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Friday T&A: Effrontery Edition

by | Oct 22, 2021 | fat girl jihad | 1 comment

I know shit’s weird and gettin’ weirder by the day, but this week had to be one of the weirdest in a while. Earlier this week, the Fake President and his Fake Maladministration appointed a mentally ill man, who thinks he is a woman, to the position of 4-star Admiral in something called the “US Public Health Service Commissioned Corps”.

Try, if you can, and if you are comfortable enough staring into the face of madness, to wrap your head around that one.

This is a man with absolutely no military experience, and no real prior interaction with the military, other than the fact that his father was a WWII (Army) Air Force veteran. He is somehow now a 4-star Admiral. This means that actually competent, skilled, capable, seasoned, blooded, battle-hardened warfighters in the rest of the actual US military will now be forced to salute a man in drag.

Do you wonder now why the Russian and Chinese military leadership are not in the least bit concerned about American so-called “fighting power”?

The American military is a woke JOKE at this point. The whole lot of them couldn’t win an egg-and-spoon race – they wouldn’t even be able to get to the race’s location, because they will have to make do with compasses that no longer have “North” and “South” markings.

If a bunch of jumped-up goathumpers and boy-lovers in the Rockpile could beat the shit out of the world’s most powerful “military”, then a tiny little microbe that is somehow absolutely lethal from the moment that you step out of your house and walk around in public, but simply whizzes over your head the moment that you sit down at a table in a restaurant, should make absolute mincemeat out of America’s latest 4-star “Admiral”.

While you try to process all of that, keep one thing firmly in mind:

At this point, the Pharisatanists who run the US Deep State are practically DARING you to call them out on their bullshit.

Our beloved #BasedTucker let fly in one of his most magnificent rants to date about this very issue just yesterday. He straight-up called “Admiral” Levine a man who identifies as a woman, and good for him. He is one of the VERY few voices out there on the “mainstream” Right that is willing to say what must be said. We must do the same.

Understand, here and now, that their call to bow down to these ridiculous dictates of language and speech is nothing less than a compliance test for you – with DIRE consequences for you if you fail to obey (or so they say – the consequences for obedience are actually far worse). They are an attempt to see how low you will bow before your overlords. They need you to grovel – because they are themselves actually quite weak.

Have you ever wondered why the lunatics of the LGBTQWTFISTHISSHIT community are so militantly and violently insane? It is because THEY ARE INSANE, but they believe that they can bully and browbeat you into silence and submission. And, so far, it’s worked pretty well for them in the Western world.

Why? Because White Westerners are desperate to be liked, to be thought of as “nice” and “kind”.

And why is that? Primarily because the Church in the Western world tried to emphasise the “nice and kind” side of Jesus, and in the process, forgot that He is LORD.

The Lord is not “nice”. He is not “kind”. HE IS WHO HE IS – that’s literally His name, that’s what “Yahweh” means. The Lord is certainly compassionate, beyond human understanding – but He is also seething with righteous and holy rage against His broken and wicked Creation, which refuses to obey His rightful and just commands.

Accept this one fact, immediately: you are a wretched, sinful, pitiful, broken creature that deserves to DIE and be CRUSHED under God’s righteous wrath, because you have sinned against Him and everything that He stands for. Your very existence is an affront to His holiness.

THE ONE AND ONLY THING preserving you from this awful fate, is His infinite mercy, given to you freely out of His infinite love for you.

Through that mercy lies hope and salvation. And by accepting that mercy, you also have to accept the truth – which means that you have to call good and evil exactly what they are.

And the best way to deal with evil, is just to laugh at it.

What the Fake Administration is attempting to do is evil, unquestionably. But it is also hilarious. They have the gall, the never, the effrontery, the bare-faced CHEEK, to force you to say that a man is a woman, and an actual 4-star Admiral, to boot.

This isn’t just stupid or evil, it’s extremely funny. The comedy value involved is immense. Never stop laughing at these idiots – not only does it absolutely enrage them, it is also quite healthy for you, personally, to do so.

And with the comedy out of the way, let us turn to decidedly more pleasant thoughts than the idea of a mentally deranged man pretending to be a woman pretending to be an Admiral. It is, after all, Friday, and we all know what that means – assuming that you didn’t get a clue from the picture up there, that is.

Her name is Mary Nabokova (Мэри Набокова), apparently not to be confused with the really-for-real actress Mariya Nabokova (no idea who she is, I don’t watch too many Russian movies), age 25 from Russia. (As you can see – I have a very obvious type.) That is certainly not her real name – no Russian girl that I have ever encountered has the last name, “Mary”, it’s always Mariya – but we’ll run with it for now. Undoubtedly she has some extremely popular assets, and despite her relatively thin Instaham profile, she has quite a following. You will not be surprised to learn that she has parlayed her fame and looks into an OnlySimps account, whereby she likely makes much of her living. She’s signed to Alexander Mavrin’s agency – that would be the photographer who co-owns a photomodel business with this lady, and who is dating this one.

The Russians have a lot of issues, but appreciating and elevating beauty is definitively NOT one of them. Nor, evidently, do they have the slightest problem with calling a spade, a spade. The Russkies have no patience whatsoever for LGBTQWTFISTHISSHIT ideology – they have enshrined marriage as a sacrament between a man and a woman in their own constitution, they have outlawed homosexual propaganda aimed at children, and their Neo-Tsar recently made waves by pointing out, right to the faces of the Western elites, the insanity of thinking that kids can decide what gender they are.

God bless ’em for that. At least some people, somewhere, that are somewhat descended from the Western traditions and cultures, can still speak their minds.

Happy Friday, gentlemen. Remember what I wrote above as you see what is below – that which is ugly will always lose to that which is beautiful in the end, because ugliness hates itself and demeans others, while beauty loves itself and elevates others.

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