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The Lioness of London

by | Jul 29, 2021 | Christianity | 3 comments

Few people, if any, who do not watch Christian apologetics videos on TEH YOOTOOBZ know the first thing about a woman named Hatun Tash. She is a Christian convert from Islam who gave her life to Jesus Christ and has since spent her life evangelising Muslims. In fact, she is rather more than just your average convert from Islam – her father is apparently some sort of Grand High Chief Beardy Todger over in some mosque in Turkey, so she is an imam‘s kid.

And she has turned her back on all of that to try to convert Muslims to come to the True Faith.

She is far from subtle about what she does and how she does it. Hatun is known for showing up at Speaker’s Corner in Hyde Park – supposedly the one true bastion of free speech anywhere in the Western world – wearing T-shirts that depict the fake Izzlamic “prophet” Muhammad in the worst possible light. She has taken Korans to Speaker’s Corner that had holes drilled into them – a direct reference to the infamous “holes in the narrative” revelation from Sh. Dr. Yasir Qadhi in June last year. She does not shy away from calling Muhammad a warmonger, a paedophile, a liar, a murderer, and a rapist.

For those who are familiar with the issue, she is the one who brought the massive and foundation-destroying issue of the many different qira’at of the Koran to light. During a trip to North Africa, she came across an Islamic bookstore which sold a number of different Koran versions, and – being a former Muslim herself – was absolutely shocked to discover that they exist. (About 95% of Muslims around the world read a version of the Koran known as the 1928 Hafs Koran, or the Cairene Rescension. The supposedly “unchanged” and “immutable” Koran has in fact changed dramatically over the centuries, and the current version that most Muslims know is actually younger than Prince Philip, the Duke of Edinburgh, was when he died.)

That has gone about as well as you might expect, really. She has been threatened, verbally abused, screamed at, spat upon, and physically assaulted. Earlier this year, she was punched so hard by a Muzzie that she passed out.

She has been hanged by a gang of Muslims to the point where she had to walk around wearing a neck brace for several months. She has been evicted from several apartments by London police as a “threat to the peace” – quite how a woman who measures about 5’2″ could possibly be a threat to a bunch of beefy, burly, angry Pakistani Muzzies is rather beyond my ability to fathom, though.

Just a few days ago, she was attacked by a man wielding a knife who tried (and failed) to stab her to death:

Remember how I talked about how to stop complaining and get into the fight?

THAT, right there, is how you fight.

Now, make no mistake, if you do fight, you WILL pay a price. I’ve sparred many times in my life, and loved it. But I have never, ever been in a sparring match where I didn’t get hit. Even if you’re just tag-fighting, you will get tagged. Most of us are not Anderson Silva entering the Matrix against Forrest Griffin – and remember that when the Spider got tagged against Chris Weidman, he got KTFOd but GOOD.

But if you really, really want to show that you can stand up for yourself and your King – then take inspiration from the Lioness of London.

She will probably die a martyr for God and Christ. She knows it and is completely at peace with that fact. Someday, one of the Muzzies is going to snap, go all JIHAAAAAAAD!!!! on her, and she will die for her faith.

Guess what: that’s how we went from 12 frightened, cowardly, confused men, to over 2 BILLION Christians around the world today.

Our faith turns men (and women) into lions, through the sheer power and glory of the man who is God – Jesus Christ of Nazareth. He who came down to Earth, He who took human form and became flesh, He who walked among us and taught us and preached to us.

He whom we betrayed, sold out, and gave into the hands of His enemies. He who died in sheer bloody agony, naked on the Cross, with nails driven through the most sensitive parts of His wrists and feet.

And He who rose again from the dead, and forever smashed down the Gates of Hell itself.

That is the power of Christ Jesus. it inspires us to do things that we could never do on our own, because we are too weak and too scared. Death in this life is terrifying if this is all we have. But thanks to Him, we know that is not the case.

The Lioness of London has already proven that she has more courage than most men. She has stood defiant against all those who seek to silence and even kill her. One day, they will succeed – she knows it and they know it. But when her time comes, she will go to a place far better than anything we can imagine – and her reward will be great indeed, because she confronted those who hate her with love, and she preached the good news of the Lord to those who need to hear it the most.

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  1. buckyinky

    The Lioness of London has already proven that she has more courage than most men.

    Encouraging story, but please don’t do the feminist extra double awesomeness of women thing. If a man has more courage than most men it’s not noteworthy, and it really isn’t for women either. Both are given the grace of God to perform what He asks of them. Please don’t get sentimental.

  2. Kapios

    Not to be cynical here, but it seems like the war of ideas is better fought elsewhere. Also, the muslims might just reverse their own religion at some point. There is too much European and American influence in their minds. The fast food, the clothes, cars. They cannot unsee what is exotic and beautiful.

    • Didact

      That’s where you get it exactly wrong. Muslims in Western countries DON’T see those things. They see things which directly contradict the teachings of the one thing that they hold most dear to their identity. They see Western softness, weakness, decadence, and liberal values. And they see women dressed like harlots (according to their understanding of the term – and, increasingly, my own), surrounded by weak and soft men who have no morals or ability to stand up to their women.

      In an environment like that, they become MORE radical – i.e. they go back to their roots, because that’s what “radical” actually means. And they become MORE steeped in Islamic thought and doctrine.

      That is precisely what you are seeing in the UK. I’ve lived there several times and I have observed a serious radicalisation of Islamics there over the past 15 years.

      Yet the exact OPPOSITE phenomenon is taking place in actual Islamic nations. Saudi Arabia, Iran, the UAE, Kuwait, and other nations are losing millions of Muslims to apostasy every year. It is getting to be such a serious and severe problem that the leaders of those countries themselves have spoken out against it. In a few cases, they recognise the need for reform – such as what Mohammed bin Salman in Saudi Arabia is trying to do with his 2030 Project. And these are the countries that have done the most to keep Western, Christian, influence out, and where apostasy actually IS punishable, and punished, by public execution.

      The interesting secret aspect of all of this is that Islam is dying out, intellectually if not physically – and even in terms of numbers, it is going in the wrong direction. People in Islamic countries know and understand that Islam is what makes their lives so miserable, and they want nothing to do with it. Intellectually, it is a spent force. Hatun and her friends Dr. Jay Smith, Al Fadi, and others, have smashed the entire edifice of the fake religion to pieces. They have no man and no book upon which to base their false and ridiculous doctrines. And the rapidly escalating violence that you see against Christians around the world is a direct function of that fact.


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