“We are Forerunners. Guardians of all that exists. The roots of the Galaxy have grown deep under our careful tending. Where there is life, the wisdom of our countless generations has saturated the soil. Our strength is a luminous sun, towards which all intelligence blossoms… And the impervious shelter, beneath which it has prospered.”

Twenty Wasted Years

by | Sep 11, 2021 | Politics | 1 comment

Most of you are old enough to remember exactly where you were on this day, 20 years ago. It’s not difficult for you to cast your mind back to that awful day. You remember what you felt, and what you saw, and how it seemed as though the entire world had turned upside down. That is pretty much what happened, if we are honest – for the world did change, forever, and NOT for the better.

In the long and tragic years between that day and this one, an entire generation was born and grew to adulthood. Theirs is a benighted and failed generation, let down in the worst possible ways by its forefathers. The world that they have inherited is vastly more dangerous, less free, less prosperous, less stable, and less moral than the one that died on this day in 2001.

The Squandered Legacy

Before that day, the USA was indisputably the world’s Great Power. There was absolutely no question as to its cultural, military, economic, or political supremacy. Back then, China’s economy was about the same size as Italy’s, and Russia was a bankrupt and broken former superpower with a run-down military that was desperate for cash and incapable of fighting and winning actual wars.

The Asian Financial Crisis of 1997 ended with America in a stronger position than ever. The Cold War had long since concluded with a resounding victory for the American Way of free markets and free people. Democracy, free trade, open borders, and globalism were the dominant philosophies of the day. Want and scarcity seemed to have been banished. The Internet Age was upon us, with all of its vast promise and opportunity.

Look at where we are today, compared to the bright and glittering promises of the past, and you cannot help but laugh bitterly at how deluded we were back then.

Today, America’s cities are wracked by riots and its political class spouts nonsense about how America itself is systemically evil, when the evidence plainly says otherwise to anyone with even half a brain. Its infrastructure is worse than Third World in many cities. Its education system is an utter joke, and four different Presidential Administrations have not been able to fix it. The American people are fractious, to say the least – there are at least two different nations within the footprint of the American Empire, and they HATE each other.

America’s military power and might is now widely seen as an utter joke. You cannot claim to be the world’s preeminent military force after being beaten like a red-headed stepchild by a bunch of ragheads, fleeing in disarray, and leaving said ragheads with $90 BILLION worth of the latest and greatest of your own military hardware.

That brings us to the total cost of the idiotically named “Global War on Terror”. Brown Univeristy’s Cost of War project estimates that the entire colossally stupid boondoggle cost $8 TRILLION and over 900,000 lives, with 38 MILLION people displaced. (Keep in mind, this is an Ivy League university, which means that you can’t trust one damned thing they say – but those costs are likely fairly accurate.)

And what, exactly, has this vast expenditure given America and the Western world?

Slaying Daemons Abroad

Palestinian Pundit: The American Empire, RIP

Afghanistan is back in the hands of the exact same people from whom American special forces liberated it 20 years ago. They are stronger and better equipped than they were before. They know perfectly well that America has no will or stomach to fight a long-term war, and no ability to learn hard lessons from its MANY military failures. And they now have in their hands a vast array of American military equipment, which they certainly can’t use very well – but nothing stops them from selling it to the Chinks, Russkies, or Pakis, who will figure out how to use it, most likely against America.

Iraq’s government is barely functional, and what bits of it do work, are more closely aligned with Iran than they ever were before the 2003 invasion over non-existent WMDs. Saddam Hussein was NOT a nice man, but he held his country together as a secular state, with a Sunni minority ruling precariously over a Shi’ite majority. Today, the Shi’a prefer Iran’s influence to America’s, the Kurds think that Americans can’t be trusted (the Kurds are right), and the Sunnis are a persecuted minority – and Iraq’s Christians have either fled or been massacred by ISIS.

