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Monday morning by the power of Greyskull

by | Jul 26, 2021 | Mondays | 2 comments

Boys, I am really not feeling the energy today. I’m tired, it’s humid as F**K outside, and I just want to go take a nap. Putting together this massive fustercluck of a Great Mondaydact Browser Smasher was NOT easy, let me tell you.

Nonetheless, here we are, so let’s get on with making Monday a bit more bearable. And let’s start with some epicness from an old TV show that Kevin Smith and Netherflix absolutely MURDERED:

Lord but I loved that show. I had the toys, I watched the cartoons… hell, I even had a model Castle Greyskull back in the day. It was all AWESOME.

The 2002 reboot was also excellent:

Which really forces us to ask… How did we end up with THIS SHIT?!?!?!:

Watching that scene alone is enough to make me want to beat the producers and director senseless with a baseball bat. The ONLY good thing about it is Mark Hamill as Skeletor.

And the verdicts from the fans are in – we ALL absolutely HATE the Netherflix pile of shite:

We know why they did this, of course. The SJWs who run things in Clownipornia and Hollyweird hate all that is Good, Beautiful, and True. So they turned Teela into a butch lesbian, they butchified all the female characters, and the turned the men into inept useless doofuses – especially the titular character of the show.

Enjoy the psat, bury the present, and look forward to the future. This is why we fight – so that our kids can grow up with fun cartoons instead of bullshit.

His Most Illustrious, Noble, August, Benevolent, and Legendary Celestial Majesty, the God-Emperor of Mankind, Donaldus Triumphus Magnus Astra, the First of His Name, the Lion of Midnight, may the Lord bless him and preserve him, was in Phoenix over the weekend, and it looks like things might be hotting up with the election audit process in that state:

It won’t change much if we do see clear evidence of fraud in the 2020 Not-Election, of course. The Fake President will still be in the office. But at least a few more people might learn to see that America’s political system is an absolute farce.

#BasedTucker is based:

The great Mark Steyn went straight-up savage there with his mockery of the Ginger Whinger. Harry and the Half-Blood Princess are turning into two of the biggest grifters ever seen in modern history. Don’t get me wrong, they’re brilliant at monetising their brand – but if Her Majestie Ye Olde Queene of Englande had the first clue, she’d strip those two dunces of their royal titles, and then we’d really see what they’re made of.

Phallus One followed by Dr. Evil memes – now that’s soldiering.

Mark Dice takes it upon himself to show us what CNNLOL would look like if they actually, y’know, REPORTED THE NEWS and did so accurately:

If that were real, I might actually consider watching the Clown News Network again, instead of using its transcripts to wipe my arse after my morning bowel movements.

Dave from Blue Collar Logic actually has a very salient question that the conservatives must answer:

He is basically correct. The major reason why conservatives keep losing and ceding ground is because their “philosophy”, insofar as one can be ascribed to them, is almost entirely NEGATIVE in nature. Conservatism has nothing to fight for, it only has things to fight AGAINST. And, as anyone who has ever actually fought in any capacity can tell you, fighting defensively inevitably guarantees that you will give up ground and yield to an aggressive and determined opponent.

That is why conservatism is a failed and doomed idea. It doesn’t work.

Christian Nationalism, on the other hand, fights FOR God and nation. These are tangible things that people can relate to – not abstract and vague principles or statements of intent that have about as much weight as the air used to speak them into existence. And that is why Christian Nationalists will win – because we fight FOR our beliefs against our enemies, instead of retreating away from them in a vain attempt to win some respite and peace.

And Jason asks whether free speech is dead:

That is a false understanding. Free speech was never more than an attempt by 18th- and 19th-Century Enlightenment-era “liberals” to attack the primacy of God and the Church in daily life. They attempted to overturn or neutralise the anti-blasphemy laws that prohibited criticism of God and used trickery and falsehood to create a silly notion about “freedom of speech”.

The reality is that true freedom of speech has NEVER existed. You are welcome to argue this point if you wish, but it is the truth. No matter where you live, your ability to speak your mind has always been restricted. You can say whatever you want, but you are responsible for the words of your mouth, and if you cannot bear the consequences of your words, then STFU.

