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The mad genius of the great Prophet Ringo

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About 5 years ago, i wrote a post about John Ringo’s superb standalone novel, The Last Centurion, which is a book that quite thoroughly defies easy categorisation. Here is the actual post:

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This is one of the most intriguing books ever written in the field of military sci-fi. It isn’t even science fiction, exactly, because it is written “blog-style” – though quite what kind of blog Mr. Ringo had in mind when he wrote it, is quite beyond me, given that each chapter is supposed to amount to one post. I am perfectly well aware of my pontificating tendencies, but as far as I know, I’ve never written an 8,000-word blog post all on my own.

There is a great deal to like and love about the book. In my case, though, it took me a while to understand what it was all about. But once you grok it, you will quickly realise that it is a truly brilliant book. And it is brilliant precisely because of the ways in which John Ringo predicted so much of the future.

Anabasis Redux

If you’ve read my previous posts on the book, you will know what it is all about. If you have not, then here is the book in a nutshell – keep in mind that, as you read this, Ringo wrote it back in 2009, and he’d started writing it back when the Hilldebitch was running for POTUS:

A paper-thin caricature of Hillary Clinton wins the Presidential election. She inherits a war in Iran – not just Iraq, but Iran too – from her predecessor. And she is the dumb bitch in charge when a highly infectious and extremely lethal strain of avian flu, H5N1, escapes from China and quickly spreads around the world. She makes a complete pig’s breakfast of the containment process – right around the time that a massive global freeze sets in. Against the backdrop of a rapidly collapsing global civilisation, the protagonist, Bandit Six, an infantry Captain in the US Army, finds himself stuck with his company in the arse-end of nowhere. He leads his men in a westward march from Iran, recreating Xenophon’s March of the Ten Thousand. Along the way, he and his troops quite literally reshape the geopolitics of the Middle East. He arrives back in the USA, just in time to receive the shit end of the stick once again. The book ends with a Reagan-esque figure winning the 2020 elections, and the USA being reunited by the US Army.

And that’s barely skimming the surface of the book. If you haven’t read it, DO IT ALREADY.

Ringo’s Crystal Ball

The true value of the book lies not just in its long-winded rants – which are awesome. It lies also in the way that Ringo pulled together so many different ideas and strands of knowledge. I can honestly say that this book taught me more about global warming “science”, the politics of diversity, and several other key topics, than any non-fiction book that I’ve ever read.

Looking back with 12 years’ worth of hindsight, it’s clear that Ringo got quite a few things wrong. He didn’t predict that the Hilldebeast would lose in 2008 and be replaced by Odumbass the Lightbringer. And he sure as shit didn’t predict that His Most Illustrious, Noble, August, Benevolent, and Legendary Celestial Majesty, the God-Emperor of Mankdind, Donaldus Triumphus Magnus Astra, the First of His Name, the Lion of Midnight, the Chaddest of Chads, may the Lord bless him and preserve him, would become President.

In fairness, though, NOBODY In 2008 predicted that someone like Trump would win in 2016. I know. Being older than dirt by now, I remember what the pundits said back then.

But what Ringo got wrong, is thoroughly overshadowed by what he got spectacularly RIGHT.

Given the current political climate in the USA, it’s worth examining a few of his predictions more closely.

Red vs Blue

Ringo predicted that freedom-loving “red” states in America would respond far better and more dynamically to catastrophes like a big global freeze and a catastrophic Chinese plague. Well, guess what:

That is precisely what happened. In Red State America, the governors generally reacted with moderation – with some conspicuous exceptions. The lockdowns were stupid and irritating, but they weren’t insane. And, once the numbers started going down, the red state governors started lifting restrictions rapidly.

The result is that red states like Florida, Texas, North Carolina (which has a Daemoncrat Goobernor, sadly), South Dakota, Arkansas, and others, are thriving. And blue states, like Michigan under Wretched Whitmer, and New York under Goomba Cuomo, and New Jersey under yet ANOTHER Goldmanite, Phil Murphy, are sinking under the weight of their own stupidity.

Let’s not even get started about Clownipornia, possibly the worst-run state in the country under Gavin Nonsense.

Ringo’s book goes very deep into the reasons why red states tend to be great places to live. It essentially comes down to trust, which is a topic on which I have written (and spoken) at great length. Put simply, homogeneous, “boring”, all-White societies are high-trust societies. These are the places where you know and care about your neighbours, and vice versa. You look out for others who look and act like you – because THEY LOOK AND ACT LIKE YOU. You trust them.

By contrast, the more “diverse” parts of the country tend to go to Hell the fastest. And that is precisely what we observed over the past year.

China Syndrome

Ringo’s book also pulls absolutely no punches about the Chinese. His “hypothetical” scenario of a Chinese flu bug that escapes the country and spreads rapidly around the world proved to be spot-on. And, just like in his book, the reason this happened is because, first and foremost, the Chinese leadership were absolutely obsessed with saving “face” and maintaining power.

This is an endemic problem within China, and it will be the undoing of the Han Empire. Make no mistake, China as a nation is actually far more fragile than it looks. The country looks strong, but it is actually incredibly weak. (I’ve got a post on the subject brewing, but I’m waiting on a video to be released before I complete it.)

