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Friday T&A: Cultural Compatibility Edition

by | Aug 27, 2021 | fat girl jihad | 1 comment

Gents, that surely was the Week from Hell – especially if you are an American with any faith whatsoever left in your blatantly evil government. The guy supposedly in charge is clearly a senile feeble old man who is being controlled by forces that he cannot resist, who see him as nothing more than a useful idiot. That is not a position into which any man should voluntarily put himself, but this is of course what Sleepy Creepy Old Slow Joe wanted his whole life. He’s a damned fool, and he is leading the American Empire straight to outright collapse. It’s not technically his fault, but it is happening on his watch (slow and senile though that watch is).

Perhaps the worst outcome of all of this is the likely flood of hundreds of thousands of Afghan “refugees” fleeing from Goathumpistan into the West. This WILL NOT end well, at all. It never does.

The never-to-be-sufficiently-cursed presstitutes and whorenalists would like you to believe that these poor and benighted people are refugees fleeing from war and hardship. That is true for only SOME of them. The reality is that most of them are simply fleeing a shitty situation that is getting shittier by the day, because Izzlamists are known primarily for their ability to make a complete dog’s breakfast of any country and any economy that they control. Islam is a religion of stupidity and incompetence – it cannot be otherwise, given that it is founded upon great and terrible lies. And you cannot use lies to defy economic and political realities for very long.

Most of the “refugees” fleeing to the West are working-age MEN, not women and children. And they will crash upon Western shores as a tidal wave of human opportunism and fortune-seeking. They are not culturally compatible with the West, AT ALL. And they will prove this in the coming days.

Already, countries in Western Europe which accepted hordes of Iraqi, Syrian, Afghani, and North African “refugees” from the endlessly stupid “forever wars” that the Western powers regularly fight, have experienced massive surges in rape, murder, arson, robbery, assault, and other heinous crimes. The immediate blame for those crimes sits squarely with the perpetrators, who deserve nothing less than summary expulsion straight back to their own shitholes for betraying the trust and decency of their hosts in such a way.

But the ultimate blame lies with the craven and pathetic Western leaders who think that the West has some sort of moral obligation to take in the dregs of the Dirt World. It doesn’t. I write that as someone who comes from a Dirt World country myself. Those of us who follow the rules, obey the law, and generally just try to stay out of the way of our Western hosts are similarly repulsed by what we see. It is disgusting and infuriating to watch so many millions of people given free passes, when people like me had to work our way into the system and earn our places.

Nobody ever said that the world was fair, to be sure – and those who did were plainly quite stupid and quite wrong. But it rankles to see stupidity elevated into national and international policy.

The reality is that cultural incompatibility is fact of life, and you cannot escape it. As a corollary, some cultures are simply better than others. This is why you see hordes of Dirt Worlders heading toward Western countries – and virtually ZERO Westerners heading to the Dirt World.

This is because, despite the globalist Left’s endless propaganda about how evil and racist and nasty the West is, the reality is that Western nations do a far better job of maintaining the basics of civilisation (e.g., working plumbing and electricity) than anything that the Dirt World can manage.

And if the West insists on importing the entire Dirt World into itself, pretty soon it will find itself becoming the Dirt World.

Cultural compatibility matters. The West is NOT a shithole land. So stop pretending that people from shitholes can integrate easily into non-shitholes. it doesn’t happen that way.

But let us turn our attentions to less weighty matters. It is, after all, Friday, and that means that we must focus on that which is Good, Beautiful, and True. And what better way to do that, than by enjoying the lovely fruits of true civilisation?

This week’s lovely lady is Arina Bernardini Drozdetskaya (Арина Бернардини Дроздетская), age 28, originally from St. Petersburg, Russia. As you can see from the top picture, she’s QUITE a looker – evidently she is an internationally recognised fashion model, and as such she is rather a cut above the regular parade of swimsuit models that I usually post up around here on Mondays. As her far-from-Russian middle name shows, she is married to an Italian chap – evidently quite happily – and has a daughter with him.

In terms of looks, she reminds us more than a little of one Sofia Loren, possibly the most beautiful woman in the world in her heyday – though of course La Sofia had even more impressive curves, back then.

It’s worth noting that, when you combine the best of Russia with the best of Italy, you do get pretty spectacular results. The two nations have a long history of exceptional collaborations. In fact, “Kitai Gorod” (Китай Город), the central district of Moscow, has a name that literally means “China town” – but that is not where it comes from. When I first visited that gorgeous city, i came across a story about how the central district was built by Italian architects and that the word “Kitai” refers to the wooden stakes that they used to build the ancient city walls.

Furthermore, as this precise lady shows, when you combine Russian beauty, soul, depth, and aesthetic appreciation, with Italian fashion sense, zest for life, and general love for all things true and beautiful, then Very Good Things tend to happen.

Happy Friday to you, boys. I’d ask you to say a prayer today for a good friend and reader down in Floriduh (yep, really), who is currently recovering from quintuple bypass surgery. As you might expect, he feels like he got the shit kicked out of him by a pack of New York bar bouncers. He’s got a long and difficult road to full recovery ahead of him, but the prognosis looks good. Even so, any prayers that you can send his way would be greatly appreciated by him and by me. Stay safe, enjoy your weekends, get some rest, and I’ll see you on Monday.

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