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Friday T&A: Guessing Games Edition

by | Sep 3, 2021 | fat girl jihad | 5 comments

Gentlemen, this has been a difficult week for those of us who believe in truth, honour, and basic decency. We are watching the world as we knew it, collapsing before our eyes.

I have often wondered what my Russian friends must have felt, watching the Soviet Union disintegrate in 1991 – I am old enough, and they are old enough, to remember what that was like. To those of us raised in a Western tradition, that was a triumphant moment, a wonderful victory over the greatest source of true evil that the world had ever known.

But to the Russians, who had to endure a decade of grinding poverty, misery, hyperinflation, and privation, the new “freedom” was often worse than the old dictatorship.

Worse by far, for them, was the loss of national pride and the utter humiliation that they felt in seeing the empire that they had built with the blood of their fathers and grandfathers, falling apart so quickly and comprehensively. It was a colossal hammerblow to their national psyche, and you can see the effects of that blow upon the Russians even today.

They recovered, as they always do. Russians are tough, strong, stoic, capable people. But they have never forgotten that gut feeling of horror and humiliation from those times. And both they and their leaders have sworn not to repeat the mistakes that brought them low.

Would that the Western powers had done the same and learned from the great mistakes of the Soviets.

Instead, the Western world absorbed the worst elements of toxic, Satanic Marxism, and allowed their agents of chaos to emigrate into their own countries. Their mental disease has taken very firm root. It does not take much more than a single generation for bad ideas to proliferate and infect a land, and that is exactly what we are seeing now – thirty years after the Fall of the Soviet Empire, the absolute worst and stupidest of their ideas now hold permanent sway in the minds and methods of the rulers of the Western Empire.

The utter humiliation that the United States and its allies has suffered over the past few weeks is a clear symptom that the mental disease of cultural Marxism has metastasised throughout the body politic. That body is beyond saving. And it WILL die. What you see right now in the USA is nothing more than the barely-living near-corpse of a once-great nation that became an empire, and is now dying from the disease of imperialism.

This has always happened throughout history. Empires kill nations – they have to, in order to exist in the first place.

The overriding lessons of history are twofold: that nothing lasts forever, and that every past mistake will be repeated endlessly because humanity appears to be too stupid to do otherwise.

It is precisely because nothing lasts forever, that we can be sure that better days lie ahead, though. We are going to go through a hell of a lot of pain before we get to that point, but that is the unfortunate and necessary price to be paid for the foolish things that we have done to ourselves over the past 30 years.

We will live to see the fall of two empires in our lifetimes – the Soviet Empire in 1991, and probably the American Empire before 2031. (I’m betting on 2025 or so, myself, but I’d be very happy to be proven wrong.) And we will probably live to see the days of the glory of our nations renewed.

But enough of such weighty matters. It’s Friday evening, and here at Didactic Mind, Didact knows how to turn your mind toward the really important things in life. Which is to say, a beautiful lady in a bikini.

This is a tradition much appreciated among my Loyal Readership – who are VERY loyal, remarkably so, it must be said. Some of you guys have been lurking around here since way back in 2014, roughly a year after I started up this lunatic-fringe place of rants and tumbleweeds. That is a pretty astonishing record. This may serve as some indication that I might, in fact, be doing something right – though I would argue that the evidence to the contrary is substantially greater in weight.

That aside, this week’s lovely lady is Emily Deyt-Aysage, age 25, and with a double-barrelled name like that, she’s either English or French. She is indeed a Brit, and she is a really-for-real model who has done extensive work for fashion label GUESS. (Don’t ask me what they are all about – my idea of “fashion” consists of comfy boot-cut jeans, dark T-shirts, and in cold weather a jacket that I bought from a clearance rack at Sears about 7 years ago for, I kid you not, $10.)

Perhaps more importantly, she is here to serve as relief to all of my Loyal Readers who suffer from gingervitis, which apparently is a pretty common affliction among you lot. That’s right, she’s a redhead, with the freckles that mark the genuine ones out from the bottle-sourced pretenders.

Am I not kind?

Happy Friday, gentlemen. I’m off to the gym to lift some heavy shit, because that’s my idea of relaxation. (Most normal people consider powerlifters to be crazy for, basically, lifting things for the sake of lifting things. My answer to that is: powerlifters are not normal people.) Get some good rest, enjoy the weekend – I’m given to understand that, for my heathen rebel Yankee readers, it’s actually a long weekend – and stay sharp, because if you think things are nuts now, just wait a week or two and watch what happens. We are in the midst of real tribulations now, and they will get much, MUCH worse before very long.

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  1. Kapios

    She is very beautiful and in some pictures she kind of looks like a cute little baby planning world domination.

    At least her decline will not be as hard as the empires that you mentioned.

    As long as China and Islam fall, I won’t cry in my nightmares. But seriously, the only way I see things going is to insulate myself and any one of my closest people from the disaster that most people are happily and willingly participating in.


    Not only a redhead, but a STACKED one who appears to have a total lack of injection molding and no visible tattoos? You are indeed VERY kind, sir. Thanks for making my Friday!

  3. Jim S

    “We will live to see the fall of two empires in our lifetimes – the Soviet Empire in 1991, and probably the American Empire before 2031.” I was a young man when the USSR finally collapse. The Soviets were corrupt and evil. I felt bad for the ordinary Russian people during that time. Some of the humiliation and gloating from some of the evil elites towards the Russian people was unprecedented and wrong. At the same time this was happening to Russia, it was happening to me in my personal life. You find out who your friends and enemies are in tough times. Anyway, put me down, in Vegas, for the fall of the American empire starting now through 2033. It’s going to happen, and already is, just how fast, how far, and timing are the unknown unknowns (to quote the only thing a neoclown said that was correct).

    Only dated one redhead in my misspent yute days (nothing was mispent, I had FUN!). She had a different kind of crazee? But this young English Lass, is quite easy on the eyes. I’m a happily married man to a old school Southern California Blonde…before it became Clownifornia, so seeking the truth, the light and the beauty is the way.

  4. Johnny

    Why no butt images? Are her buttocks not the correct shape?

    You usually include that among the images, so I have to assume the exclusion this time was for a good reason.

    • Didact

      Oh, interesting. I didn’t realise it until you mentioned it. There is no deep dark conspiracy at play – I suppose I just didn’t find any particularly compelling images of this lovely lady’s derriere.


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