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Friday T&A: Ginger Spice Edition

by | Jun 18, 2021 | fat girl jihad | 9 comments

Yet another absolutely exhausting week down. They’re all starting to blend together at this point. It is difficult to keep track when you are constantly running from pillar to post, managing this and starting up that, trying to coax people to do what you know they should do, and what they absolutely don’t want to do. When you are embarking on new projects on top of all of that, it makes life murderously busy.

The key to dealing with that sort of thing is to keep a sense of proportion. You have to. It’s the only way to stay sane and healthy.

When you get to a certain age (i.e., when you become one of Ye Olde Phartes, like me), you stop sweating the small shit. You recognise that there are more important things than sitting in front of a computer trying to cudgel your uncooperative brain into figuring out that last line of the spreadsheet, or trying to compose that last all-important email.

That is the age when you simply close your computer up, get off your fat duff, and go outside for a breath of fresh air. Which inevitably turns into an hour and a half of just aimless walking, simply for the sheer pleasure of it. And which eventually brings you back home, tired yet refreshed, to grab your gear and go to the gym. (Unless your back hurts and your head pounds, in which case you are far better off staying at home and playing some HALO 3: ODST, of course.)

See, life is short and fleeting, and if you spend all of it chasing after illusory rewards and money, you will never actually enjoy it.

This is a hard lesson and it took years for it to sink in for me. I used to work very hard indeed to try to get ahead. How could I not? That’s how I was raised. My parents did the best they could with me, but they gave me some SERIOUSLY faulty programming when it came to the whole “success comes from hard work” thing. That is only PARTLY true – I’d wager that, these days, the correlation between work and success is less than 20%.

Hard work will get you a long way. That much is absolutely true. But the majority of your success will not come from how good you are at your job, how technically skilled you are, or how many hours you work.

No, the majority of your success will come from simply BEING AN INTERESTING PERSON, whom other people want to know and work with and involve in decisions.

Do you want to know how you become an interesting person?

Close down your laptop, get off your fat ass, and go outside for a walk. And just keep walking. And walking some more.

You’ll never know what kinds of interesting people you will meet on the road – especially if you are not like me, i.e. a curmudgeonly git who walks while listening to POWERWOLF through headphones and glaring at others around you.

But if you keep an open enough mind, you might just find that you will have chance encounters with precisely the sorts of events, people, and locations that will turn you from a boring fat slob into an interesting person with a distinctive point of view and something to offer beyond mere technical ability.

That’s how you get ahead – by making yourself interesting, hence valuable.

And speaking of interesting, let’s talk about the lady of the week.

Now, there are some rather strongly competing tastes here at Didactic Mind when it comes to the ladies. Longtime Readers know perfectly well that my tastes run to tall, well-honed, well-rounded Slavic ladies, particularly those with grey eyes. Some of those same Longtime Readers also have severe cases of Gingervitis, which is to say, a serious predilection for redheads. And, since I don’t generally share those same tastes – because redheads are nucking futs, overall, Any Fule Kno That, and they also don’t have souls – those guys don’t generally get a lot of love during these weekly segments.

So when God drops a gift in your lap that covers all possible bases, more or less, men like me damn well better pay attention and act upon it.

That is why this week’s lovely lady is Russian, with possibly grey (more likely blue) eyes, with a very nice figure, AND a redhead.

Truly, gentlemen (especially Dire Badger), am I not kind?

Her name is Angelina Michelle, though as far as I can tell, her real name is Angelina Andreeva (Ангелина Андреева), age 26, from Rostov-on-Don (Ростов-на-Дону) in southwest Russia. Based on what I can find out about her, she attended the Southern Federal University in her city, and chose to become an Instagram model and personality on the basis of… well, her looks, obviously. Given the following that she’s picked up on Instaham, that would appear to be a wise decision – insofar as one can use the words “wisdom” and “Instagram” in the same sentence without looking a complete ass, obviously.

Happy Friday, lads. I, for one, am certainly absolutely exhausted and will try to start getting to bed a bit earlier now that my project load is a bit lower. This weekend promises to be a busy one for me, what with projects and travel, but even so, regular posting will resume and the podcast should be back up on Sunday after a long hiatus. I’ve just been so stupidly busy of late that it was impossible to sit down and do a proper podcast. But all of that should change over the next 3 months as things stabilise. In the meantime, get some rest, relax, enjoy time with your families, and stay well.

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    I’ll be in my bunk.

  2. Blume

    Yes sir you are kind.

  3. Johnny

    I don’t like this one as much as the one last week. Redheads tend to have unusually pale skin.

    On the continuation of the topic of three major races of the world having virtually no human capital per capita :

    Meso-Americans and other non-mixed indigenous peoples of the Americas.
    South Asians.

    Of course the West should stop importing all three. But that is not happening. The importation is increasing, if anything.

    So what happens? Will these three races EVER have human capital (per capita)? Or are they destined to be burdens to the more advanced races forever? I fear that they will, since human capital also factors in the looks of the women of these races, and all three of these races fail to produce many women much higher than a 6.5/10.

    I must confess I am quite saddened and shocked to see the true colors of South Asians (rare exceptions aside). Indians in the US seemed to be all set to be the ultimate model minority. They are, after all, the highest-income ethnic group of all. But they are also the most left-wing immigrant group of all. The looks of Indian women should have been a clue about their incompatibility with advanced societies, but alas, we tend to assume the best of people when we should not.