China is not one monolithic unified nation. It is actually anywhere between 5 and 9 different countries, ruled over by one central government. The CCP is essentially a Han-led government that rules with an iron fist over Manchus, Mongols, Cantonese, Uighurs, Tibetans, Hokkien, and numerous other ethnic groups. And its actual hold on power depends entirely upon keeping the population under very tight control.

That is why the Kung Flu actually shook up China’s leadership significantly. You wouldn’t know it, living in the West, but China’s top leadership has been locked in fratricidal conflict for decades. Don’t be fooled by the outward shows of party unity. Underneath it all, China’s leaders have divided themselves into highly distinct, and extremely mutually hostile, factions.

And all of that is before we get to the reality that China is an absolute breeding ground for some of the scariest bugs imaginable. We are not supposed to say this in polite company, of course, but that does not change the truth of the sentiment. The reality is that China’s opaque culture and paranoid government, along with its poor control of hygiene, is at fault for the Kung Flu.

John Ringo was right about the next great pandemic starting in China. I wouldn’t be surprised if he’s secretly horrified at just how accurate his prediction was.

Global Non-Warming

Ringo’s other major prediction centred around global non-warming, and of the ridiculously overhyped threat of “man-made carbon dioxide emissions”. The actual evidence, from actual scientists, doing real scientodific research (as opposed to scientistric manipulations of data), tells us that global temperature changes have been steady, predictable, and not attributable to human causes for over 170 years.

But Ringo’s book goes considerably further by pointing out that modern climate, uh, “science” has the entire chain of causality completely arse-backwards. I first heard of the notion that temperature changes CAUSE carbon dioxide level changes in this book, a novel – not from scientists. Turns out, it’s absolutely true – temperature changes precede CO2 changes, by a good 700 to 1,000 years, and that link is from a source that insists that CO2 makes global warming worse.

Well, yeah, it probably does. What we can’t seem to figure out is, how much worse. The effects of CO2 seem to be far weaker than most of the climate models predicted – which is part of the reason why every single major climate model seems to grossly overshoot the mark of real warming:

The book makes a convincing argument that “global warming” – or the far more insidiously phrased “climate change” of today – are nothing more than deceptive constructs designed to transfer huge amounts of wealth from rich nations to poor ones, greatly enriching a small number of globalist elites in the process.

Now, that argument is nothing new to you or me today. Keep in mind, though, this was back in 2009, when many of us were just beginning to wake up to red-pilled realities.

Conclusion – “Oh John Ringo, No!”

Much has been made of Mad John Ringo’s hilariously off-kilter personality, as expressed through his writing. And if you’ve read any of the madcap characters in his Legacy of the Aldenata series, or the Troy Rising series, or the zombie-war awesomeness of the Black Tide Rising series, or ESPECIALLY the sheer lunacy of the Paladin of Shadows series. And that is all well and good. Heck, one of my readers could tell you all about Mad Johnny’s very peculiar sense of humour. This, after all, is a man who put in a line about “snorting VX gas” in a book that was otherwise full of seriously awesome balls-to-the-wall military action (and a sentient battleship – it’s a VERY good book).

But there is a serious side to Ringo’s writing, and it turns out that he’s actually got one amazingly accurate crystal ball sitting there on his desk.

He predicted the Hell-Times that we have all lived through for the past year, and are still living through now, back in 2009. And he predicted the ways in which Americans, and others, would gladly give up their rights in return for the illusion of safety. He even predicted how quickly tyranny and anarchy would descend upon the USA. It’s all happening right now before our eyes.

The major difference is that his story ends with the USA recovering and coming together as a united nation. That dream is definitively DEAD at this point. The only way forward is for outright civil war – which will be decidedly uncivil, judging by what we’re seeing now.

We will see the end of the American Empire in our lifetimes. It’s already happening. Conservatives delude themselves into thinking that the 2022 midterms and the 2024 Presidential elections will solve the problems. This is profoundly idiotic. I’ve been saying for months now that there is no more democracy and no point in voting:

Joseph Stalin quote: It doesnt matter how many people vote ...

(It is worth noting, in the interests of accuracy and fair play, that Stalin almost certainly never said anything of the sort.)

Still and all, if you want to know how bad things could get, you can’t do much better than reading up on Ringo’s book. It is practically a primer on the Hell-Times that are to come – or, as Ringo himself would probably put it, “The Time of Suckage”.

Oh, and Ringo loves Kipling’s work, too. Any writer who write an entire book around Kipling’s immortal Hymn Before Action, is a true mensch.

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  1. Brigadon

    Don’t forget John’s accurate portrayal of the entire global pedophilia-political blackmail scheme in the third Paladin of Shadows book. He got the location wrong, but he got the timing, details, personalities, and government response exactly right. And it’s entirely possible that he got the location wrong INTENTIONALLY.

    • Didact

      Yep, that’s a very good point. He really is a mad genius.

  2. shreck

    Just finished reading that. Had to look twice that it was published in 2009.


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