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Friday T&A: Tapas Al-Fresco Edition

by | Jun 11, 2021 | fat girl jihad | 5 comments

Y’know, there aren’t many things that really, really, really, SEVERELY piss me off – though admittedly those who have been reading my work for some time might be forgiven for snorting derisively upon reading those words.

However, one sure-fire way to seriously cheese me off is to make me watch people tamely and spinelessly giving up their God-given natural rights.

Such is the situation in PommieBastardLande right now, where the Limeys are meekly submitting to a wildly out-of-control government that wants to keep everyone shut indoors forever.

They don’t say that, of course. The gubmint in Limeyland is terrified of the so-called “Indian Variant” of the Coof, which is supposedly considerably more contagious, but not any more deadly, and in fact is significantly less so, judging by the rate of hospitalisation and death. It does infect younger people a lot more readily, but so far, there is no evidence that it is anything to worry about.

The Limeys think that their not-vaccine will protect them, and indeed it may well do precisely that. I remain deeply sceptical of all of the Coof-related vaccines, except for the Russian one. (It says a LOT for how far the West has fallen, and how far the Russians have risen, in the last 20 years, that the very same people who were responsible for Chernobyl, Lada cars, and Communism, are now routinely outclassing everyone else.)

Nonetheless, there is simply no excuse any longer to live in fear. Ye Olde Phartes may well suffer and die from the virus. I can’t say I care much.

Do not mistake my words. I am not without compassion or care, and I do have a personal stake in the matter. Members of my own family are in the at-risk group – and other members of my family have caught the Coof, despite being fully vaccinated with at least one of the not-vaccines.

But, given a choice between letting the young and productive get on with living our lives, and shutting down entire economies and wrecking lives and ruining businesses just to keep people over 80 alive at the expense of everyone else… well, to me, that’s a VERY easy choice.

I will choose life for the young – EVERY. SINGLE. TIME.

If ever there was a time to come to the realisation that this world is controlled by a malign and dreadful force far beyond our mere mortal capacity to comprehend, the last 18 months was it.

However, as I also pointed out in today’s (epic) post, those lies are being exposed and destroyed at record speed. And this is VERY much to the good.

So don’t let yourself get too disheartened by the nonsense, the madness, the stupidity, of the people around you. Never forget that the vast majority of people will always choose cheap, easy, comforting lies over harsh, hard, difficult truths. Simply keep your eyes fixed on all that is Good, Beautiful, and True, and you’ll be fine.

Speaking of which – it is, of course, Friday, and we all know what that means.

This week’s lovely lady is Valeria Conca, age about 26, originally from Madrid and now living in Milan. She is half-Spanish and half-Italian by blood, or so I am told. Now, as combinations go, that’s a pretty interesting one, because you’d think that in most respects the two would be utterly incompatible. Their foods have different spice palates and philosophies, their climates are quite different, and their peoples have been waging war against each other since, oh, about 400 BC, if not earlier.

But they do also have a few things in common – like fiery tempers, really fast cars, a very laid-back attitude toward life, the Catholic Church, and STAGGERINGLY beautiful women. I’m talking about the kind that make time and traffic stop and rob you of breath, sense, and thought.

Anyone who has ever seen a classic Sofia Loren film, or remembers Monica Belucci or Salma Hayek from their salad days, knows what I’m on about.

I leave it to the audience to decide whether this week’s lovely lass meets those lofty standards. As for the lady in question, apparently she studied Digital Marketing at the University of Reggio Emilia (no clue what any of that means) and aspires to be an actress. All I can say is that she sets the tone quite well for this mid-June weekend. (Ignore the captions on her photos, they are every bit as vapid as you might expect. She IS an Instathot, after all. Her beautiful smile more than makes up for it, though.)

Happy Friday, gentlemen. If you’re anything like me, you really need to get some rest. so make sure you do get it. Even the strongest rock will be worn down in time by the relentless action of sand and wind and surf. A bit of a break does a man good – especially if said break involves sleep, shooting guns, and time with family and friends.

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    β€œ I will choose life for the young – EVERY. SINGLE. TIME.”

    Right on, brother. When every single business started having β€œsenior hours” before the store opened during the lockdowns, I raged against it at every opportunity, and it wasn’t just because the boomers would clear out everything that my young family needed. People called me cold-hearted and asked β€œwhat’s wrong with helping the most vulnerable?”