In Syria, Bashar al-Assad’s government is held up by Iran, Russia, and Turkey, while US-led coalition forces support his enemies, who also happen to support the Izzlamists who hate the USA. The entire situation is a gigantic fustercluck, a great big snarled-up ball of stupid that no one wanted to touch and tarnishes everyone who gets close to it. Yet Assad is the only one who bothers to protect the Christians who live in territories under his control. The Syrian refugees who fled the fighting have destabilised Lebanon, damaged Turkey, and caused serious problems in Western Europe.

With respect to Libya, where the somewhat mad Colonel Gaddafi once ruled with an iron fist, that cackling witch, the Hilldebeast, laughed her wrinkled evil lesbian ass off about how “we came, we saw, he died” – and thoroughly destabilised the entire country. Shortly after Gaddafi’s death, the criminally negligent actions of the Secretary of State and President Odumbass the Lightworker led to an attack on the US diplomatic mission in Benghazi, the death of a US Ambassador and three other Americans, and a humiliating withdrawal from the region.

(If a US ambassador dies on foreign soil, that’s roughly equivalent in terms of effect to the death of a 4-star general at the hands of an enemy. It’s THAT serious. Which is why Ambassadors are so heavily protected by US Marines at all times.)

And today, there are open-air slave markets in Tripoli, where Black Africans are bought and sold by Arabs.

Yemen is a shattered hellhole. Somalia is even worse. The entire Middle East has effectively gone up in flames.

And meanwhile, Saudi Arabia, the one country upon which responsibility for the attacks actually lies, has never been punished for sending radical Izzlamists to the West to do so much damage. The Islamic world is still allowed to send its sons to the West to do damage, which they do with near-impunity in Western Europe to this day.

Great Power Games

The Rise And Fall Of The Great Powers by Paul Kennedy ...

Twenty years ago, America’s position as a superpower was unassailable. Today, it is clearly a shattered empire in retreat.

Back in 2001, when Vladimir Putin’s rule had just begun, Russia was nearly bankrupt and its military was a joke. Today, its military is battle-hardened, technologically advanced, staffed by capable and skilled professionals, and has a real and solid non-commissioned officer corps sitting between the enlisted and officer layers as its true military backbone. On one-tenth of America’s entire “official” military budget, the Russians have developed a number of better and more effective weapons systems, while comprehensively outclassing America in cutting-edge technologies like hypersonic missiles and lightweight fighters.

But Russia is not America’s enemy. In reality, Russia and the West can and should be respectful partners, at the very least.

Unfortunately, America’s ruling class, in its paranoia and stupidity, will not permit this. To them, Russia is the Great Enemy, the one nation that successfully defied the Pharisatanical neoclown attempts to control its people. And, to them, it must be destroyed. So they insist on damaging Russia’s economy, never realising that they aren’t doing very much harm at all.

As for China – in the early 2000s, the CCP’s top leadership was embroiled in some serious Game of Thrones-style intrigues as different factions fought for power and control. The moderate, reformist wing wanted to continue opening China up to the world – using Chinese methods, of course. But the hardline faction wanted to maintain an iron grip on power. The latter won, and its leader, Xi Jinping, is now the undisputed leader of all of China. He has made extremely clear his intentions to restore China to Great Power status, at any cost, even as his own people actually suffer greatly under his rule.

China today is capable of taking on the US military and defeating it in open combat – not because it is qualitatively better (it isn’t), but simply because China knows full well that America will not risk its precious aircraft carriers in the Pacific. Unlike the USA, China is not interested in maintaining rule of law on the seas – it is interested only in maintaining China’s hegemony and supremacy, and it expects other nations to pay it tribute, just like in the Goode Olde Dayes of the Middle Kingdom.

Put simply, America is weak, broken, and ashamed – and its rivals are strong, united, and resolute.

Where to From Here?

Looking back through the past 20 years, all I can do is shake my head and think, “what a waste”.

