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Friday T&A: Maximum Refund Edition

by | Oct 29, 2021 | fat girl jihad | 3 comments

Riddle me this, Batman:

How do you destroy a country in the shortest time possible?

There are actually multiple answers to that question, but the best answer of the lot has to do with the derangement of the money supply.

When you cheapen the money of a nation, you do much more than merely debase the currency – you debase the very labour upon which that money rests. You see, money is rather more than just a medium of exchange, or a store of value. It is, in fact, a translation of the worth of labour and time.

When you work, you invest your time into an activity in the expectation that your labour and time invested will yield more than you gave up. Apart from performing those other two functions, money – which standardises the value of labour (and capital) – serves as a method by which you can translate the value of your labour into something tangible, measurable, and standardised.

So when that money becomes debased and deranged, through incessant money printing to fund pointless and endless wars and the insatiable appetites of the governing elite, you essentially see your own labour rendered worthless as a result.

What happens then?

When a man’s labour becomes worthless, he generally turns to idleness and dissipation. He turns to that which gives him the most pleasure, since the honour and dignity found in actual work has been erased. He gives himself up to debased passions – and in the process, inherits a debased mind.

None of this is remotely original thinking on my part, obviously. That last sentence above might as well have been lifted directly from Romans 1 – and it essentially was.

But the consequences of that debasement are deadly to men and to nations.

One of those consequences is the inability to comprehend the value and virtue of a nation. When you become a slave to your passions and your pleasures, you are easy to conquer – and that is precisely what the USSA and the EUSSR have become.

I bring all of this up because news broke just yesterday of plans by the Biden Not-Administration to give illegal immigrants and invaders up to US$450K by way of “reparations”. If those invaders had ever been detained by American law enforcement, they would then be eligible to receive “compensation” for their troubles.

Think upon this for a moment. The very idea is the gravest insult possible to the entire American nation.

Essentially, what the Fake President plans to do is to make an utter mockery of the very concept of American citizenship. That policy makes me feel like a complete moron for having left the USA more than 3 years ago, in some misguided and stupid belief that the laws of the nation should be obeyed. If I had simply stayed illegally, I could easily have raked in half a million dollars, at other people’s expense, just for being a wastrel and layabout.

If that doesn’t make your blood boil, nothing will. Your own tax dollars (and mine, from back when I was earning in the USSA) are being refunded – not to you, though, but to parasites and invaders who steal your jobs, your lands, and your lives.

I really must ask my American readers, and this isn’t a rhetorical question anymore: what more will it take for you lot to live up to the legacy of your forefathers, take up arms, violently and viciously overthrow your government, and enact brutal and bloody purges of the people who have done this to you?

I really don’t get it. America is the most heavily armed nation in the world – the rate of gun ownership per capita is by far and away the highest anywhere. Yet the American people appear to be completely stupid docile sheep.

You willingly let your government steal elections, turn you into prisoners in your own homes, force you to take unproven and extremely dangerous gene therapies mistakenly labelled “vaccines”, brainwash your children, rob you blind, debase your currency to worthlessness, send your sons and daughters to die pointlessly, and bend you over to be anally raped as you are repeatedly instructed to take it and enjoy it.

Your money is worthless. Your military is feeble and useless. And your nation effectively has NO borders any longer.

At what point, then, do you lot finally go all Boston Tea Party on these people and hunt them down like rabid dogs? At what point do you repay them for what they have done, in full, with blood and fire?

I do not have the answers to these questions. All I can say is that I’m damned glad I no longer live in the USSA. Where I am right now, things are only marginally less retarded than they are Over There – which is shocking, considering that I have long considered the people of this country to be basically the effete gay cousins of the Rebel Heathens who created what was once the world’s greatest country.

It will not take much for things Over Here to get even worse than they are Over There. But, unlike you lot, around here, private ownership of firearms is absolutely prohibited, and men have gone to jail for the “crime” of defending their own homes.

All of this tells me that we are heading toward a truly Biblical reckoning. The greater the sins and stupidities of people and governments, the worse the final judgement – and, as the Good Book says, the final days of Sodom and Gomorrah were not as bad as our final days are going to be.

Considering that the Big Fella Upstairs quite literally air-blasted those two dens of sin and iniquity until the ground turned to glass, that’s saying something. But we sure as hell deserve it.

Enough, though, of such maudlin thoughts for the moment. It is, of course, Friday, and we all know what that means. And I dunno about you lot, but I’m exhausted, so I need a bit of a diversion myself.

(I had to spend all day yesterday around people. I’m the kind of introvert that would rather be dipped in battery acid than have to do that. As a direct result, I spent most of today essentially catatonic with exhaustion. That might also have had to do with the fact that yesterday was Leg Day, and I do not skip Leg Day. You try squatting a cumulative 3,770Kg and deadlifting another 2,460Kg – yes, seriously – across nearly 60 reps in total and NOT being tired afterwards. And I’m off to the gym tonight for bench presses and chin-ups. Ain’t got no time to bleed, after all.)

So here’s this week’s… well, diversion.

Her name is Hayley Marie Maxfield, age 28, born in Kansas City, MO (non-American readers will be rightly confused by the fact that a city in Missouri is named after the neighbouring state of Kansas, but there is a good reason for this), and now based in Floriduh. (As one of our LRFotS once asked – what is it about Floriduh and Orange County, CA, that produces so many of the world’s Instathots???) She has had an interesting path to Instafame – apparently she started out as a bit of a tomboy, became an accountant (seriously), and only really became a bikini model in her mid-twenties.

So, unlike most Instathots, she actually can do maths – admittedly, of the very boring kind, but that’s quite a lot better than most of the young ladies in her line of work. Of course, rather inevitably, she did the maths and realised that she could make quite a lot of numbers appear on a paycheque by appearing on OnlySimps – and so she has.

Happy Friday, boys. Prepare yourselves for what is coming. Elections are not going to save us, or anyone else. That “safety valve” against mob rule has been squeezed shut in most of the West. There is not the least bit of use in voting when all of the politicians essentially do the same things, and when any genuine outsider trying to enact real change can be blocked out and defrauded at will. So be ready, because when the time comes to be called for action, you will be forced immediately to choose your side. Choose wisely.

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  1. A.D.


  2. Bardelys the Magnificent

    Born Jayhawker here. KC is one of the many, many, many legit reasons to hate Missouri. God bless John Brown.

  3. Kapios

    You don’t need to debase the currency to promote depravity. It happens even in prosperous times with less corruption.

    People will not take action unless they start to starve. By the time they realize what mess they got themselves into, it will be too late to start starving the beast by quiet revolution.

    Revolt is going to be bloody like you said in past posts.


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