    My retort was generally along the lines of β€œany society which, in the face of limited resources, decides that out of everyone, the old people are the most important and therefore should be allocated them first, is a society which will not survive and more importantly does not DESERVE to survive. It should be β€˜women with children under 12 hours.’ When the ship is going down, it’s usually the old people who get first crack at the lifeboats, right?”

    Even the ones calling me cold-hearted couldn’t argue with that.

  2. Johnny

    This woman is one of the best ever posted here, looks-wise.

    On a separate note :

    I tried to avoid coming to this conclusion, but it is inescapable. The conclusion is, if you take the races and ethnicities of the world (those with 50 million minimum members), there are three that have little to no human capital per capita. Again, per capita.

    Meso-Americans and other non-mixed indigenous peoples of the Americas.
    South Asians.

    No human capital per capita. People with IQs above 120 are very few among these groups, and attractive woman are also vanishingly rare among pure-blood members of these groups.

    These groups are very different from each other. Blacks are violent while South Asians are not. Blacks produce almost no 120+ IQ people while South Asians produce at least some fraction at that level. But the recent revelation of hard far-left proclivities among the high-IQ South Asians in the west causes me to demote them to this lowest of rungs. The extreme lack of attractive women should have been a clue (since civilizational capacity and the looks of women correlate pretty well at the racial level).

    But in conclusion, these races have almost no human capital per capita. The key word being per capita.

    There is too much data and trend observation for this conclusion and indictment to be untrue.

    This does not mean they should not have human rights. But the people usually preventing them from having human rights is members of their own races in each case. That, too, is part of the equation.

    • Didact

      But in conclusion, these races have almost no human capital per capita. The key word being per capita.

      I see where you are coming from, but I would hesitate to be quite so categorical about South Asians. Much of what we consider to be “modern” mathematics derives from breakthroughs made in India – right down to the concept of “zero” and the modern numbering system. The “Arabic” numerals that supposedly came from the Izzlamic empire of the 7th Century, was actually an Indian creation.

      That being said, the level of cultural and scientific capital in South Asia definitely went into steep decline several hundred years ago, and has never recovered. We cannot blame White Europeans for this – the breakdowns in both Chinese and South Asian cultures began centuries before foreigners ever arrived on their shores.

      • Johnny

        Which is why today, these three races have almost no human capital per capita. South Asia may have been much higher centuries ago, but that doesn’t help them much today.

        Two years ago, I never thought I would have demoted South Asians down to the level of the other two. I assumed, like most white Americans, that skilled immigrants = good. They pay taxes, have no violent crime, and are more educated than the locals, so are always a net positive. But things you have written, on top of the recent proliferation of vocally extremist far-left Indians in the West, who express shockingly little gratitude for how Western countries are more prosperous than the countries of their origin, has caused me to demote South Asians to this lowest of tiers. That ugly Indian woman who says she wants to shoot white people in the head is not the outlier many assume her to be.

        Their success in the West is negated by their extreme leftism in the West, IMO. Your writings were among the influences that made me arrive at this conclusion. You’re an exception, just like Thomas Sowell is an exception among blacks. But the per capita point is evident.

        • Didact

          South Asia may have been much higher centuries ago, but that doesn’t help them much today.

          Indeed. And, as a corollary, Whites should not have to pay for the cultural inadequacies and problems of Asian culture. Whites didn’t cause the problems that Asian societies face. They did that to themselves.

          That ugly Indian woman who says she wants to shoot white people in the head is not the outlier many assume her to be.

          I am sorry to say that indeed she is not. Much – not all, but much – of the South Asian community – are happy to take advantage of Western freedoms and high standards of living, but view Western laws and customs with open contempt. They despise Western freedoms and Christian ethics. They have no respect for Western ideas of “tolerance” and “diversity”. (In fairness, neither do I, but that is because I am a Christian, not in spite of it.)

          They would not hesitate to sell out the West if it were to their advantage. And that is why the West must STOP importing them, immediately. The good things that America and Britain and other countries gain, in the form of doctors and engineers and so on, are vastly outweighed by the bad things that come from the negative impacts of those cultures in this society.


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