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Men are better at EVERYTHING

by | Jun 30, 2021 | Office Space | 6 comments

That is not a hyperbolic headline. It turns out that we really are the best at everything that women excel at doing, including beauty pageants now:

Kataluna Enriquez, 27, has forged the way. She won Miss Nevada at an event in Las Vegas on Sunday, and has her sights set on America’s top beauty pageant in November: Miss USA. She’s genetically a fella, same as me. Awesome. However, I don’t know whether she’s had the required surgery yet – surely yes? 

She beat 21 other hopefuls, and presumably they weren’t all trans. It’s Pride month, though, and maybe that was a disadvantage for the also-rans, if those judges felt the need to make a wokey statement.


CNN in the Philippines says Ms Enriquez is a Filipina-American. Aha! This makes it all a hell of a lot clearer to me then. 

I was a correspondent for two years in Manila a while ago and did a fair few stories on ‘ladyboys’, as they were called down there at the time. Hey, Twitter mob! Drop your digital pitchforks (for now), as I didn’t coin the term! It’s really what they were called, even among themselves. And, I have to say, if you stood a genetically female beauty queen next to a ‘ladyboy’ beauty queen, not many people could have told the difference between the two. It was, I have to say, a little unnerving.

in case you are wondering what the “woman” in question looks like, here you go:

Well now. First and foremost, my compliments to Mr. Enriquez’s surgeon, he clearly knows his trade very well. Most actual men who aren’t crazy enough to chop off our balls and turn our Mr. Happy into a tuna melt, would have a difficult time figuring out that this is a man, not a woman, at first glance.

The fact that Mr. Enriquez won the Ms Nevada beauty pageant simply proves what shitlords like me have been saying for years – that men are better at ABSOLUTELY EVERYTHING, including being women. We’re SO much better at it, in fact, that a man won Woman of the Year, a man will now represent New Zealand’s Olympic weightlifting team at the (delayed) 2021 Olympics in Japan, and now a man has won a beauty pageant.

It would be hilarious, if it weren’t so horrifying.

After all, what are these men doing to themselves? Most of them have severe mental issues, which is why suicidal thoughts and tendencies among the tranny community is vastly higher than it is among normal people. These loonies don’t need surgeons, they need psychotherapists.

These men are unmaking what God hath made. This DOES NOT end well, ever.

For instance, if you look at Mr. Enriquez up there, this is what he looks like without all the spackle and warpaint:

I have absolutely no idea what the hell that is, but it sure as shit ain’t a woman.

What kind of life can you possibly live if you have to go through it with filters and makeup and fanatical fawning adulation from the never-to-be-sufficiently-cursed whorenalists and presstitutes of the (((media)))))))), just so

Oh, but it gets worse. The reality of being a tranny is, I gather, very unpleasant. I don’t have the first clue about what it’s like, obviously. But apparently, if you get the full tranny operation that turns you from a man into a fake “woman”, you end up inverting the penis into a “vagina” through a series of incisions. The problem is that the male body obviously is not designed to have a hole in it like that. So, as a man, your body treats this incision as a wound, and tries desperately to close it up.

Since you are trying to be a “woman”, which you were never, ever supposed to be, you end up fighting your own body. This results in genuinely horrifying things happening to it – including necrosis of tissue around the area of the incision. That’s just a medically sanitised way of saying, “bits of your body die and rot”.

On top of that, you have to stick something into that artificial orifice to keep it from closing up, to stretch the “vagina” and prevent it from healing over. This is, apparently, PAINFUL. (Again, I don’t have the first clue about any of this. I’m just going based on what I’m told.)

And you have to do all of this, and tolerate all of this madness, simply to force your own body to be something that it plainly is not.

All of this is before we get to the fact that the entire idea of transsexuality completely and flatly contradicts much, if not most, of the whole LGBTQWTFISTHISSHIT silly-salad that the wokerati keep throwing at us. Think about it for more than two minutes, and you will very quickly realise that the T flatly contradicts the L, the G, and especially the B.

This is obvious to anyone capable of seeing basic sense. These days, of course:

If you read this site with anything like regular frequency, you already possess this rarest of superpowers. Do not relinquish it. Specifically, do not allow the wokerati to tell you that a man is a woman, just because he is mentally unstable enough to mutilate his body in horrific ways to make himself feel better.

Caitlyn Jenner is a man. Laurel Hubbard is a man. Kataluna Enriquez is a man. Every single cell in their bodies has an X chromosome, and also a Y chromosome. They were born men, they will die men, and there is not ONE SINGLE DAMNED THING that anyone or anything, short of Almighty God Himself, can do to change this.

