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Monday morning fake knock-out

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Monday. Just… EUGH.

Still and all, it’s not so bad. We have the Great Mondaydact Browser Crusher to get us through this horrid day, with the regular assortment of funny videos, funnier memes, and serious stuff to keep us busy all through the week.

And we start this week with a guy whose Monday is surely worse than ours – because Ben Askren got his ass beat by a YooToober:

I have no idea WTF happened to Ben Askren either. The guy used to fight at 170lbs, i.e. welterweight, in the UFC. But in this fight, he showed up looking like a bag of pudding. And that KO did not look genuine at all. This was not a good fight, at all. It was stupid, lowbrow, money-fight entertainment, nothing more.

Meanwhile, there are legitimate fighters out there who have real skills, who could beat Jake Paul into a bloody pulp, who aren’t getting decent title shots or real pay. That, my friends, is why boxing is BORKED.

Also, watch Askren’s face when the announcer calls him “Askew”. It’s hilarious.

His Most Illustrious, Noble, August, Benevolent, and Legendary Celestial Majesty, the God-Emperor of Mankind, Donaldus Triumphus Magnus Astra, the First of His Name, the Lion of Midnight, may the Lord bless him and preserve him, appears to be putting all of his time and energy into recapturing the House and the Senate:

Good luck to him. I mean that. He is the greatest President that America has had since Andrew Jackson. But he is up against Daemoncrats who now know full well exactly how they can manipulate the US electoral system. They know they can get away with outright and blatant fraud. And they know that there is no penalty for their heinous actions.

Big Tech, Big Media, and the Daemoncrats will use that power to corrupt the 2022 midterms and especially the 2024 Presidential races. Make NO mistake about this, my friends: democracy in America is DEAD. Donald Trump was THE last Republican President. There won’t be another one.

My American friends now live in a one-party state, at least at the Federal level. The governors of individual states will do their level best to fight back, and that is good – but it is a doomed fight as long as they have to obey Federal authority.

The only option left now is to break away – peacefully if possible, violently if not. Let it be DONE already. The USA MUST fall, as all heterogeneous empires do. And it must be replaced by multiple individual nations that jealously guard their borders and political systems. That is the ONLY way forward now.

#BasedTucker is based:

#BasedTucker is very rapidly making a very welcome transition from Alt-Lite to full-blown hard Nationalist Right. It’s great to watch. He’s still not capable of voicing some very obvious truths, but that is not surprising, given who holds the purse-strings at FAUX News. And yet… he’s getting there, FAST.

This is a lesson to ALL of us. The SINGLE FASTEST WAY to turn a naive and simple-minded normie into a full-throated howling-at-the-Moon Hard Right race- and nation-realist, is to force him (or her) to deny very obvious realities for a long time.

Mark Dice

Dave from Blue Collar Logic takes a detailed look at the way that American liberals – as opposed to progressives – suffer from a form of Stockholm Syndrome to the Lunatic Left:

And Jason unpacks the latest police shooting of a Good Boy who Dindu Nuffin and was Gwaan College:

Bill Whittle is intrigued by the rather fascinating report from Pew Research indicating that more than half of liberal White women polled have reported a diagnosis of a mental disorder:

There is a lot more to the study than that, but it’s a pretty fascinating breakdown. And it proves what people like Mark Dice and Michael Savage have been saying for years – liberalism truly is a mental disorder.

Indeed, this isn’t anything new for those of us who have read Anonymous Conservative’s book. If you haven’t read it – go do it. The plain fact is that r-selected peoples, tribes, and races have very different brain structures than K-selected ones.

The Male Brain is back with a great collection of fun stuff to get the week off to the right start. We begin with a video from Ryan George about… well, it’s self-explanatory:

Here is John Stossel explaining the Left’s plan to ruin America – and they are WELL on their way to doing precisely that:

See, this is why people emigrating from dumbshit Libtard states to well-run Red states need to be banned from voting for AT LEAST 5 years, and preferably 20.

Here’s another video pointing out the basic truth that, if you don’t like what Steven Crowder says, just ignore him – but let him talk:

Sunlight is always the best disinfectant. If Crowder is wrong – and I don’t think he is – then let him be shown up for what he is. But if you simply block or ban him, then all you do is give him the power and the fuel to establish something bigger and better.

Simon Whistler, possibly the busiest YouTuber in the world, has some interesting research for us about how Goth culture came to be a thing over at Today I Found Out:

I do have to nit-pick, since I am indeed a Grammar Nazi – it’s INVADER, not “invador”. Bloody hell. Doesn’t anyone know how to spell anymore???

Jack Chapple looks at the craziest idea in economics today – Modern Monetary Theory:

And here are some great videos from JP Sears:

Lord Razor of the Fist Clan got his ass booted off Twitch, for no good reason – and that is NOT going to go well, for Twitch, because he’s simply going to come back bigger and better than ever on a different platform (*cough Unauthorized.tv cough*):

In the very unlikely event that you’re still dumb enough to believe the “climate change” malarkey that the whorenalists and presstitutes want you to believe – let’s check with The Outsiders whether the models match the data:

Yeah, so about that warming…

The lovely an charming Dr. Sam Bailey explains that anyone who says that we have isolated the pure COVID-19 strain is talking out of his ass:

Dr. Jay Smith from PfanderFilms and Al-Fadi from CIRA International simply have no mercy for the pagan practices and origins of Islam:

Dr. Frank Turek from Cross Examined takes a sledgehammer to the idea that science and faith are in opposition:

That whole argument was ALWAYS profoundly idiotic. It’s a lie. Always was, always will be.

