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Impact crater

by | Apr 29, 2021 | Announcements | 1 comment

Arkhaven’s Arktoons initiative has now launched, and… holy MOTHER, but the comics are amazing:

Vox Popoli: 2020-06-14

I’ve read several of these comics before – I am a proud supporter of the original Arkhaven Comics crowdfunding initiative, and as such I’ve been through many of the series already. Chicago Typewriter, ALT*HERO, ALT*HERO: Q, Gun Ghoul, Midnight’s War, Chuck Dixon’s Avalon, and separately, the adaptation of Richard Fox’s legendary Ember War series – these are all amazing comics.

You know how cuckservatives keep bitching and moaning about how they’re losing the culture wars, yet never do anything to stop the problem or establish their own alternatives?

Well, this, right here, is how you fight back.

Marvel and DC have almost certainly dismissed Arktoons as nothing more than a vanity project. That would be a HUGE mistake. Judging by what Our Beloved and Dreaded Supreme Dark Lord (PBUH) Vox Day the Most Merciless is telling us, Arktoons can produce more than either of the Big Two, at lower cost and higher quality, without all the SocJus bullshit and stupidity.

This isn’t just a game-changer. It’s an extinction-level event for the industry, unless they abandon the virtue-signalling garbage that so disgusts and alienates its core audience.

Meanwhile, you and I can enjoy real stories, real art, and real brilliance that serves all that is Good, Beautiful, and True.

You want to know how to fight back? Support Arktoons. Subscribe to them, and pay a small monthly fee to receive high-quality comics from some of the best writers in the business.

And while you’re at it, if you’re interested in supporting people who actually fight for you, head on over to the War College Fund and kick in a few bucks. Lots of people say they want to support alternatives to the converged lunatic Left – but almost nobody ever does it. Don’t be one of those losers – pitch in.

We’ve got a war to win, and we’re not going to do it by standing around jawin’.

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1 Comment

  1. Robert W

    This has been a put up or shut up month for me with Vox: I’ve started a UATV for Molyneux and the base level support subscription for Arktoons.

    Everyone who is putting money into Netflix or disney+ and not supporting either of these programs is fighting the wrong direction.


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