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Friday T&A: Great Reset Edition

by | Jul 9, 2021 | fat girl jihad | 0 comments

Gentlemen, as I have said many times before, it is difficult to escape the conclusion that a seriously powerful, seriously malign, and very dangerous force rules over this world.

Look around you at the way things are going right now. Does it look like the people in charge have the first f***ing clue what they are doing?

They plainly don’t. And yet, they keep making profoundly stupid and idiotic decisions that continue to lead us down the road to perdition.

The fact that they continue to make idiotic mistakes, and the fact that none of the supposedly “conservative” opposition can do a single damned thing to stop them, should tell you that there is a serious motive force behind all of it.

Those of us of a Christian bent understand what this power is. And we understand how it works. The Great Deceiver is at work, doing his damnedest to corral all of us into the pen for slaughter. Sadly, he is succeeding with altogether too many people at this point.

Our good friend Adam Piggott, the Gentleman Adventurer, has called all of this crazy fear surrounding the Coof a “mind-virus”, and he is absolutely correct to say so. He is not the only one to call it that. And while I disagree with anyone who thinks that COVID-19 itself is a hoax – it isn’t, the sickness is real and it is at least somewhat dangerous, though not to you and me – I do think that we have allowed ourselves to become cowed into submission in rather too big a hurry.

That fear and terror is something that the Great Deceiver and his minions feed upon. They can see that most people are nothing more than stupid sheep. For people like us, this is a disappointing, even soul-crushing, realisation at times. But that is the truth – most people are simply stupid sheep and will simply go along with what those in power will tell them.

That is why the Great Reset is now being touted as the solution to the problems that the elites themselves have created. But it, too, will fail.

See, the great thing about evil is that it always fails in the end. Its endless schemes always collapse in upon themselves. And the reason why is because evil has a hive mind, and cannot countenance or tolerate individuals standing up and exercising their free will.

So all you have to do in order to force the Great Reset to fail, is to refuse to obey.

Now, this is very bloody hard to do. But it is possible. You will certainly lose a lot in standing against the tide. If you aren’t prepared to sacrifice in order to stand up for what you believe, become one of the sheep, get out of the way, and let those of us who ARE interested in fighting, to get on with it.

But if you are interested in pushing back against the Great Reset – then stand up, dust yourself off, and get in the fight. We need you.

And all of us need morale-boosters from time to time. Lord knows I certainly do. Which, of course, is why, on Fridays, we celebrate all that is Beautiful, if not necessarily Good and True, about the major reason why men like us do crazy and stupid things. That involves a beautiful woman, and today is no exception.

Her name is Nataliya Fyodorova (Наталья Фёдорова), age 24 and originally from Minsk, Belarus (assuming that her VK page is actually accurate). It’s hard to find any real information about her, mostly because that name is quite common in Russian-speaking parts of the world – calling a girl “Natalya Fyodorova” is not too far from the Russian equivalent of calling a girl, “Jane Doe”. (It’s not quite like that – the literal equivalent is something along the lines of Ивана Ивановна – but pretty close.) She says she’s a “blogger” (yeah, right) and a Bang Energy model.

Whatever she is, she certainly don’t look ‘arf bad in a bikini. If you look at her earlier pictures, she’s definitely gone rather overboard on the lip fillers – this is a common and very stupid sin among Russian and Eastern European women. For some bizarre reason, they think that looking like you can suck-start a leaf-blower is an attractive quality.

To this I respond: yes, it is, in a hooker. It is a thoroughly UNATTRACTIVE quality in a woman that men like me might want to wife up and pump full of babies.

That being said, she also seems to like guns, and the recreational use thereof. So she’s probably not too bad.

Happy Friday, gentlemen. Hopefully your week has been rather more productive and less painful than mine – I’ll go into the reasons why soon enough – and you manage to get some rest. As for me, I’m looking forward to getting some real sleep – Lord knows I need it. Whatever your own personal circumstances, may the Lord’s goodness and blessings be upon you, and always be sure to give Him thanks for all that is good in your life, no matter how straitened your situation might be.

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