The West has gone hopelessly astray by holding only one side of the debate responsible for its words. As I stated above, conservatism fails because it has nothing to defend – and it fails repeatedly to defend freedom of speech because it refuses to hold the Left responsible for its words under the ridiculously stupid belief that we must not persecute people for what they say.

That is incredibly dumb. If Leftists and Marxists argue for the violent overthrow of society, then they should ABSOLUTELY be held responsible for those words and treated as threats to the existence of a peaceful polity.

Let us see how many Black Looming Menace supporters there are when the police refuse to protect them from each other, and the government appropriates their property for the betterment of society, simply because that is what they advocate in the first place. You will witness them changing their tune in an AWFULLY big hurry.

Bill Whittle and his buddies cannot help but be amused by the epic failures of the USA at the Not-Olympic Not-Games this year:

Does anyone still give flying rodent’s candy-coated posterior about the Olympics anymore?

The Male Brain has sent over some cool stuff for this week. We start with a video from Ryan George explaining interdimensional showing-off contests:

Just in case you thought that a tank wasn’t phallic enough, Simple History explains how the Nazis built a tank SUPPRESSOR – because if you’re going to blow up your enemies, you should certainly be considerate enough to do it quietly:

Dr. James O’Donoghue explains what escape velocities you would need in order to reach orbit from the surface of any celestial body within the Solar System – assuming you survive the journey, that is:

Neither of us particularly like the Littlest Chickenhawk, but when Li’l Benny Shapiru responds to idiots on TikTok, it can sometimes make for amusing viewing:

Larry the Stormtrooper points out that there are plenty of jobs on the Death Star that you didn’t know about:

Paul Ramsey notes that we live in an age when life imitates art – and, more specifically, memes:


The lovely and charming Dr. Sam Bailey waxes lyrical about the myriad benefits of clean water:

Lord Razor of the Fist Clan breaks down some VERY Interesting Fake Election audit results coming out of Maricopa County, AZ:

The Dizzle memorialises the infamous Danish cartoonist who penned the images that caused RIFs around the world to suffer severe cases of premature detonation and go berserk in the streets of various cities:

Again, this comes back to holding people responsible for their words and deeds. Kurt Westergaard experienced terrible persecution for his views, even though all he did was mock a false prophet from a fake religion. And he should not have suffered that.

But the Muslims who persecuted him suffered very little of anything. I was in the UK in 2015 when I witnessed THOUSANDS of Muzzies screaming in the streets outside of Westminster about how much they love their prophet and how they want to behead those who insult Islam.

Did anyone censor them? No. Of course not. Because that would be RAYCISS, doncha kno.

OK, then. If that is their attitude, then the response of the people and their government should be: GTFO and go back to the shitholes you came from.You are welcome to love your paedophile, mass-murdering, rapist, fornicating, lying, made-up “prophet” all you want in those countries – but in Christian nations, you WILL respect the one true God and the Church and the government that a Christian people have elected.

You see what I mean when I say that only Christian Nationalism can possibly work? No secular government would dare to utter those words. Yet that is precisely how you have to deal with Muzzies who go all JIHAAAAAAAD!!! on people – you have to meet a mailed fist with an iron shield and break it.

Dr. Jay Smith from PfanderFilms continues his exploration of the likely Jewish origins of Islam’s so-called “prophet”:

Al-Fadi from CIRA International and his good friend Dr. Jay discuss whether the so-called holy city of Mecca actually matters to the origins and history of Islam:

Dr. Frank Turek from Cross Examined asks and answers an extremely important question:

God absolutely DOES use evil and calamity to do good. I am living proof of that. I have suffered tremendously for years due to evil done to me. Yet God has used me to spread hope and the living Word of God. I’m not very good at it, mind you – but I do what I can.

China Uncensored has some home truths about the very high price that we actually pay for buying cheap shit from the Chinks:

America Uncovered has some realtalk about the “Delta Variant” of the Coof:

If you ever wanted an insight into the true power of the never-to-be-sufficiently-cursed whorenalists and the progressive (((media)))))))), just look at how the “Indian variant” became the “Delta strain” in the space of ONE MONTH.