America had the chance to gain justice, NOT vengeance, after 9/11, by being open and truthful about what really happened. All we really know about 9/11 is that the official narrative is certainly a lie. America could have been the shining example of Christian justice and self-awareness. It could have shut down all immigration from Islamic nations, boosted domestic oil production to achieve true energy independence, and purged its political class of the woke rottenness that had already begun to show itself.

That did not happen. Instead, we got 8 years of Dubya pursuing endless “savage wars of peace” in the Middle East. We got another 8 years of Odumbass the Lightworker promising to bring the troops home, but actually doing what his predecessor did. With the God-Emperor, we got a bit of a reprieve, but by then, it was far too late. The rot had set in far too deep.

Today, we have an American Empire in steep decline, with a ruling class that sits above a population that it utterly disdains and no longer represents. The American nation is in thrall to a foreign elite that seeks to plunder its resources and wealth before moving on to suck the blood from the next poor unwilling host.

And that’s before we get to the existence of an outright surveillance state in the USA. Today, everything that you write, say, and read can and will be used against you. Westerners love to complain about how Russians and Chinese can’t complain about their own government without risking fines and jail time – but is their own system any different? Westerners are not free to speak out about true injustices in their own countries. If they do, they can be deplatformed, cancelled, lose their jobs and savings, and be cast out of respectable society.

In Russia, you can speak your mind – you can even criticise the government, up to a point. You can hold demonstrations in the streets and petition people to join you in your causes. For all that is wrong with Russia – and there is a GREAT DEAL wrong with it – the Russians are strong, proud, and free.

In America, you can’t speak your mind, because if you do, ABCNNBCBS will collude with Google, Facebook, Apple, Twitter, and Amazon to silence you, and then the Federal government will investigate your taxes and banks will refuse to let you open up bank accounts with them. You will, for all intents and purposes, be a dead man (or woman) walking.

Is this what your forefathers fought and died for? This corrupted, bloated, broken, blighted nightmare?

If history is any indication, this is how revolutions start – bloody ones, full of death and horror.

And, honestly, America (and most of the West) deserves precisely what it gets.

Conclusion – From Ungodliness to Unrighteousness

In Romans 1, St. Paul the Apostle writes about how a nation that turns away from God will inevitably succumb to a twisted and enfeebled mind, leading to a broken moral compass, and onward to destruction. God’s judgement reveals itself to men through terrible rulers who lead the people from disaster to catastrophe with monotonous regularity – which is precisely what has happened to America.

One of the clearest signs of Divine wrath upon a nation can be seen in the way that nation treats its warriors. In a just nation, those who fight for it, would be honoured and revered for their willingness to die for their fatherland. America is not a just nation.

Thousands of honourable and brave Americans died for the sake of imperial ambitions, led to those deaths by a vampiric ruling elite that seeks only power and wealth for their own sake. Tens of thousands more Americans are wounded and broken in body and spirit. Thousands of those who returned, live on the streets, dishonoured by the very empire for which they gave up everything. Veteran suicides are an horrific and terrible daily reminder of the fact that America sent its boys to Hell – and then brought them back to Hell again.

I wish that we could look back at the past 20 years and find something good to come out of all of it. But the truth is, the world is much worse off today than it was back then.

One of the greatest IRON MAIDEN songs ever, tells us not to waste our time searching for those wasted years. That is sound advice. We cannot look back on all that went wrong and simply leave it at that. We have to move on.

And the only way we can do that, is by embracing Godliness – by searching for all that is Good, Beautiful, and True, and ensuring that we do not deviate from it.

Only then can we possibly claim to have learned anything from the day when the Twin Towers fell – however it happened, whoever was responsible. All that we can be sure of is that what we were told, was a lie – and what they want us to believe now, is an even bigger lie.

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  1. Bardelys the Magnificent

    Honestly, if it weren’t for the media and a few hilariously insensitive memes, I would not have even known this was anniversary #20. Nobody in my circle mentioned it. How far we have fallen, indeed.



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