

Prayer, fasting, and penitence are the manifestations of faith. Marriage between one man and one woman is the manifestation of love. And children are the manifestation of hope.

The despairing man denies these obvious truths and retreats into blind nihilism. More fool him.

Conclusion – YOU Control Your Destiny

If I actually believed that genetics is destiny, then I would never have bothered trying to change anything about myself. I would have thought, “what’s the point?”. I cannot easily change my skin colour, average height (by Western standards – I’m actually quite tall for people from my part of the world), hair colour, eye colour, family history of obesity, genetic tendencies toward fatness and sloth, and a whole host of other factors.

And if I had continued to believe such things, I would never have tried to date women outside of my race and skin colour, travel the world, experience new cultures, make friends with men far better and strong and tougher than myself, or learn from my mistakes. I would have had to delude myself into believing that I was happy, when in fact I was MISERABLE.

But I refused to stay as I was. So I changed, and adapted.

These days, I can deadlift 210Kg, squat 145Kg, and bench 105Kg, at peak strength, which puts me straight into the 1000lb Club. This is despite the fact that I am genetically cursed with a weak lower back, thanks to my grandfather and father. Yet my body has adapted, and so have my training regimens, to compensate – because I make myself do these things. And I do them because they make me happy.

I look and act far younger than I actually am – kids half my age have a hard time keeping up with me. Men instinctively follow my lead because I take my very hard-won wisdom and experience, and use it to the best of my ability.

After spending my teen years, and ALL of my twenties, literally starved for female attention, I’m now in the very odd position of having to fend it off with a stick – apparently my voice is “sexy” and women find my “kindness” and “charming nature” extremely attractive.

(Quite where they get those ideas from, is rather beyond me. Understanding women has never, ever been my strong suit.)

The point of all of this is that you are in charge. Your genes simply map out the template of your body and your life. But you were given a brain and free will for a reason – to glorify God on this Earth, through your thoughts, words, and deeds.

If you’re going to be dumb enough to spend your time whining and complaining about how unfair everything is, then nothing will ever change. You will have wasted God’s gift to you.

But if you are determined to get off your fat duff and do something, anything, to amplify the magnificent glory of God’s Creation, and to give full credit to Him who strengthens you… then you will find that He is on your side, helping you every step of the way.

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  1. Robert W

    When someone says ‘What is Didadtic Mind about?’, this is the post to send them.

    1000lb club, with or without a bad back, is a master-class achievement. I’ve been lifting more or less steadily for a decade and the best I’ve scratched is 985, brushing at 900 right now.

    Genetics is Destiny:
    “Salomon paid for his horrible deeds, God killed this fucker. He lamented it all, seeing how stupid life is in Ecclesiastes.”

    This is another lie. When you swim and traffic in lies you swim and traffic in darkness. Hopefully, you can choose the truth, for it will set you free.

    Read 1 Kings and Ecclesiastes and you will see God did not kill Solomon, he lived a long and prosperous life.
    Read Ecclesiastes and you find there are several people talking. It is not a single voice nor should its council be taken as a single point. Much like Job, it is a dialogue. The conclusion is what must be measured against.
    A clear, concise, and short explanation video here:

    The conclusion:
    12 Be warned, my son, of anything in addition to them.
    There is no end to the making of many books,
    and much study is exhausting to the body.
    13 Having heard everything, I have reached this conclusion:
    Fear God and keep his commandments,
    because this is the whole duty of man.
    14 For God will evaluate every deed,
    including every secret thing, whether good or evil.

    Not a single genetic disadvantage mitigates a man’s ability to do these. Godspeed sir.

    • Didact

      Thank you, sir, for your kind words.

      This is another lie. When you swim and traffic in lies you swim and traffic in darkness. Hopefully, you can choose the truth, for it will set you free.

      Read 1 Kings and Ecclesiastes and you will see God did not kill Solomon, he lived a long and prosperous life.
      Read Ecclesiastes and you find there are several people talking. It is not a single voice nor should its council be taken as a single point. Much like Job, it is a dialogue. The conclusion is what must be measured against.

      You are entirely correct. I failed to address this point in my response, simply because I was so caught up in all of the other stuff. Thank you for catching it and pointing out the error.

      My reading of this particular individual is that he is “Christian” in the same way that a whale is a fish – they only swim in the same waters, but that doesn’t make them the same thing. I ran that response by a friend of mine, and as he pointed out, this man was likely going through a serious “dark night of the soul”. We’ve all had them, they are always awful, and they always point to a greater Truth in the end.


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