Most people DO NOT REMEMBER the fact that when it first emerged, this new strain was called the “Indian strain”, because it initially popped up in India and rapidly spread thanks to Indians travelling all over the world. The (((media))))))))) and the PommieBastardLande gubmint had a collective shit-fit about how RAYCISS!!! the term was, and promptly renamed it the “Delta variant”.

I wonder, though – is it anti-Greek to call these Coof strains by Greek letters? Surely we can’t do that, right?! So let’s all start calling the Indian variant, the “印度 Variant” (“Yindu”).

Hey, the Chinese released this shit on the rest of us. It seems only fair to me to call the results of their shit by Chinese nomenclature. Go on, tell me I’m wrong.

Jared Taylor from American Renaissance has no patience for the ridiculous myth that slavery is somehow America’s “original sin”:

If you want to hold someone responsible for slavery, hold the Arabs and Islamic Africans responsible. They were the biggest slave-traders in history. And the Christian Europeans did more than ANYONE ELSE to stop that horror.

Terrence Popp notes that the Blue Pill culture reinforces and strengthens itself in a very insidious way:

The trailer for the upcoming Dune film looks absolutely INCREDIBLE:

I am deeply sceptical about whether this will be any good, given the very obvious attempts to blackwash large parts of the cast. But, IF Denis Villeneueve actually manages to pull this off, and adapt the greatest sci-fi novel of all time in to a successful film, then I will be very happy to admit that i was wrong.

Let’s see what happens.

The Kevin Smith adaptation of He-Man for Netherflix, on the other hand, just plain SUCKS:

I can’t say I’m the least bit surprised. I wasn’t expecting anything else from Netherflix and Kevin Smith. I checked the audience scores on Rotten Tomatoes on Saturday evening, and at one point it was sitting at 25%. Right now, it’s at 32% and climbing, which tells me that there is some serious jiggery-pokery at work somewhere. Looking at Metacritic, the ratings are now at 2.1/10, and at one point they were as low as 1.8/10. I would generally regard those ratings as more accurate and correct.

Whatever the truth is, real fans of the original He-Man and the Masters of the Universe (like yours truly) genuinely hate what Netherflix has done.

Harrison Ford genuinely HATES Han Solo, Indiana Jones, and Deckard:

“Did you get angry?”

“No, I got paid.”


Midnight’s Edge notes that The Teela Show‘s creators are already scrambling to deflect the blame for their awful show onto fans:

The creators and cast of that misbegotten show can go fellate themselves.

Overlord Dicktor Van Doomcock isn’t any happier about The Teela Show than we are:

Gary from Nerdrotic points out that Marvel has seriously f***ed up the character of one of its best villains:

The Drinker, a child of the 80s and 90s (like me), also hated The Teela Show:

Your “Science is F***ING WEIRD” moment of the week is from Dawn Pine, and consists of how the eccentricity of the Earth’s orbit affects so-called “climate change” in the form of sheets of ice falling out of the sky, or something like that:

The snowball Earth hypothesis—that a runaway ice-albedo feedback can cause global glaciation—seeks to explain low-latitude glacial deposits, as well as geological anomalies including the re-emergence of banded iron formation and “cap” carbonates. One of the most significant challenges to snowball Earth has been sedimentological cyclicity that has been taken to imply more climate dynamics than expected when the ocean is completely covered in ice. However, recent climate models suggest that as atmospheric CO2 accumulates, the snowball climate system becomes sensitive to orbital forcing. Here we show the presence of nearly all Milankovitch (orbital) cycles preserved in stratified banded iron formation deposited during the Sturtian snowball Earth. These results provide evidence for orbitally forced cyclicity of global ice sheets that resulted in periodic oxidation of ferrous iron. Orbital glacial advance and retreat cycles provide a simple mechanism to reconcile both the sedimentary dynamics and the enigmatic survival of multicellular life during snowball Earth.

