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Friday T&A: Calling the Rain Edition

by | May 21, 2021 | fat girl jihad | 0 comments

It’s been another long week, but a highly productive one, for me, at least. That also explains why posting has, once again, fallen straight off a cliff, but that should change soon enough – by mid-June I imagine things will even out.

Unfortunately, one thing that does NOT appear to be improving, at least anytime soon, is the weather. Out where I live, we’ve experienced nothing short of MISERABLE weather for most of the past few weeks. Spells like that really make you value and enjoy warm weather, sunshine, and the many wondrous things that come with such pleasant periods. That includes, of course, beautiful women in skimpy dresses – of which this part of the world is generally in WOEFULLY short supply.

Sunshine and warm weather also reminds you of something else that is truly priceless:


Consider the freedoms that you once thought were so trivial as to be unworthy of comment. The freedom to meet with your friends at the pub. The freedom to hug your aged and infirm relatives. Even such banal and tedious things as going to the grocery store, or the gym, or the local coffee shop for a cup of bitter overpriced yuppie-juice.

The last year proved beyond any shadow of a doubt the great wisdom found in the words of Thomas Paine:

What we obtain too cheap, we esteem too lightly: it is dearness only that gives every thing its value. Heaven knows how to put a proper price upon its goods; and it would be strange indeed if so celestial an article as FREEDOM should not be highly rated.

We obtained our freedoms far too cheaply, and we have since been reminded in brutally honest fashion just how cheaply we held those essential things. Societies that gave up on them during the Scamdemic are finding it very hard to win them back, as my friends in Australia and New Zealand and much of Southeast Asia have discovered.

In PommieBastardLande, a lockdown-weary people are sick and tired of being told that freedom is just around the corner, only to be confronted with yet another supposedly terrifying variant of the Kung Flu. That is precisely what happened in the past week, when Boris the Oppressor’s useless, feckless, incompetent shitheap of a “government” spread panic and fear by claiming that the “Indian variant” might be a huge problem, and then spent the rest of the week frantically back-pedalling after the Tory back-benchers threatened to revolt en masse.

There is certainly something seriously revolting about the entire political class in the West, for sure. I cannot be the only one these days thinking that every single politician that ever voted for a lockdown and expanded government powers should be tarred and feathered in public.

What I think in private about the never-to-be-sufficiently-cursed whorenalists and presstitutes of the lying (((media)))))))))), who enabled this insanity and spread the mind-virus of fear, is not fit to print. Let’s just say that it involves guillotines and tumbrils. Lots of them.

And yet… no matter how bleak things get, no matter how dark they become, hope remains. It has proven remarkably hard to kill.

This week, our friends in America celebrated the final removal of mask mandates, and the more freedom-oriented governors in the Red states made clear that ALL mask mandates and social distancing rules will now be scrapped. Of course, the usual idiots lost their minds over that, but the fact remains that FREEDOM is the best cure for the Kung Flu, NOT draconian and pointless lockdowns. The case numbers and death rates in Florida and Texas continue to drop, while New York and Illinois and Michigan continue to be disasters.

The overriding lesson is very clear: enjoy your freedoms AND PROTECT THEM. If you do not take risks to stand up for them, if you are not willing to pay a price to obtain them, then you do not deserve them.

It’s that simple.

Speaking of freedom, one of the greatest freedoms that freethinking men and women have, is to enjoy the endless beauties of the female form. That, after all, is one of the absolute best things about summer weather, which is rapidly approaching – that’s bikini season, and here at Didactic Mind, we LOVE chicks in bikinis.

And, as Longtime Readers and Friends of the Site know pretty damned well by now, we especially love Slavic ladies in bikinis. So here’s one to get your weekend off to the right start.

Her name is Yuliana Deryagina (Юлиана Дерягина), age 22, from Arkhangelsk, deep in the frozen north of the Rodina. She is a legitimate model and quite a stunner at that – apparently she has competed in regional and national beauty pageants (whatever that means) and has won a couple of them. This is unsurprising, given what she looks like. Since she is Russian, she also has a history of national service and athletic training that puts her rather above the usual Instathots that you see featured around here on Mondays, in particular. And she is a fine reminder of the fact that the Russians, unlike many of their Western cousins, value and care about their freedoms, and have reclaimed them in full.

Seriously, you are more free in Moscow than you are in Michigan these days. And the rest of the country long ago dropped the most idiotic and onerous of the Coof restrictions in favour of living life as it should be.

(Admittedly, she goes too far with the fake blonde thing. She looks vastly better as a brunette, obviously.)

At any rate, happy Friday, gentlemen. Take some time to reflect upon the good things in your life, and be grateful for them. Do not forget that your freedom is yours as a birthright – and do not surrender it willingly or easily.

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