China Uncensored reports the obvious, but scary, truth – YouTube loves the CCP’s authoritarianism:

America Uncovered looks at the J&J vaccine’s problems and other issues in the USA over the past week, especially the Dindu Nuffin shooting that resulted in Minnesota burning again:

Jared Taylor from American Renaissance has some very harsh, and very necessary, realtalk for us about irreducible racial differences that extend far beyond IQ:

Terrence Popp does what only he can do in explaining the latest round of feminist idiocy (redundant, I know):

Midnight’s Edge has some intriguing information to provide about the latest rumours making their way out of Lucasfilm:

Overlord Dicktor Van Doomcock expands upon the same topic:

Gary from Nerdrotic is thoroughly unimpressed by the latest pronouncements from George Rape Rape Martin:

GRRM might as well simply admit that we will never see a finished set of novels for A Song of Ice and Fire. Not gonna happen. The best we’ll ever get is the AWFUL ending to Season 8 of GoT.

The Drinker explains in a thoughtful (if drunken) manner why the ludicrously idiotic attempts at rewriting STAR WARS and Star Trek canon have failed to badly:

A whole bunch of movie trailers have dropped recently (well, the last several months), and… honestly, it’s abundantly clear that Hollyweird has COMPLETELY run out of ideas at this point, because these are pretty much the same as movie trailers from the Big Dumb Action Flick era of the 1980s:

A 46-year-old Angelina Jolie as a firefighter? Bitch, please.

There are, however, some bright spots – and unsurprisingly they have very little to do with Hollyweird:

And, actually, the new Mortal Kombat (2021) trailer looks pretty damn cool:

Apparently it dropped last Friday. Somebody tell me in the comments if it was any good.

Your “Science is F***ING WEIRD” moment of the week is from The Male Brain, and looks at how raindrops would appear on other celestial bodies in our Solar System:

Precipitation is much more widespread throughout the Solar System than commonly assumed. Obviously it rains water on Earth. But it snows carbon dioxide on Mars, rains methane on Titansulfuric acid on Venus, and could potentially rain diamonds on Neptune.

The type of material falling out of the sky is almost as varied as the planets themselves. New research from a team led by Kaitlyn Loftus at Harvard found a similarity for all of the liquid materials that constitute rain throughout the Solar System – all of the drops, no matter the material, are roughly the same size.

There are two main causes for this: small raindrops evaporate while large raindrops separate into smaller ones. To determine what those levels might be, the scientists looked at what size droplets could be on planets similar to Earth, such as Mars or Venus

The outcome of those models showed, as might be expected, drops with a radius less than 1/10 of a millimeter evaporated before hitting the ground.

Larger drops with a radius of more than a few millimeters on the other hand would split into drops closer to the average size.

4685 raindrops worlds

Your long read of the week is also from Dawn Pine, and concerns the question of what happened to the novel as a medium of literature:

Forty or so years ago, if you let slip in conversation that you didn’t know who Mark Rothko or Elizabeth Bishop were, I would have had to conclude that your conception of yourself as a cultured person was sadly mistaken. Yet today if I asked you who Molly Crabapple and Anish Kapoor or Kay Ryan or Edward Hirsch are, and you didn’t have an answer, you would get a pass. For the truth, sad or bad or however one wishes to characterize it, is that both contemporary visual art and contemporary poetry no longer hold anything approximating the central place in culture that they once did. Without anyone actually saying so, these once major branches of art have become of at best tertiary interest. A person who thinks himself reasonably cultured need no longer be responsible for knowing much, if anything at all, about either of them.

How this has come about is a question of great interest, but before taking it up, one must add that it begins to look as if fiction, and in especial the novel, may now be joining visual art and poetry in the dustbin of former cultural importance. Such at least is the argument of Joseph Bottum in The Decline of the Novel. In his brief book, Bottum argues that, apropos of the novel, “a fundamental art of Western civilization for hundreds of years just doesn’t seem to count for much anymore.” He adds that “few major (meaning world-historical) works of art [in the form] have been produced since 1975. Maybe 1950.” The novel, Bottum concludes, no longer tells us “what we are… the way we live now,” adding that we have all but lost “the cultural confidence to produce it.”

Linkage is good for you:

And some more from Dawn Pine:

The Neo-Tsar is not impressed by Western attempts to sanction his country:

The West has been trying to break Russia with sanctions for 15 years. It hasn’t worked. Might as well admit that and get back to trying to make Russia at least a warmly distant relation, if not an outright friend.

The Russians are not America’s enemies – or Britain’s, or anyone else’s. But they ABSOLUTELY WILL defend themselves and innovate and thrive and flourish if you try to punish them. Instead of hurting them, you’re hurting yourselves. Just plain STAHHHHP.