Your long read of the week is also from The Male Brain, and it’s very long – it’s all about what will happen as the dollar becomes less and less useful as the world’s reserve currency:

As President Biden continues his predecessor’s New Cold War on China, it is clear that the pandemic has vastly accelerated the on-gong shift in the international balance of power, away from the US and towards China. For former US Treasury Secretary, Lawrence Summers, it was likely a ‘hinge of history’: ‘[i]f the 21st century turns out to be an Asian century as the 20th was an American one, the pandemic may well be remembered as the turning point’. It would erase 9/11 and 2008 from memory and rank alongside ‘the 1914 assassination of the Archduke, the 1929 stock market crash, or the 1938 Munich Conference’ (Summers 2020).

However, Professor Summers misses the point. The twentieth century, from our point of view, was actually more an attempted American Century than an accomplished one (Desai 2013) and the shift away from it is looking more certain and decisive than the ‘ifs’ in his assessment let on. The pandemic is less a hinge than an acceleration of the decline of US power based on financialised neoliberal capitalism (Desai 2020a). The structure of world domination that the US had sought to foist on the world in recent decades is breaking down. The US never succeeded; the structure was too unstable and volatile to work. Therefore, one cannot blame the pandemic for reversing even its limited successes. The reversal is rooted in a geopolitical economic earthquake whose rumblings date back decades. They have loosened more and more countries from the contradictory and crisis-prone structures of US domination.

The core of all international power structures of the ‘capitalist mode of foreign relations’ (Van der Pijl 2014) lies in the international monetary system – what James Steuart called ‘the money of the world’ in 1767, referring to the means by which countries settle their trade or financial imbalances among one another. The domination the US sought to exert was no different. At its heart lay the dollar-denominated international financial system that we call the Dollar Creditocracy. It has undergirded the dollar’s world role since the early 1970s and its unravelling leads the denouement of US power.

The financial commentariat is already expressing foreboding of the dollar’s coming doom. ‘The decline of the U.S. dollar could happen at “warp speed”’, warns Market Watch, while Reuters reports more sedately on how ‘King dollar’s decline ripples across the globe’. While set-tos between dollar boosters and gloomsters have long been a feature of the crises that have regularly punctuated the dollar system, what was remarkable is how many are changing sides. Benjamin Cohen (2020) warned of the end of the dollar’s ‘exorbitant privilege’ and Stephen Roach (2020) warned of a 35 percent drop in the dollar index over the coming two to three years. Although some boosters such as Barry Eichengreen (2020) stuck to their guns, they were clearly low on ammunition, unable to find solace in anything other than lack of alternatives.

Such commentators sense that doom lies ahead. However, they are far from explaining why. Cohen blamed it on Trump’s disastrous pandemic management, added to his tendency to weaponise the dollar, and Roach blames it on increased US borrowing. However, these explanations, like most commentary on the dollar’s world role, is tangled in that combination of wishful thinking and wager that one of us identified as the international financial intermediation hypothesis (IFIH) (Hudson 1972/2003). It emerged from the difficulties that ended the dollar’s link to gold in 1971 to conjure up a new basis for the dollar’s world role. By making the so-very-clever argument that the US was no ordinary indebted country but the world’s banker and that its deficits were loans to the world, a public service the world should accept gratefully by lifting capital controls and deregulating finance, this interpretation attempts to normalise the transformation of the US economy from super creditor to super debtor. However, it was never more than a barely adequate fig-leaf.

Linkage is good for you:

And some more from Dawn Pine:

The Neo-Tsar has to be pleased with the results of Russia’s exceptional developments in weaponry and warfare of late:

Despite what the Western presstitutes would like you to believe, the Russians are developing these weapons to protect themselves from the West, not to attack the West – and, of course, to sell to its foreign partners for money. This is all well and good. But the reason why the Western elites are growing increasingly alarmed at what Russia is doing, is very simple:

Russia can no longer be coerced, threatened, bullied, or beaten.

And that makes the Jewish neoclowns who rule the foreign policy establishment in the West, extremely nervous. They have never gotten over their failure to bring Russia to heel under the Bolsheviks, and they have never given up their dreams of worldwide domination. But the Russians aren’t having any of it, and will not do so anytime soon.

In fact, the neoclowns seriously need to consider what will happen AFTER Putin is gone. The reality is that the Neo-Tsar is one of the most PRO-JEWISH politicians in all of Russia. Most of the rest of the Duma is anywhere from unsympathetic to Jews, to rabidly anti-Semitic. The Neo-Tsar is the strongest force, by far, that holds those rabid anti-Semites at bay.

