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Friday T&A: Broken Dreams Edition

by | Aug 20, 2021 | fat girl jihad | 2 comments

Boys, as I have pointed out MANY times before, sometimes, no matter how hard you work, no matter how smart you are, and no matter how well you present yourself, sometimes (quite often, actually) it simply isn’t enough. You will not get what you want. The correlation between hard work and/or talent, and actual achievement, would be close to 1 in a sane world. We do not live in a sane world. We live in one governed by emotions and stupidity. and that is one of many reasons why we simply do not get what we want.

Naturally, I am writing about myself and what I’ve gone through in the last few weeks. I will not delve into details here – it is enough to say that things didn’t work out quite the way I would have liked in some aspects. But that’s OK. Life is, as they say, full of disappointments, ending in one really big one (at least, if you’re a non-believer).

The key point to take away from failures, whatever they might be, is that they are not the end. I am not the first to point out that you grow through failure and not success. This is a basic truth of life. Learn to embrace the suck. You grow and change and mature when life isn’t going your way.

Not too long ago, I came across an acquaintance whom literally no one in my circle actually likes. Pretty much anyone who knows her, cannot stand her. She annoys the crap out of every single person that she’s ever worked with – because she talks a great game, but can never actually deliver on anything. And she is totally incapable of listening to or accepting criticism. She displays all the signs of a pathological narcissist.

This young lady stood up on a stage recently and basically talked about how she was completely and totally irresistible. (That’s not exactly the word she used, but it’s close enough.) Apparently every single person in that audience was cringing in his (or her) seat. This girl’s complete and total lack of self-awareness and humility was painful to watch.

She had never been tested or pushed or broken in her life. She had never known what it is like to see every single one of her dreams shattered before her. And she had never known true hardship. If she had, she would know what it really takes to stop someone like her – and how much a person can endure before breaking.

All of us are going to find out how much we can take, very soon. The world has become a much more dangerous place in just the past week alone. And it will continue to become ever more dangerous and brutal as the existing order of the world breaks down.

Shit’s gettin’ crazy, lads, and it’s just gonna keep gettin’ crazier by the day. Buckle up. It’s going to be a wild ride.

Of course, such rides are a lot easier to contemplate if we can keep our eyes fixed on things of beauty while on them. Which brings us to the lovely lady of the week.

Her name is Caroline Einhoff, age 30, from Germany – though she’s about as Germanic-looking as I am. She is well known as a bikini model and “writer” (whatever that means) on her own website. There really isn’t much else to say about her, so she’s your Instathot to end the week on a bit of a high note – and Lord knows, we all need it at this point.

Happy Friday, gents. Take some time off this weekend to appreciate the things that really, truly matter – faith, family, friends. These will define and enrich your life more than anything else, and matter far more than your work or profession. Care about those things, not about superficial things which restrict you. And ensure that you rest, because the coming days will test us all in very severe ways.

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  1. A.D.

    “I will not delve into details here.” I would like to hear the details.

    • Didact

      Short version: tried out for a job, worked my arse off for a couple of months, did stuff that nobody else could, but then didn’t get the job in the end because I spent too much time on technical details and not enough on networking with people effectively. Basically, they used me to fix a broken process as a code monkey.

      It is what it is. I’ll take my lumps and move on.


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