History lessons of the week:

Your Great Man of the Week is the great Dutch Master Rembrandt:

If you hated the HALO 5: Guardians fight scenes and thought they were idiotic, here’s a pound of cure for you:

Yeah, Master Chief kicking Locke in the balls, or at least the space-diaper, definitely makes a lot more sense than what we actually got. John-117 moved like he was fighting underwater in that confrontation with Locke in the game, which to me is just profoundly stupid.

And now, let’s watch some epic HALO-borking with Mint Blitz:

Remember, lads, the couple that SLAYS together, STAYS together.

Wazzocks gonna wazzock:

Kitchen Nightmares with the Angry Scot:

Comedy hour:

Not a problem for me. I’m the dude in the corner deadlifting 180Kg after 4 months out of the gym. Yes, that felt AWESOME.

Pics, guns, girls, starting with some quite hilarious memes from The Male Brain concerning this whole kerfuffle over Jordan Peterson as Red Skull, along with his captions:

How does one apply,and what is the pay?
True that
I can totally see it happening 
I accept
That room will be cleaned
Dude – told you it’s clean.
No comment whatsoever
When will the Left ever get that?
Yes, people are thinking of merchandising this

Personally, I think that any writer who believes that the weak-sauce that JBP the Crazy Christ peddles, is the Mother’s Milk of the Hard Right, needs a swift jackboot up the ass. Then again, I suppose that, to the talentless Leftist hacks of the comic book industry, anyone to the right of Lenin must seem terrifying.



Has anyone else noticed how much David Hogg resembles Dr. Sheldon Cooper, both in terms of looks and irritatingly punchable and totally unjustified smugness? I mean, both of them are giant man-babies who think far too highly of themselves, and both have no clue how to function in the real world.

I mean, you can’t really argue with the logic…

Never. The Stupidity Curve has infinite slope.


I will personally pay $20 in BTC to any shitlord who uses that line on a date with a lib-chick.

Yeah, pretty much that.

Headlines of the week indicate that race-baiters have gone full retard:

Yes, that actually happened in PommieBastardLande. Unfortunately, because the dumbass in question is a Black woman, she wasn’t roundly laughed out of polite society.

Your “Shit Happens” moment of the week:

Your “Start Me Up” moment of the week:

It’s not all gloom-and-doom, though – a couple of headlines this week are just AWESOME, such as this one involving Big Mac Therapy:

And if that cheered you up, here’s one GUARANTEED to make you jump out of your seat and applaud:

Headlines like that just restore your faith in humanity, really. If that didn’t make you laugh and cheer like a maniac, YOU HAVE NO SOUL.

Your “Floriduh Mage” moment of the week:

Your “Clown News Network” moment of the week:

Totally gonna happen.

Yes, gentlemen, that is real:

Well exactly.

By that metric, I am one of the greatest human beings alive.

Your Dog of the Week is the Huskamute cross-breed:

Handsome Black and White Huskamute For Stud | Lyndhurst ...

Speaking of Huskamutes – here’s your aminules are adorkable moment of the week:

And also your animals are absolute DICKS moment of the week, to balance things out:

Pray silence, please, gentlemen, for an exhibition of a superb specimen of Gymbeasticus liftheavyshitus doing his thing – this week we have the mighty Lasha Talakhadze from Georgia, breaking yet another incredible record:

Let me just point out here that 222Kg = 489.42lb. And that is more than I’ve EVER been able to deadlift in my entire life.

And this dude is tossing THAT KIND OF WEIGHT over his head like he’s snatching an empty bar.

Not only that, but he’s clean-and-jerking 579.82lb at the end of that clip.

Can you IMAGINE how much that guy can squat and deadlift??? If he went into powerlifting, he’d clean out every record in the books, pretty much.

Buakaw Beatdown of the Week:

Jesus loves knockouts:

Shufflin’ keeps things groovin’:


That POWER THEORY album is pure AWESOMESAUCE, by the way.

And finally, after much dicking around, here is your Instathot to get the week off to the right start. Her name is Holly Stocks, apparently from Nashville, TN. There is not much information available about her, but she appears to be a mum of at least one son, and has carefully crafted an image of a Southern belle. Good for her – though her blonde locks are patently fake.

OK, gents, up and off to work, the damage caused by the Dindu Nuffin crowd isn’t going to fix itself.

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    “We have the Great Mondaydact Browser Crusher to get us through this horrid day, with the regular assortment of funny videos, funnier memes, and serious stuff to keep us busy all through the week.”

    Right on, and thanks a million to our host for providing this essential service. All of the memes and redpilling articles bring a big smile to my face on an otherwise dreadful day.

    Here’s the one part of Godzilla vs. Kong that shut up my inner smartass (IS). During the aircraft carrier fight:
    IS: Godzilla is a moron. He can breathe underwater. All he has to do is drag Kong to the bottom of the sea, and game over.
    10-20 seconds later, Godzilla does exactly that, and the navy has to bail Kong out with a depth charge
    IS: stunnedWell played, movie. Well played indeed.


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