Of course, neoclowns are not known for their wisdom, understanding of history, or forward planning. Which is why they keep trying to bring Russia to heel – and failing miserably.

History lessons of the week:

Your Great Man of the Week is about the man who fathered the likely true discoverer of America:

Our boy Mint Blitz is SUPER excited about the release of HALO Infinite:

And now let’s watch him bork the physics engine some more:

Wazzocks gonna wazzock:

Kitchen Nightmares with the Angry Scot:

Comedy hour, courtesy of Dawn Pine, catering specially to us introverted types:

Pics, guns, girls, starting with a terrific Christian motivator from our good friend The Male Brain:

a close up of text on a white background

Amen to that.

A few more from him on other subjects:

No alternative text description for this image


And some more from Dawn Pine via a Chive article about restaurants that really need the Gordon Ramsay treatment, along with his comments:

She should first remove some of the clothes
Who the F is going to use that with a friend? WHO?

My answer to that: utterly drunken English football yobbos. To wit:

Minutes later: Perry bends over and places lit flare between bare cheeks

That guy guzzled 20 pints of beer, then snorted coke, and tried to light a firecracker – in his arse.

PommieBastardLande during a football match. Enough said, really. It’s like Alabama, but without the sophistication, class, or elocution – seriously, Limeys aren’t easy to understand on the best of days, but once you get a few pints in them, they become positively weird.

Back to Dawn Pine‘s memes:

Should it be a pub?
What? What is the name? I’m curious
That won’t have any unforeseen consequences 
YES! Anti selfie is a great idea
Way too basic


This one takes a moment to figure out, but it’s a truly epic own goal:

That is why it’s a very bad idea ever to trust anything that a polyamourous bisexual Congresscritter has to say.

My Aussie friends are learning this the hard way – rectally.

Yeah. That’s going to be my next family reunion.

That would actually be more effective than the clown car crash they’ve got going on with Fraudci & co. right now.

Exactly. You need a brain first.

On the off chance that some idiot Daemoncrat stumbled across my site and stuck around – how do you feel about voting for the Fake President now, dumbass?

I know that several of my readers suffer from severe gingervitis, but not even Dire Badger would hit that, unless using a baseball bat.

Oh yeah, good point. Even Star Trek: The Original Series had a Black lady who answered the space-phone.

I’m glad we cleared that up.

The Babylon Bee continues to kill it.

And here we are today wondering why the hell the other cavemen didn’t club these dumbasses to death for being too stupid to survive.

You will never be able to experience the sheer awesomeness of this next picture in real life:

Headlines of the week indicate that monkeys are now beginning to learn from Floriduh Man, which is a thought that should terrify all of us:

Your “Main Monkey Business” moment of the week:

Your “Picasso’s Leftovers” moment of the week:

Your… uh… never mind:

Your “FREE PROSTITUTES FOR EVERYONE!” moment of the week:


Just to put your shitty job into perspective:

That is SAVAGE.


That granny deserves a medal for her ingenuity – though, admittedly, the blokiest blokes ever to bloke across a TV stage figured this one out years ago.

I’m a perpetual G.

Damn straight.

That explains SO MUCH about the power of coffee.

OK, seriously, if it was a fight between the Death Star and an A-10, MY MONEY WOULD BE ON THE WARTHOG.

Now, just a warning, this next image contains FAR too much awesomeness for the human mind to take in all at once, so ease into it. I am NOT responsible for your head ASSPLODING from sheer epic amazeballs awesomesauce:



Yeah, but the difference is, you can’t really eat shark-meat. And their fins don’t actually taste of anything – yes, I’ve eaten shark’s-fin soup as a kid.

When I come to power, I will make it perfectly legal for people to SHOOT those who insist on driving at 50 in the fast lane on a 70mph highway, where everyone SHOULD be doing 90 anyway. WILL YOU NOT JOIN ME, BROTHER?!?

The correct answer is: ALL OF IT.

I’m a borderline barbarian, but that’s a bit too much even for me.

That’s because all the vegetarian hunters died out during the last Ice Age.