    I wonder if the future of Indians in the West is the same as Gypsies in Europe (who also originated from India). Gypsies are notorious for petty thievery, and non-assimilation. I am surprised that Gypsies could remain unassimilated for so many centuries, but here they are.

    • Didact

      Redheads tend to have unusually pale skin

      Ginger is something of an acquired taste, I admit. I’m quite partial to it in stir-fries and pork seasoning – women, not so much.

      Of course the West should stop importing all three. But that is not happening. The importation is increasing, if anything.

      Of course it is. To stop importing the entirety of the Dirt World would be RAAAAAAACISSSST!!!! And there is no faster way to get a Boomercuck to STFU than by threatening him with the dreaded R-word. That’s a big part of the reason why this keeps happening.

      So what happens? Will these three races EVER have human capital (per capita)? Or are they destined to be burdens to the more advanced races forever?

      Well, let’s look case by case.

      Black Africa has had over 5,000 years to create functional high-quality civilisations, and that hasn’t happened.

      The Mesoamericans DID have their own versions of civilisation, and quite powerful ones as well. They had their own understanding of mathematics, astronomy, and engineering. Of course, they also had a pervasive culture of warfare and ritual human sacrifice, and hadn’t gotten so far as inventing nails or cement, so the loss of that particular culture is not exactly surprising, and from a Christian perspective, it’s far from a bad thing to see idolatrous child-murderers and cannibals wiped out.

      South Asians have developed advanced civilisations in the past. Much of what we consider “modern” mathematics and physics comes from that part of the world. But they’ve gone a long way downhill. And they spend far too much of their time blaming Westerners for their own failings, instead of getting on with rebuilding their own civilisations.

      To my mind, the major factor that determines civilisational performance appears to be trust. I’ve written about this many times in the past. This is not my idea and it is not unique to me at all – I got it from John Ringo. But the correlation between high civilisational and cultural performance, and social trust, appears to be extremely strong – I estimate greater than 80%. All three of the low-integration groups you mention are extremely low-trust and have tribal mindsets, to greater or lesser extents.

      I wonder if the future of Indians in the West is the same as Gypsies in Europe (who also originated from India).

      It’s quite likely. The Romany are, again, a low-trust bunch. They don’t trust anyone who isn’t from their own tribe. And that is similar to the way that far too many Indians, and South Asians in general, behave in foreign countries.

      • Johnny

        The problem is that attributing civilizational level to trust ultimately implies that these races can become advanced, and there is not a genetic component. I think trust is downstream from basic ability to think long-term, work in teams, and resolve disputes.

        Also, since we agree that the ability of a race to create an advanced society has at least a 60-70% correlation with the looks of the women of that race (I say even higher than that percentage), that means that the three races with virtually no human capital can attribute it to genetic factors as well. Hence, they are not going to modernize any time soon.

        These three races are the absolute bottom in terms of both female attractiveness and economic prosperity of their societies. Low trust is a byproduct of this, but downstream from the core reason.

        Remember that Russia is also a low-trust society, but the women are attractive, and the prosperity level, while not great, is still much higher than countries full of these three races.

        • Didact

          Remember that Russia is also a low-trust society, but the women are attractive, and the prosperity level, while not great, is still much higher than countries full of these three races.

          I have to push back a bit there. Russia is not a low-trust society in my experience, at all. I’ve lived among Russians for over a year and I find them to be higher-trust than both Brits and big-city Americans.

          There is not much scholarly work done in this area, but what little you will find, indicates that Russians are low-trust when it comes to government institutions. But in fact, at a personal level, Russians are very trusting people – once you get past their initial Slavic reserve.

          If you look at maps of social trust, you’ll often see that Russia actually scores lower in social trust rankings than India and China does. This makes no sense to me, as I have spent time in both Indian and Chinese societies. Digging into it a bit deeper, the reason why is basically because the question that researchers ask people is, essentially, “do you agree that most people can be trusted?”. That isn’t the same as Dr. Robert Putnam’s measures of social capital and societal trust.

          My reading of it is that Russians are trusting of people who look, act, and sound like them. They respect and welcome foreigners in small numbers, as long as those foreigners strive to adapt to Russian norms and speak the Russian language. I was warmly welcomed into Russian society because I adapted to them and had no interest whatsoever in trying to change their way of doing things.

          By sharp contrast, if you go to Manchester or London and spend any time in the South Asian parts of those cities, you will think that you are in Dhaka or Karachi. NO such parallel exists in Moscow, in my experience – the closest you’ll find is the “ethnic” restaurants where everyone speaks Tajik, Azerbaijani, Kyrgyz, Kazakhi, Chechen, or Uzbek inside, but speaks Russian outside.

          I don’t know where Russians rank in terms of social trust. Based on my experience, I think that the rankings go something like:
          Lowest – Chinese and Indians
          Low – Urban Brits, Americans
          Medium – Israeli Jews, Russians
          High – Rural Americans
          Highest – Scandinavians

  4. Dire Badger

    Thank you, Didact, you are indeed kind.

  5. furor kek tonicus

    Gingers have lots of souls

    their freckles are where they store the souls they’ve stolen.


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