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Friday T&A: Towering Legacy Edition

by | Sep 10, 2021 | fat girl jihad | 1 comment

Touching on the legacy of September 11, 2001, is likely a sore subject for many of my readers, and I wouldn’t blame anyone for reacting negatively for the fact that I’m posting eye-candy the day before the 20th anniversary of the single worst domestic attack that Americans ever endured.

That day was, and remains, seared into the minds of everyone who saw it unfold on television. I remember vividly what I felt walking down the stairs of our house that Tuesday evening (we were watching the madness unfold at about 7pm our time, given our time zone), and thinking that I was watching some sort of strange new movie. Only when my father confirmed that we were watching CNN and the BBC, did I realise that it was absolutely real. Planes had flown straight into the World Trade Centre’s two towers, killing hundreds.

And I watched as thousands more died in fire and horror when the towers collapsed.

That was the end of innocence for many of us. I didn’t realise it at the time, but that was the day that I finally came to understand the reality that the world is, in fact, a very, very dangerous place.

Here we are, twenty years later. During that time, an entire generation was born and came to adulthood. The people born in 2001 are now older than I was, on that horrible day when the world stood still.

We need to ask ourselves if we ever learned anything in the intervening 20 years. The overwhelming preponderance of evidence tells us definitively, NO. We have not.

Islamists are still permitted to settle in Western lands. The country which harboured the planners and executors of the attack, is right back in the hands of the same people that controlled it in 2001. The country that spawned those attackers, Saudi Arabia, was never, ever punished for its role in fomenting and spreading the especially nasty strain of Islam that created this mess. And the neoclowns who led America from disaster to catastrophe to farce and back again, with monotonous regularity, have never been held accountable for their deeds.

That is all before we get to the question of whether or not the “official narrative” around 9/11 was even remotely true.

Until fairly recently, I paid no attention to the 9/11 “Truther” movement. I figured that it was yet another crackpot set of theories attempting to blame the Bush Administration for its mistakes retroactively. But, after seeing what I saw in 2020, in which reason, logic, evidence, and basic facts were all overturned in the dogmatic and zealous pursuit of “following the !!!SCIENCE!!!!111!!!”, I’m more than willing to pay attention to people who think that we can’t trust one damned thing that governments tell us.

Looking back at the evidence from that day, nothing about those attacks makes the remotest kind of sense. The destruction of WTC 7 doesn’t sit right. Testimony from men and women on the ground doesn’t line up with official events. Data from flight logs and radar records do not coincide with what we were told. The account of Osama bin Laden’s “death” at the hands of Navy SEAL teams, sent in by President Lightworker and Sleepy Creepy Slow Old Joe, doesn’t jive with headlines from the Arab-speaking world posted nearly a decade before he supposedly died.

In a world built on lies, like ours, you simply don’t know what to believe anymore. All you can do is to look at the available evidence and draw your own conclusions, especially since every institution that used to be even remotely “trustworthy” has proven to be utterly false.

That, in the end, may be the most noteworthy, and most disgraceful, legacy of 9/11.

The USA had every opportunity at the time to show the world exactly why it was the greatest country around – a beacon of freedom, prosperity, human decency, kindness, and restraint in the face of a terrible assault on its own soil. It has utterly squandered that opportunity.

Today, Americans are LESS free, in almost every respect, than the Russians. (I’ve lived in both countries, and am writing from direct personal experience.) They are less prosperous than their fathers were 20 years ago. And the country is vastly weaker than it was back then.

Today’s America is a dying empire that is in the process of destroying itself. In that process, it is eradicating the freedoms of its people and comprehensively dismantling every single thing that made it the world’s great power.

The next twenty years will be a wild ride. All we know for certain is that the American government, for as long as it lasts (which won’t be very much longer, to be honest), will continue to be corrupt, venal, incompetent, and tyrannical up until its very last day.

And with those weighty thoughts in mind, let us turn our attentions to other matters – such as the lovely lady to close out the week.

Her name is Ekaterina Zubritskaya (Екатерина Зубрицская), aged somewhere in her mid-to-late 20s, originally from Moscow and now “living the dream” (if such a lifestyle can be described in that way) travelling around the EMEA region doing… whatever it is that good-looking Russian women do when sponsored with large amounts of money for their time and looks, ifyaknowhatimeanrite.

After all, you must never let yourself be taken in by a pretty face, even if – like me – you’re an absolute sucker for Russian brunettes, who very often have the prettiest faces of all.

Happy Friday, gentlemen, insofar as we can use the word happy in the context of the 20th anniversary of the day that the American Empire began to die. Try, if you can, to work through the grief and the pain of the day, and focus on what lies ahead – because as bad as things are now, I promise you that they will get much worse. Do not abandon your hope, faith, or love for one another, but continue to fight on, for this too shall pass, and we shall live to see greener and better days.

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