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Friday T&A: Forza Italia Edition

by | Jul 23, 2021 | fat girl jihad | 5 comments

Gentlemen, have you ever found yourself in a situation where you know you’re probably going to fail at whatever task you have been set?

It is not a nice feeling. I have been in that position several times in my life. For men like us, who take great pride in a job well done, failure to do what we said we would do hurts in a very personal way.

The key to getting past a moment when you know that you will fail, is to understand that you do not grow from success – you grow from failure. You learn when you fail, and accepting that learning is the key to bottoming out of that failure and moving on to the next thing. You have to take your lumps and accept that you messed up, and understand how you did so.

More importantly, perhaps, you have to learn what IS your fault, and what IS NOT. Guys like us are big on personal responsibility and we don’t much like excuses. We don’t like hearing them, and we sure as shit don’t like making them. But there are times when you have legitimate limits on what you can and cannot do. I was sick as a beaten dog for 10 days with what was probably the Coof, and that really hurt my ability to deliver on a number of things.

But life moves on. Failure at one point in time rarely means complete doom forever. It simply means that you did not succeed at that particular task. Accept that fact, learn from it, and move on. Don’t dwell on it. Take your lumps and do what you have to do to grow and change.

Of course, this advice is a lot easier to take when you have something to motivate you. And few things are more effective at motivating men, than beautiful women. That’s just a simple fact. Men have painted masterpieces, built cities, carved monuments, and conquered empires, simply for the sake of a woman.

Which brings us rather neatly to the lovely lady of the week to serve as our motivation to push through failure and on toward personal growth and success.

Her name is Antonella Fiordelisi, age 23 from Salerno, Italy. (Next to the Russians, I would argue that the Eyeties have some of the most remarkably beautiful women in the world, and with good reason.) She is an accomplished fencer, apparently, who has appeared in international competition as part of the Italian Fencing Federation, and she makes her living these days as a model and realitard TV show. (Supposedly she rose to fame on a show in Italy called Temptation Island – draw your own conclusions from that, really.)

Happy Friday, gentlemen. Try to get some rest, relax a bit, enjoy your weekend, and come back refreshed and ready for action. The evil in this world is growing by the day and will assuredly come to a head soon. We need to prepare ourselves for this in body, mind, and especially soul, so that when the worst trials come, we are ready.

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  1. Johnny

    I always felt that Italians were the same or even higher than Russians, in looks. Predictably, this woman’s buttocks are the correct shape.

    That is why I am convinced that Indians are not more than 20% Caucasoid. If the Caucasoid percentage in the Indian admixture were higher, then not only would India have a higher per capita GDP, but Indian women would be better looking (like, say, Iranians), and their buttocks would be the correct shape (again, like Iranians).

    Indians are 20% Caucasoid, and 80% Austronesian Australoid. The North might be a bit higher, and the South a bit lower, but the median Indian is just 20% Caucasoid.

    Btw, see the latest data on Asian immigration to the US. Indians are growing even faster than the others, with a 142% rise from 2000 to 2019. God help us.


    It is less about skin color, and more about other attributes, both mental and physical.

    • Didact

      That is why I am convinced that Indians are not more than 20% Caucasoid.

      It is almost surely significantly less. There is apparently considerable debate about whether the Indo-European Aryans actually settled in northern India back around 2,500 BC, but assuming it did happen, we know that there was considerable genetic mixing between those peoples and the existing Dravidians for a good 3,000 years. And then, about 1,500 years ago, it all froze in place within the caste system, created by the Brahmins for the purpose of securing their own power and position.

      So whatever European genetics existed, they pretty much stopped spreading outside of homogamous castes and later sub-castes, and that has remained largely true to this day.

      European colonisation did not change things. The Brits considered interracial sexual and marital relations to be an abomination, and their Indian subjects actually hated the idea even more. So the genetic pool of “Anglo-Indians” was, and remains, tiny relative to the overall population.

      Interestingly, there are specific very high-achieving sub-populations of Indians whose genetics are generally non-Indian. These include the Parsis, who are basically Persians and are highly successful property owners and businesspeople; the Marwaris, who are basically Rajputs from the northwest of the country and are known for their prowess in business and industry – they use tactics very similar to the Jews and the Chinese; and of course the Anglo-Indian community, which is known for excellent results in a wide variety of fields.

      Heck, Sir Ben Kingsley and Sir Cliff Richards are both Anglo-Indian, apparently.

      But yes, the basic point remains. Caucasian admixture within Indian genetics is almost surely very small.

      • Johnny

        It is almost surely significantly less.

        Less than even 20%? If so, that is pretty bad.

        Then Indians are just Australoids, for the most part. It also explains the shapelessness of Indian women.

        The intermarriage of 2nd gen Indians with whites, in both Britain and now even the US, seems to be pretty high, though. Particularly IW-WM mixtures. So similar to other 2nd-gen Asian-Americans.

        See that Pew data of Asian immigration to the US, particularly Indian immigration. God help us.

  2. furor kek tonicus

    in regards to the Fat Girl Jihad:
    “I don’t know, but I been told
    A big-legged woman ain’t got no soul”
    -Robert Plant ( Heterosexual )
    “Fat-bottomed girls you make the rocking world go round”
    -Freddie Mercury ( Flaming homo )

    • Didact

      Given that Freddie Mercury was a bisexual who died of AIDS from buggering a man, while Robert Plant is (as far as I can tell) a flaming hetero who nicknamed his pecker “Percy”, I’m gonna have to go with the voice of the Hammer of the Gods on this one.


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