Your Dog of the Week is the Welsh Springer Spaniel:

Welsh Springer Spaniel Dog Breed Information, Buying ...

Your aminules are adorkable moment of the week:

And also your animals are absolute DICKS moment of the week, to balance things out:

Gym beast props this week go to Eric Willberg:

Buakaw Beatdown of the Week:

Jesus loves knockouts:

Shufflin’ keeps things groovin’


And now, after plenty of cocking about, here is your Instathot to get the week off to a god start. Her name is Kim Schiele, age 21 (supposedly) from Mannheim, Germany. She starred in, and won, some sort of TV show called Beauty & the Nerd, where she got into a big catfight with another contestant by spilling a drink on her OR SOME SUCH CRAP, ain’t nobody got time to sort through all that shit. Point is, she’s young, she’s hot, and she’s your picker-upper for the day.

That being said… there does appear to be something way off with her eyes. It’s like they point in different directions. No, seriously, just LOOK and you’ll see it.

Anyway, up off your butts, you lazy sods, and get back to work. The rest of the world wants to come to your country and take advantage of your generosity, so you need to work hard to prepare the welcome mat for them.

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  1. Robert W

    The trailer for Dune looks really good. Even with the multiculti MJ ripping me out of the moment even in the trailer.

    The Daily Mail makes so much clickbait off of just reposting other people’s Instagram, like these Russian deep-sea fishermen. It’s a win-win for the guys running the Instagram I guess, they get more publicity.
    But these deep-sea fish are truly horrible looking. Truly man was meant to walk the land, not the seabed.

    Tying some threads together:

    The two stories about thots without love…One for being too ‘beautiful’ after the plastic work and the other claiming a 136iq while having less than 20k followers (how did they find her to write a story anyways? It feels fake, like the Cosmo writer a few weeks back was just told to fabricate stories for her whole career)

    Compare to the 50+ lady and her 10-year-old marriage staying heated. They make a specific comment that they leave their phones at home and don’t take them to the dinner table or the bed together, and they look around and see everyone on their phones all the time.

    Popp talks about 20% of the men chased by 100% of the women, and ties it to the usual ‘tall, bad boy, has money’ metric.

    A SMV superpower for a young man: Exercising self-control to keep the phone in the pocket and focus on a person in front of them. Be clear that when she pulls the phone out, you get up and walk away. She’s not interesting to you anymore. I bet this will be liberating and deeply attractive.

    I’m married for 10 years and my wife and I minimize screen use with other people present. There is a real power in being present with the people you’re present with. This should be an opportunity for the Christian to be in-but-not-of-the-world as well, to be clearly different because you recognize people as the image of God, not just an avatar of the screen.

    Good browser buster assembly, thank you.

    • Didact

      The trailer for Dune looks really good. Even with the multiculti MJ ripping me out of the moment even in the trailer.

      Yeah. I am extremely cynical about Hollyweird movies these days, but even I will admit that the DUNE movie could actually be really, really good.

      But these deep-sea fish are truly horrible looking. Truly man was meant to walk the land, not the seabed.

      The most annoying thing about that DM link is that they don’t tell you what the creatures are, at all. You just get to see an array of horribly ugly creatures.

      A SMV superpower for a young man: Exercising self-control to keep the phone in the pocket and focus on a person in front of them. Be clear that when she pulls the phone out, you get up and walk away. She’s not interesting to you anymore. I bet this will be liberating and deeply attractive.

      Can confirm. It works to build both attraction and connections with a romantic partner or a friend. It shows a woman that she matters to you – and that you are willing to get up and walk away if you do not reciprocate. And that attitude inevitably attracts a much higher quality class of woman.

      It is, indeed, all about being present in this world – in it, not of it. And it works really well. I was at a dinner party a few weeks ago. People tend to think of me as “scary” or “intimidating” or “arrogant” – all with good reason. But that’s simply one facet of my personality. When the people at that party actually got a chance to speak with me, they listened respectfully and carefully when I spoke – and that was because I gave them the same respect and honour. And that one dinner did a lot to change people’s perceptions of me, just because I didn’t touch my phone while others were talking to me.

      Digital minimalism is good for us, and we can all practice more of it.


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