We screw with God’s original blueprint for humanity at our great peril. The Lord appointed us as His functional imagers on this Earth, His proxies, to stand in for Him and to steward Creation. We failed spectacularly in that task because of the Fall. But we yet retain a spark of that Divine essence. And we retain the commandments that He gave us. He created us as Man and Woman and made it EXTREMELY clear that the two sexes are distinct, complementary, and wonderful.

Love, sex, and marriage between MEN and WOMEN are absolutely wonderful things. God created them for a reason. We, in our blind stupidity, have corrupted these things. It will not end well.

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  1. Sqt

    Feminists spent decades claiming to be superior to men and yet never were so successful at invading and taking over male spaces the way these trannies are taking over female spaces. Truly, the men have won- and what a reward they are reaping. This was so predictable though. You can’t teach men that masculinity is bad and not expect this result.

    • Didact

      Feminists spent decades claiming to be superior to men and yet never were so successful at invading and taking over male spaces the way these trannies are taking over female spaces.

      Yeah. It’s hilarious to watch them react now that the tables have turned.

      You can’t teach men that masculinity is bad and not expect this result.

      Correct. This is nothing short of a disaster for both men AND women.

    • MrUNIVAC

      They may not have taken over male spaces, but they sure had a fun time destroying them. Witness the number of mens’ sports programs (wrestling was a big one) that were defunded and shuttered due to frivolous Title IX lawsuits, or all the sturm and drang around the Augusta National golf club, or the rebranding of “gentlemens’ clubs” to seedy red-light district enclaves. There aren’t too many places where men can just hang out and be men without women around nowadays, and that’s mainly thanks to the radical feminists.

      Also, I’d disagree on your point. One area that the feminists have succeeded beyond their wildest dreams in taking over is the corporate office. Thanks to the Calvinball nature of sexual harassment laws, not to mention PoundMeToo, men with corporate jobs are at risk of career homicide if one of the dainty little flowers takes offense for any or no reason. Mike Pence may be a traitor and a cuck, but his rule for dealing with female co-workers (never be alone with a woman other than your wife) is an essential survival tool in the modren age.

      I do feel bad for innocent women hurt by this (like the female powerlifter who missed out on the Olympics), but this is the world that the feminists wanted, so I hope they enjoy it. Good and hard.

  2. Didact

    One area that the feminists have succeeded beyond their wildest dreams in taking over is the corporate office.

    That’s true, but they are also getting a good hard dose of intersectionality in that environment. I know personally of one Fortune 500 company where the whole organisation, from the CEO on down, is extremely into the whole “Diversity & Inclusion” junket, to the point where one of the first compliance training courses that new hires have to take is all about how to catch your own unconscious biases.

    In one of the videos for that course, you see a tranny freak who thinks that he is a woman, talking about how great the company is for letting him work in a place where he feels comfortable expressing his own gender identity in the way that he feels, and how great it is that you are taking a course designed to teach you about microaggressions and danger signs. What that course says, in not-very-hidden language, is that if you aren’t comfortable with a mentally ill man in your organisation, then you’d damned well better shut your mouth and live with it.

    And that’s exactly what women now have to do. They have to deal with a man, dressed like a woman, walking into their own restrooms. They have to somehow reconcile the fact that their co-workers may well be Muslims or Jews, who absolutely HATE such nonsense and will not put up with it, while they as women just have to live with this madness.

    Diversity & Inclusion are great buzzwords. They are absolutely terrible principles for corporate governance – they flat-out DO NOT WORK in real life.

  3. TechieDude

    My impression of seeing this creature in a non-staged shot was that it was, at best, a ‘5-6’. Not at all in the league of supermodel pagent winners.

    First I saw of this operation was on a youtube video that apparently was a reality show in England. They flat out admitted it was a wound that the body wanted to heal, and had to be stretched a few times a day. Nasty.

    First problem the dude had was pissing sideways. Apparently, they installed the spigot wrong. Then, their faux female bits started going dead, and had to be cleaned and sewn up.

    The question I was left with was; To what end? What’s the purpose here? For some dude to plow that fake field and making a mess in it? Nasty. But that’s the only function of that fake orifice. For some dude to get off.

    And, seeing what happens told older gay ‘catchers’, and the damage to their bung-holes, can you see what would happen here? There’s zero supporting apparatus that a real woman comes equipped with. No ‘self cleaning oven’ there (as my wife’s OB said).

  4. Jim S

    “Men are better at EVERYTHING”… True. I am a better cook than most women! Many ex-girlfriends, women, and now my wife have always complimented me on my cooking. I guess being a short order cook/pizza maker paid off!


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